Australia plans to further open up the online gaming industry.

Opdateret: 3. juli 2020

The Association of Players from the country said the Australian government has announced its interest in reviewing options to further expand the online gambling and gaming industry laws in its territory.

If such changes are implemented, local players will receive a greater degree of protection and have access to a greater number of games and online betting options. One of the most important issues to consider is when sports betting is broadcast live. Currently, this option only exists through mobile options and in person. In addition, poker can also be liberalized.

The goal in this case is to align the laws in this field with the laws that control the outcome of the game in a pre-agreed manner. To review this issue globally, the Communications and Media Authority has been appointed to monitor online betting and develop measures to protect the industry.

At present, the government's position on online gambling is not clear enough. Players and operators can really benefit from a more clear position.

For example, although it is illegal for Australians to bet online on CasinoSlots and play games in Internet casinos, it is illegal for operators to provide such services to Australians. It is estimated that this industry is quite large. Since 2008, the total amount of funds invested in staking has been close to 800 million Australian dollars, and may currently reach 1 trillion US dollars per year.

In sports, online gambling is allowed, except in live games. Over the past decade, sports betting has been growing steadily, generating approximately A$400 million in profits globally.

Obviously, the regulations will bring a lot of profits to all those interested in participating in these activities in the near future. The Players Association welcomes these possible plans and hopes that they will be realized soon. CasinoSlots

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