9 tips for making money in online casinos

Opdateret: 30. sept. 2020

Once used online play money as entertainment. A nice side effect is that you can "save" a penny. As a player, there are countless gambling options. In the Netherlands alone, there are nearly 300 physical gambling opportunities. However, let your wallet play "better" in online casinos. You can beat the online casino, which is a utopia. In the end, the house always wins. There are still options to make your money more, and even in some cases-with good luck-you can win money from online casinos.

Start your own online casino

Maybe a little silly: create an online casino yourself! In the Netherlands, the establishment of an online casino for Dutch people has not yet been allowed. From the beginning of 2021, this situation is likely to change. From that moment on, on the one hand you can legally gamble online, on the other hand you can start online casinos. Every Dutch person can bid for a license. To do this, you must go through extremely strict procedures. Also, you need a lot of money to start completely. Then you have to "just" compete with the big men in this highly competitive industry. However, as long as there is a will, there is a way!

Recommend members to the online casino

Referencing friends is a way to make money by attracting new members. Some online casinos have such a reward system. Normally, you must deposit yourself. After that, simply register members through the unique "reference link" to introduce members. New members must meet many conditions before you can get the bonus. The bonus can be anything from real money to free spins. This can be very profitable and you can beat online casinos.

Bonus: pay close attention

Almost every online casino tries to convince you as a customer by offering so-called welcome bonuses. These can be different bonuses. Almost every bonus has some obstacles. Free currency does not exist because the player must provide some rewards. Instructions on how to do this are related to the general terms and conditions of such bonuses. Read these terms and conditions carefully to see if it is worth accepting the bonus. In some cases, it is better to refuse the bonus because the bet value is too bad. The best is no deposit bonus: the so-called no deposit bonus.

First play for free

Most online casinos offer the possibility to play games for free. The advantage is that you can become familiar with the game in this way. It is best to play some games for free so that you can understand the rules. Although you can confuse the max-bet button with the "start" button, this is not a big problem for online video ad spots. This may be an expensive joke. Free-to-play casino games are especially important in table games. You may make mistakes in these games, which may waste your money. Blackjack is the best example. If you play this game without your knowledge, the edge of the house may increase significantly.

Play table games to get the best odds

If you are playing in an online casino, table games are recommended. These bring you the greatest benefits. You really need to have the correct knowledge so that, for example, you don't have to play certain betting games. In the long run, these bets will result in a lower payout percentage. This does not mean that you can shoot from time to time. In addition, you can use it with certain systems in various table games. The ting system is a well-known roulette strategy. In theory, you can use this system to beat the casino. However, every roulette has a maximum bet limit on the table, which means that sooner or later you will choose the axe.

Promotion: choose the best!

-Cashback (recover a few cents from your deposit)

-Re-deposit bonus (receive bonus when depositing money)

-Slot Machine Tournament (participate in the Slot Machine Tournament and win extra prizes)

There are more interesting bonus examples. And, for these bonuses, it is recommended to check the conditions for such bonuses.

Playing a slot machine with a high payout percentage

You can find out the percentage of spend for each ad slot. This is described in the description of the relevant slot. The payout percentage for each slot can vary greatly. Online, you can play slot machines, with odds ranging from about 85% to almost 100%. Of course, this payment percentage applies to long-term. In a short meeting, this may be a completely different story. It is not recommended to play jackpot slots at one time. As we all know, these slots allow you to play games with less money unless you win the jackpot.

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