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Opdateret: 24. juni 2020

To taste the Belgian casino atmosphere, you no longer need to go to the Spa, Namur, Liege, Chaudfontaine Grand Casino or Brussels Casino. At the same time, even though Brussels Poker has a very special status and attracts thousands of enthusiastic players to play their new championships here every year, the Belgian online casino games have established their status

Belgien Casino

Even if going to Belgium to play a casino is of course a great thing, which can be combined with a pleasant visit to a first-class hotel or a gourmet meal in a chic restaurant, playing games on the Internet still has a decisive advantage, whether it is a Belgian casino or any other The casino must provide.

The advantages of casinos on the Internet compared to a casino in Belgium:

There is no opening hours online, so you can play around the clock The slot machine payout rate is higher than in casinos or anywhere else (also applies to comparison with German casino games)

There are more types of online games, from traditional card games and other table games to video poker to slot machines, offering thousands of possibilities, among which enthusiastic players of the "country" casino can only dream You can play games comfortably on your computer or laptop at home, or you can use your phone, tablet or other mobile devices to play games elsewhere

The online casino offers bonuses to new players and other bonuses for loyal customers-deposit bonuses, no deposit bonuses, free spins, and return bonuses are coveted bonuses or gains in this case

Therefore, it is not surprising that although real top-level addresses can be found in Namur and Spa in Belgium, the number of Internet visits has also increased significantly in recent years.

Online casinos are also on the rise in Belgium

Players in certain countries (such as the United States) may experience restrictions in online casinos and cannot participate in the game. However, players in Belgium rarely encounter this situation, they can almost unlimited access to the rich variety that casinos must provide on the Internet.

In almost every online casino, Belgian players are properly received and corresponding bonuses are provided on request, especially for slot machine games, where the minimum bet requirements can be met particularly quickly. But of course, although the choices among different variants of roulette, blackjack and other games of chance are of course much larger, all other games that could have been found in Belgian casinos are also available online. Especially if the corresponding online casinos combine various so-called "game provider" games of chance, such as Net Entertainment, Playtech or Microgaming. This type of address is especially recommended because many hours have many options to ensure that the highest level of entertainment is always maintained. In this regard, you can travel to a casino in Belgium from time to time, but if you want to compete regularly and permanently, you can get better advice from the online casino.

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