3 strategies for multi-million dollar poker professionals

Can the most powerful game you can play train your brain to win? If you answered poker, that is correct.

Applying a poker strategy to your business may give you an unfair advantage, bring profit, and make difficult and high-risk decisions within seconds with limited information.

Poker is easy to win, but it is notoriously difficult to master. Warren Buffett once said: "If you have been playing poker for half an hour, but you still don't know who is the scapegoat... you are the scapegoat."

According to Wayne Yap, one of the youngest multi-million dollar poker players and the winner of the ACOP High Roller Championship, the most successful player in the professional poker world uses an eight-core strategy to overcome the fear of losing in 30 seconds. Or make a million-dollar decision in less time, and seem to be more successful than global competition in a zero-sum game than business success.

In business, you need to manage fear, have a statistician mind, see invisible opportunities, and know exactly when to act in a fully synchronized and coordinated manner. In the lifetime of a business, there are thousands of ways to lose reputation, lose assets, or be trapped and destroyed by competition.

What if you can increase the success rate of any of the above decisions by three to ten times? The thoughts of professional poker players may be the perfect secret weapon in a business.

Yap has developed a series of non-obvious strategies based on years of professional poker tournaments, which he applies to start-ups and established businesses as an investor and consultant. These strategies can be found in his forthcoming book "Zen and the Art of Business and Poker-Eight Professional Poker Strategies That Give You Unfair Advantages".

Mr. Yap has recently evolved from an award-winning poker player to a full-time entrepreneur, consultant and investor.

His journey is fascinating. He grew up in Singapore and started playing poker with friends at the age of 17. Their obsession with games made them play truant and spent hours in abandoned classrooms. Yap bought every poker book he could find an advantage, and he was capable enough to start playing poker online.

Then, he must perform his duties as a citizen. After graduation, he must accept military service in Singapore, and Yap refused the opportunity to become an officer because he wanted to be the best poker player. During a training mission in the Brunei jungle, he secretly watched the training video with the contraband iPod Touch.

When he returned home from public office, he received devastating news from his parents. Their business went bankrupt and they lost their family car. At that time, Yap made thousands of dollars occasionally playing poker. Therefore, he was able to give his mother 1,000 US dollars to help them rebuild. When she saw the money, her mother's eyes fixed on her decision to professionalize poker. Although they wanted him to pursue a more traditional career, money and the ability to support his family made poker a matter of course.

In the following years, Yap won $1,419,184 in income as a high-risk poker professional in some of the largest international casinos, realizing his dream lifestyle. He began to realize the pressure of this lifestyle-sometimes requiring 30 to 40 hours of continuous play before having the opportunity to play with the right players on the right table-is really unbearable.

He began to invest heavily in personal growth. He began to meditate and read books about self-development, such as "The Power of Habits" and "Seven Habits of People Who Do Things."

He realized that many of the things he learned from playing professional poker can be applied elsewhere in life. His instinct led him to invest in Activision Blizzard, Bitcoin and Amazon in due course. He began to provide consulting services for the company, and once again discovered that his way of thinking gave him a huge influence. (One of Yap's strategies "Edge Finder" is that you need to know that you are in an advantageous position in any business or game you are playing).

Yap has doubled his personal growth, investing nearly $1 million in company coaches, talents and mentors such as Tony Robbins and Dan Sullivan. These investments have improved his career development capabilities and have moved his new life away from the poker table.

These are three professional poker strategies that can give you an unfair advantage

1. Brand bluff

Due to the quality of poker games, professionals have a lot of motivation to look like amateur players. Amateurs are as interested as professionals. In business, it is very important to establish a brand image and reputation. Q: What is the fastest way to look like a professional? Answer: Increase your reputation or borrow from others. By joining the brains that enable you to meet other smart and successful entrepreneurs or hiring the best performers in the industry as coaches or consultants, you can improve your status and keep in touch with professionals.

2. Reduce the sensitivity of big capital

Get used to asking for as much money or playing big games. In the beginning, it was uncomfortable to request large checks or more negotiations, but it became easy to repeat it. Over the course of a lifetime, drivers that reduce their sensitivity to jackpots can add up to millions of dollars in (or realized) lost revenue. Wayne went from being uncomfortable with betting and losing $100 to winning (or losing) more than $1 million in one day.

