2020 was a historic year for online poker in Brazil

Opdateret: 23. juni 2020

Last year online poker did not reach Brazil. Driven by an industry that moves millions of dollars every year, it has grown globally over the past two decades. It is currently the most popular game among all games involving betting money through the Internet.But this is not always the case. About 10 years ago, the online poker world was dominated by fake websites, scams and instability. Thanks to the control of laws, licenses and the emergence of major brands, online poker can stabilize itself and become a safe way to bet and win money. It is now finally possible to become a professional online poker player in Brazil.

Brazilians are poker fanatics

Brazilians have always had poker skills. André Akkari from São Paulo has become a celebrity on the Internet due to his excellent gaming skills. In live poker events, Brazilian players like Alexandre Gomes, Roberly Felício and Bruno Foster have won millions of dollars in confrontations The game of the best players in the world. Even the former mayor can’t resist popular casino games. However, it is necessary to wait until 2019, this is the first time Brazilians have ever won more than one million dollars in online poker tournaments. In addition, online poker players from Brazil were so lucky in 2020 that last year they finally won the 3 biggest awards in the history of Brazilian online poker.

A great year for online poker in Brazil

The signs of Brazilian online poker growth are not new. Since 2017, the Brazilian has been fighting side by side with the best players, commemorating his place with impressive results and very generous prizes. In 2017, Léo Tobias, Alexandre Mantovani and Bernardo Rocha received more than $500,000 in prize money. The latter used the nickname Machadada RS and won a total of $848,015 in the WCOOP 2017 main event. The following year, marked by a prize of $960,000, Luis Felipe Taveira (renamed Hulk9950) won the special Sunday Millions Championship. Until then, it was the biggest award in the history of Brazilian online poker. But for Brazil's online poker, 2019 is such a special year, and finally it registered the 3 biggest awards ever won in this category. Two of them reached the Venom Championship, which is particularly popular among South American players. On December 12, 2019, Brazilian João Simão (nicknamed galodoido13) added $1,039,982 to his bank account. About 5 months ago, Rafael Moraes (renamed TheBigKid) raised a slightly higher prize pool of $1,050,559. In the end, professional poker player Danilo Demétrio made history in 2019 after winning second place in the WCOOP main event His winnings are the largest ever in the history of online poker, not far from $2 million. That day, the man named dans170 on the Internet "brought home" a fortune of $1,187,553! There is no doubt that Brazil is a country that loves poker, but 2020 seems to be a turning point for Brazilian online poker in particular. As more and more Portuguese online poker sites become available, these players seem to have gained experience on the National Virtual Tour and later won the biggest award in this category in large international competitions. All this without having to leave the comfort of home. Online poker has been making millionaires all over the world for decades, but in 2019, Brazilians seem to have finally joined the trend.

The biggest prizes in the history of online poker

There are no Brazilians in the top 10 prizes in the history of online poker, but almost... the biggest prize falls on Portuguese: Manuel Ruivo, known as Sheparentao on the Internet. In the 2018 Million Online Championship, he won an amazing fortune of $2,329,943. It was followed by a Dutchman and an American, who won US$2,309,994 and US$2,278,097 respectively. Four of the top five awards in the history of online poker tournaments have been won through millions of online tournaments. Over the past decade, online poker has grown a lot, especially in terms of prize value. Nonetheless, these are far from the values ​​pursued by the professional "real world" poker tour. The biggest prize in the history of the entire sport was $20,563,324, which was awarded to American Bryn Kenney. Followed by the countryman Antonio Esfandiari (Antonio Esfandiari), who won $18,346,673 in 2012, and the Chinese player Aaron Shu Nu Zang (Aaron Shu Nu Zang), in a Triton Million The tournament won US$16,775,820. There are no Brazilian players in the top ten regional poker prizes in history. Casinoslot machine

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