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Australia is a country where gambling is completely legalized. Every year residents spend more than $6 million in casinos. A total of about $500 per person. The analysis shows that most Australian players like to play games in online casinos. Second, depending on the player's preferences, the slot is located outside the casino. In Australia, there are hundreds of bars with slot machines. In total, thousands of different models of machines are provided for players. In Australia, there are more than 400 officially licensed casinos, including physical casinos, cruise casinos, racetracks,

Australian online casino list

Online gambling in Australia is regulated at the federal level. In 2001, the Australian Commonwealth Parliament passed the country's unique "Interactive Gaming Law". Online games are divided into several categories, such as online casino games: roulette, card games, poker, dice and others. Slot machine lottery, bingo and keno games in the casino. Handbags and sports betting. The law authorizes online gaming. However, the operator must be registered in Australia. At the same time, players from other countries where the game is legalized are allowed.

Australian game developer

Not only are Australian players passionate about gambling, but some game software developers also live in Australia. The world famous companies with Australian origin are: Noble Leisure Co., Ltd., a company established for more than 60 years. Developers specialize in producing slot machines for physical venues, online slot machines and original reward systems. The company has licenses to operate in more than 250 gaming jurisdictions worldwide. The developer's game range includes hundreds of models.

The Aristocrat machine has repeatedly become one of the best game developers at the award-winning international exhibition, and therefore has won many awards.

Ainsworth is a company founded in 1995 by a founder of Aristocrat. Initially, he specialized in machine manufacturing in physical casinos. But as time passed, manufacturers began to pay attention to the development of the online game industry, making certain models suitable for network use. Today, Ainsworth is the slot machine distributor for most of the leading online casinos in Europe. Game collection

  1. CasinoSlots has dozens of different models. The company's representative offices are distributed in the United States, South America and the United Kingdom.

  2. Lightning Box is a company founded in 2004 by former employees of Aristocrat and IGT. Today, it provides interesting models for physical stores and online casinos. Producers work with most game operators. Most Lightning Box games can be used in multi-platform casinos.

Reel time games (not to be confused with real-time games). This is a company specializing in the production of offline game consoles and game platforms. The platform brings together the most popular developments of the brand and can be integrated with any casino independent game. There are more than one hundred models in the developer's catalog. In addition, there are little-known game software developers in Australia. For example, Merge Gaming Network, which is a game developer for online portals.

Game Legislation

Despite the stable and popular development of the gaming industry, the country’s gaming legislation is very complex. This is due to the political structure of the country. Australia is a federal state consisting of 8 jurisdictions. As a result, the government is composed of federal authorities and administrative departments of the states.

The power of the federal government includes some supervision of the gaming industry. At the same time, each state has its own laws governing gaming systems. As a result, the provisions of the law may be very different.

For example, in New South Wales, local gaming laws regulate the organization of games in physical and online casinos in a very general manner. On the contrary, in Victoria, the characteristics of these activities will be specified as accurately as possible. In particular, certain rules define the organization system of physical casinos, Internet portals, and specify the requirements of each game.

The laws of each state classify gambling into specific categories, which may differ in some states. Generally, the regulations of the game emphasize different ways in casino games, such as roulette, card games, poker, slot machines, lottery tickets, keno, sports betting and racing.

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