3. The ending of the story

If you decide to make up, choose the most painful option in the short term. We tend to do more to avoid pain than to feel joy, and our brains usually overcompensate for pain in the short term. This kind of bias can make the decision seem more difficult and closer than it actually is, which can narrow your decision-making scope. Through discipline and repetition, your sense of risk will be reduced.

Razz poker rules

Razz is another variant of Seven Card Stud, but it has less practice than the latter. Razz's game is simple and fun, but at a higher level it becomes more difficult (just like all other forms of poker). Some poker professionals refer to Razz as a "hate poker game" because it can make you very frustrated.

Razz's ante and structure are exactly the same as 7 Card Stud. The difference is that the purpose of playing is to use the weakest hand instead of the best hand. Straight lines and flushes are ignored, so the best hands are Ace, 2, 3, 4 and 5. There are 5 betting rounds in Razz.

How to play Razz?

Razz can play with two or more participants, with a maximum of eight people per table. Before each player places a bet, start with two hole cards and one hole card. Then, a new round of betting begins, starting with another mandatory betting, called "introduction", which must be paid by the person with the highest card. When two or more players own the same card, the player to the left of the button will have to pay the "introduction fee". Then the betting round begins clockwise around the table, and every active player is folding, betting or raising.

In the limit, "bring in" is equal to the lower of the two betting limits, and each subsequent bet or raise must be equal to the lower of the limit. For example, in a $5/$10 game, "bring in" and subsequent bets are made in increments of $5. The first two rounds of betting are at the lower of the two limits, and the next three rounds are equal to the higher.

After completing all bets in the first round, each remaining player in the hand will receive a new open card, and the player with the worst open hand (ie the combination of his two open cards) will speak first. Therefore, the lowest opening hand is Ace, two cards, followed by Ace, three cards, and so on. Therefore, the first hand to raise can fold or place a bet, and the action continues clockwise around the table. This trip is often called Fourth Street.

The other empty card is returned to all remaining players in the hand, and the start of the betting round is exactly the same as the previous one. The player with the weaker open hand starts to act and the bet value doubles. This trip is usually called Fifth Street.

At this time, the person in hand will receive the last public card, and the card will be turned in the same way as the previous card. The tower is called Sixth Street.

Each player closed the last card in his hand, and the last round is the same as the previous two rounds. If all the players in the starting state are still present during this round, there will not be enough cards in the deck for everyone to receive their own closed cards. Therefore, the last card will be universal, and will not be issued to each player and not handed to them. It's a bit like the community card in Texas Hold'em. The last circle is called Seventh Street.

After the last round of betting, the remaining players show each other their hands to determine who has the lowest five-card combination. The easiest way to determine the lowest hand is to read in descending order when reading the numbers, that is, the lowest number wins.

Ace, two, four, five, eight = 85.421

Two, three, four, five, seven = 75,432

In the previous example, the second hand is lower than the first hand. If all remaining participants have a pair as their lowest hand, the lowest pair wins.


Since 2005, Winamax has been one of the major players in online poker. Accompanied by patrick bruel and co-manager of the company, the site quickly established itself as a leader in the field. Winamax also gained notoriety by sponsoring the French Poker Tour. The player base is very important and allows you to play games anytime, anywhere. We noticed that in June 2010, winamax launched a new software, which was criticized by users due to bugs. The application is now very effective.

Super developed community spirit

This is one of Winamax's strengths, the site has a very successful poker school. You will be able to review courses and watch videos to improve yourself. The Winamax team will regularly provide you with some tips from professionals, which you will not find anywhere else! The website also provides a very active forum with more than 2 million posts!

Powerful and intuitive software

Winamax software is available on Mac, Windows and Linux. After some operational issues: errors, disconnections, etc., everything seems to be back to normal. It must be said that the application has long been criticized by its users. You will be able to transfer money between players, take notes in the game, find players, check hand history, etc...

Winamax competition

There are many competitions on winamax. For beginners, free tournaments are a good way to not lose money. For more knowledge, high-stakes tournaments can also be used, such as Hold'em with a buy-in of 90 + 10€, not to mention special tournaments and qualifying matches for live tournaments. There is also the famous Sunday surprise, every Sunday evening at 8:30. The purchase is 10 Euros and the guaranteed donation is 50,000 Euros.


A generous website promotion! Winamax also offers many promotional activities. One share registration bonus is 100%, up to €500. By accumulating miles, this bonus is credited in 20% increments. To receive a 1 Euro bonus, you must accumulate 30 miles. You can earn miles by playing tournaments and cash games in winamax, which of course is real money. From the first deposit, you have 3 months to accumulate miles and get rewards.

We love

The software design is exquisite and simple, and provides many functions. It can be played on the platform without downloading, and iPhone version and Android version are also provided. Winamax offers two poker variants: the famous Texas Poker and Omaha Poker


Poker Casino Online , Register Now and PLAY for real Money 100% up to 100$ First Deposit

There is no doubt-despite years of ups and downs, PokerStars still sets high standards in accordance with most standards in the online poker industry.

(So far) PokerStars software is still the best, its selection of games and tournaments is unparalleled, and the overall traffic of all its brand sites (PokerStars.com, PokerStars.eu, PokerStars.fr, etc.) is still so far highest. The new player combination of Spain, France, Italy and now Portugal may also be the first in Europe. PokerStars is indeed one of the best places to play online poker on PC or the PokerStars Mobile app.

As any undergraduate major in economics will tell you, competition is huge for consumers, and the latest changes in the industry have forced the Powerhouse brand to reinvest in its core values ​​that originally embraced it-providing high-quality for diehard and amateur poker players. Products, so that they have a greater chance of winning. How successful have they been in reviving the spirit of the PokerStars brand? We will see soon.

Unparalleled offer from PokerStars

This room is the world's leading online poker room. The website complies with French law and is completely free. The membership base is huge. You will be able to play any version of poker imaginable on this site. We noticed that the site’s notoriety has led to the registration of many "fish", making the game fairly easy. The customer service we tested was thoughtful and very efficient. We regret that Rake is slightly taller.

If it is not for high revenue, the website is perfect in every way. The membership base of the site is impressive. It was voted as the best poker operator by eGaming Magazine, which is a partner of many events including World Cup Poker. PokerStars is popular because of the various games it offers, not all rooms are like this. There are about 60,000 players every day, and you can find a table 24 hours a day. Taking into account the large number of cash players, as of 2pm, PokerStars has more than 120,000 active players. July 1st-This is unparalleled in the poker world.

PokerStars also offers new standard poker variants such as Zoom Poker, Spin & Gos, Power Up, Home Games and Showtime, and is the only site where you can find some mixed game actions and lesser-known poker variants. Like Courchevel and Baduji.

Are we already talking about direct broadcast satellites? Because PokerStars always provides some of the most convenient ways to win packages of incredible live poker events, such as PokerStars Caribbean Adventure, European Poker Tour and so on.

Oh, don't forget to millions on Sunday. As the crown jewel in the PokerStars daily, weekly and monthly tournament calendar, the $1 million guaranteed Sunday Million tournament is still one of the most respected and participated poker tournaments in the world, and is played in many ways. A 250 Euro buy-in satellite.

In short, PokerStars software is the industry standard medium, and for most players, it is the best poker software ever. For starters, it can be customized according to their preferences. When downloading PokerStars (for Windows or Mac), you can replace the classic look with many other themes and tailor almost any function to your liking, from betting sliders and avatars to ratings.

PokerStars is designed for gamers.

It is one of the first sites to provide a fully resizable table for the screen to take full advantage of the multi-table function. The lobby is fully functional, rich in content and attractive. There are almost no problems with the software, and if the installation needs to be completed, the customer support team will quickly resolve any problems. The only reason why PokerStars did not get 10 is the table graphics. The graphics of the original table are not pleasing to the eye, but fortunately, there are other themes for players to use, and these themes have nothing to do with the game itself.

PokerStars gets the best poker

With a top poker network with 30 million members, you only need to view thousands of poker matches and their room attendance to understand the scale of this phenomenon. Pokerstars is a leader in online poker rooms, with many professional poker players (especially French) with different colors: Bertrand Grospellier, Arnaud Mattern, Vanessa Rousso Daniel Negreanu, Joe Hachem and Chris monyemaker just to name a small sample . As for sports stars, Gael Monfils and Sébastien Chabal are also members of the PokerStars team.


In terms of security, PokerStars also topped the list. A large security team pays close attention to every withdrawal, any suspicious activity (of which few), and most importantly-PokerStars is one of the few websites that checks every customer through a formal process. Verify identity and cross-check the fraudulent account and stolen credit card list. The only reason why PokerStars did not get the 10th level was the "v0id" controversy in the 2007 World Championship of Online Poker (WCOOP). In short, the 2007 WCOOP main event winner (with prize money of more than $1 million) was mistaken for cheating and disqualification. With this obvious exception, security is perfect.


Once again, PokerStars is very popular and you can find any style of game for players of any level at any time of the day. PokerStars also offers more game variations than almost all other sites, including: Texas Hold'em, Omaha, Stud, Baduji, mixed games and more. Its advantage lies in its impressive stability. Its annual World Championship of Online Poker (WCOOP) is the annual summit of global online poker tournaments.

Poker odds

General information about probability

Poker is particularly respected for the strategies used by players, many of which shine through the use of odds. However, it should be noted that in order to evaluate them, several parameters mainly related to the game environment must be considered.

Poker Casino Online , Register Now and PLAY for real Money 100% up to 100$ First Deposit

Mathematical basis

In poker, they essentially determine the chance of combining or exiting certain cards during the game. They are based on mathematical calculations and are very useful for decision-making. Indeed, thanks to them, through the evaluation of his hand, we can determine whether we can continue the game to the end, or on the contrary, give up the game.

Influencing factors

Different poker variants have different odds. Likewise, the number of players at the table affects the possibilities. In addition, the number of cards played and their position on the table must be considered, as well as the cards found in the game.

Some examples of probability

There are many situations in poker, it is impossible to list them all. However, some of them appear frequently and can be mastered through practice.

Pre-flop and flop

Before the flop, they are mainly concerned with the value of the deal.

-The chance of getting two suitable cards is the greatest (51%), and the chance of getting two suitable cards is only 24%.

-The chance of having a pair is 6%, while the chance of getting two matching cards in a row is only 4%.

-In addition, the probability of A appearing is about 5%, while the probability of Ace-King combination appears less at 1%.

On the flop, since his percentage is 55%, he often encounters two flushes.

-The same is true when the three-color flop is estimated to be 40%.

-On the other hand, the chance of a single-color flop is 5%.

As for the combination:

-The chance of a pair withdrawing is 17%,

-4.25% of a set

-3.5% of the price of three cards.

The number of players should be considered

During the game, the number of players will greatly change the way you approach the game, which is especially effective in determining the possibility of Ace's preflop.

Therefore, in a game with 2 players, the percentage of players who are the only players with an A is 88%, and with 10 players, this number drops to 25%.

For 4 players, this is 68%, while for 8 players, it is only 36%.

In addition, the possibility that no one has an A also follows the same logic, that is, the smaller the number of players, the higher the probability.

In fact, in the process of raising the head, there is an 85% chance that no opponent has an A card. For a 6-round game, the probability is 40%, and for 10 players, the probability is 16%.

Improve your hands

Based on his starting hand and the cards on the flop, the improvement of his hand can be predicted.

Before the flop, using the Ace flop can increase Ace-King and other hands by 32%, while the flop is expected to start with a pair of 12%.

On the other hand, more complex combinations, such as full house and straight cards are rare, about 1%.

The opportunity to have cards on the turn and river that can improve your game (or out) is also important in poker.

For this, you must first know the number of outs and multiply it by a certain coefficient.

Therefore, to know the probability of getting the turn, you must multiply the number of outs by 2.

For example, in 15 knockout rounds, the average improvement rate after the flop is 33%, which is approximately 15 X 2.

For 9 photos, it is 20%

To estimate the average improvement rate of the river course, multiply the number of water discharges by 4.

So for 15 prints, it is 54%, for 10 prints, it is 38%, and finally, for one print, it is 4%.

Betclic: On-site review

Introducing Betclic Poker

Betclic fr is a company engaged in various gambling games, especially poker games.

Welcome, the site offers bonuses and free tournaments.

Make the most of all offers by registering Betclic now.

Many promotions for new registrants

The popular reward is to return 100% of the first deposit, up to €500

Deposit €500, new players will get the highest bonus and finally get a total bonus of €1000.

Play poker to get bonuses.

Betclic informed us: "Thanks to tournaments or qualifying matches in real money tables, you will earn Betclic points. When you leave the table or complete the game, Betclic Poker converts a progressive bonus of €0.04 into every Betclic you earn The real currency account balance of the point. For example, if you earn 100 Betclic points on a real currency table, you will have €4 credited to your account after you leave the table."

Also organize free games

All new registrants can participate in these events and are guaranteed to receive 1,000 euros in prize money.

We can mention "Welcome Free Tournament", which is held every night and the final will be held on Sunday night. This conference is reserved for the top 10 of each tournament, and each will receive a 250 Euro prize.

Comfortable game interface

The interface of the site is usually very simple.

Betclic Poker stands out from other sites by choosing a green carpet background with a burgundy tone table.

This design provides an easy-to-view position, especially for those who play for several hours.

Safe and fast transaction

All bank transactions of Betclic fr are safe and the withdrawal period is less than 48 hours. The main transaction methods available to players are credit cards, e-wallets (especially Moneybookers and NeTeller) and bank transfers. The minimum deposit amount is 20 Euros. In terms of withdrawal, the website does not stipulate a minimum withdrawal amount, but the withdrawal fee is less than 15 euros.

The ultimate advantage of Betclic

In addition to the offers and promotions, operators also ensure:

Support players permanently via chat and email

Fast and secure transactions

Simple and smooth game interface

Betclic games and tournaments

Betclic Poker has an online poker school that provides players with two support tools. To this end, the following two methods have been adopted:

1. Inquiry Form

2. The interactive part, called Doctor of Poker

In this section, players will directly talk to poker experts. The poker variants shown on this website are:

-Texas Hold'em


They can participate in tournaments, especially free tournaments or mini tournaments.

Many freerolls

Free tournaments organized by Betclic fr Poker, in addition to tournaments dedicated to new members, the most active players can also participate. There are two types of free games:

1. Play 1,500 hands for free every month, with a jackpot of 25,000 euros, and you can play loyalty free tournaments.

2. Play 25 hands a week for easy free tournaments

The Easy Freeroll tournament is held from Monday to Friday. The first player in the top 10 will win a prize of 750 Euros in the bimonthly final.

Online mini tournament: betclic challenge

The Betclic Challenge is a monthly mini championship. It consists of multiple special competitions, allowing you to win the competition at the same time:

1. Cash can

2. Points collection monthly ranking

These games are held every Wednesday and every Sunday.

The top 30 players each month will be able to participate in the BC Challenge Finals, which offers the winners a 1,000 Euro prize and is held on the first Sunday of each month. It should be noted that the site reserves the right to modify the value of these figures at any time.

Playing poker without money

You want to play poker online, but are you worried that you can't afford it? Do you want to play poker without money? This is understandable, especially depending on your game level. Please note that if you are a complete beginner, you may quit soon.

If you are just learning to play poker, the situation will be more difficult and you need to be cautious. In the face of particularly experienced opponents, you may not go too far and see your funds disappear at a high speed. None of these can gain much experience. It's shameful to be discouraged so quickly, isn't it?

This solution is suitable for players who want to improve in poker without losing everything soon. Because if you are systematically shot within 30 minutes, how can you get the least playing skills and hope to improve? This kind of risk management is an integral part of the game, so you must know how to be cautious instead of wasting everything like in the game of chance provided by the casino.

For the players in the learning stage, fortunately, various online poker rooms themselves can provide poker games without having to invest any money. This is a demo or play money mode and can be accessed in software (such as our free poker room). Of course, this is to familiarize new players with open game rules, such as Texas Holdem.

Of course, to master the minimum requirements, the first thing is to buy some poker books, especially those written by great champions. In addition, in recent years, some magazines have appeared that provide detailed studies on different hands and explain how to play them. Have you decided not to spend money to play poker before practicing poker? Compared with reading holdem textbooks, it is still a good choice, more theoretical and more specific.

Another option is the poker bonus provided by the room. They are designed to motivate people to play poker without risk without money. You can try it for free and repeat the experience if you want, but this time is an investment. You have to really test your skills one day! It is best to let you come for free, and then refund the real deposit. However, it is in your best interest to play the game for free.

Please note that when rooms offer poker game bonuses, they are subject to the same set of restrictions as other casino games. Okay, you can play poker without money, but if you win real money, you can't withdraw money immediately: you have to play a certain amount of pot and play many hands.

When you play the first game at home, please pay attention to a cool poker trick in the room, which is an invitation to participate in the welcome freeroll tournament. Free poker players especially like free games. Not only can it register for free, but you can also carry cash with you. Some actually engage in free games. Others (rarely) even managed to build up their own funds without deposits: their funds are based only on free games wins.

BetClic Poker mobile app

BetClic is a major player in the gaming industry and sports betting. BetClic is headquartered in London and was founded by Nicolas Béraud, one of the three founders of Sport4Fun. In 2014, BetClic was acquired by Stéphane Courbit (former partner of Arthur's head of Endemol). All this shows that BetClic has become one of the main participants of French gambling websites.

Like any good bookmaker, BetClic also opened a poker room for all its customers. The room relies on the IPN poker network, which brings together CelebPoker, EuroSuperPoker, lastminute.com, Mermaid, Paradise, Poker.co.uk, PokerHeaven, PokerWide, Ramblas, TGF Poker, Total Poker, Virgin and Yahoo.

Betclic poker app, everywhere

You already have a Betclic Poker account: download it and you can start the game!

Or create your account directly through the app, take advantage of the welcome offer and directly access all poker tables Ales games: cash games, tournaments, sit and play and Twister! You can personalize your game area, drop, exit, and trade with opponents You can easily find your favorite table using the simple and intuitive interface, which allows you to play up to 4 tables at the same time.

Download the app for Android!

Betclic Poker is free for Android phones and tablets. Access cash games directly on your phone/tablet, i.e. sit and go, tournaments and twister tables! Click the link below or follow the Google Play link to download the Android application:

Download the app for iPhone/iPad!

Unibet Poker is available for free on iPhone and iPad. Access cash games directly on your phone/tablet, i.e. sit and go, tournaments and twister tables! Download the iOS app below or through this AppStore link.

You can participate in cash games or tournaments through many satellite tournaments, including participating in real events such as EPT. Finally, please note that after acquiring the CasinoSlots website, BetClic has opened a poker school.

Unibet Poker Application

The gaming industry is a major player in the sports betting field, and Unibet acquired MrBookmaker a few years ago. Therefore, Unibet Poker is the poker room for all its customers and it relies on the Micro Gaming Network poker network.

The player is a beginner, but Unibet has made special efforts to meet the requirements of French customers (customer service with free calls, free games reserved for French people, etc.).

Download the app for Android!

Unibet Poker is free for Android phones and tablets. New feature: From now on, directly access cash games on your mobile device/tablet, i.e. sit and go, tournaments and twister tables! Download the Android application by clicking on the CasinoSlots link below:

Download the app for iPhone/iPad!

Unibet Poker is available for free on iPhone and iPad. New feature: From now on, directly access cash games on your mobile device/tablet, i.e. sit and go, tournaments and twister tables! Download the iOS app by typing "Unibet Poker" in the AppStore.

Games on Unibet Poker

There are many free games to play cash games or tournaments.

Finally, it should be noted that Unibet often organizes some special events, such as the recent competitions. When the film "Meslin" is released, there may be collaborations with Louis Fernandez, Estelle Dennis or Vincent Ka Searle competes, or is eligible to compete for EPT (Warsha, Dormtund, etc.). Recently, Unibet signed a contract with Jérome Rothen and sought to combine sports and poker to work together in the development of sports betting.

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