Belgium: New gaming law creates good framework conditions

Opdateret: 24. juni 2020

Belgium was previously regarded as a gambling country. However, there is not much feeling on the streets of Belgium, because slot machines can be found especially in many cafes, and the slot machines can be turned almost unsupervised. But now, the situation in neighboring Germany is changing. Belgium has passed a new gaming law, which provides more regulations for gaming, but also establishes a good and fair framework

Ministers are in favor of the new gambling project

For Belgians, “Ployte-sur-Loire-sur-Lousa” may become one of the most exciting political projects of the past few years. Last week, this gambling law project was initiated by the Ministers of Justice-most ministers voted in favor. This means that Belgian gambling laws will be revised for about 20 years. It was launched in 1999 and certainly cannot be described as the latest. In recent years, this has become a thorn for many politicians, which is why they have vigorously expressed their support for amending the law.

Gambling market is regulated (better)

Today, the Belgian gaming market is not regulated much, and the new gaming law will change this situation. The government plans a total of 32 innovations so that extensive changes to the law can be discussed. For example, the way classic slot machines are handled will change. In Belgium, these items can be found not only in game stores or casinos, but also in many bars or cafes. So far, the legal requirements for bar operators are very low. Any number of devices can be set, and at the same time, there is no requirement for maximum use, etc. It will change. In the future, only two slot machines per location should be allowed. They must also be modern devices that meet all technical requirements and, for example, enable identity control via the ID slot. In addition, every owner of a bar or café must obtain a license from the competent authorities before installing gaming machines in their premises. But it is not everything. As in Germany, Belgian casinos and slot machine operators will have to comply with minimum distances from schools and youth facilities. Similarly, of course, the tax is paid to the municipality, which is based on the sale of slot machines. check out CasinoSlots

Bookmakers are also better controlled

Traditional game providers are not the only group affected by the new gaming regulations. In the future, bookmakers will also operate on a much more regulated market. For example, discussions are still ongoing about whether the minimum age for participation in betting offers should be increased from 18 to 21 years. In addition, the ban on live betting was briefly discussed, but ministers rejected it. Nevertheless, live bets in Belgium will be limited in the future. They can only be offered if players can follow the game or a stream is available. If this is not the case then live bets can no longer be shared. Bookmakers are also required to check if their clients are "blocked" from betting.

Things are moving forward in Europe

In Belgium, the new rules provide players with the opportunity to benefit from a much more transparent and fair market. These approaches are probably not the best option for operators because some sales losses can be expected. Nevertheless, a step in Belgium can be described as a good step in the right direction. Finally, a healthy gambling framework was created that can be used as a basis for further changes in law, for example for online gambling. The Belgians almost followed the example of a neighboring country, the Netherlands. A few weeks ago the Kansspel authorities also received much more power here. In the Netherlands, online gambling offers become legal so that providers can officially apply for a license at the gaming office. Also in the Netherlands, the old ban was lifted, which should mean a fairer and safer market in the future. And Germany? At least something is happening here. There is still no agreement on national rules regarding gambling. However, Länder ministers will meet this month to discuss this topic in detail. However, the outlook for the overall agreement is not particularly good because only three of the 16 federal states currently seem to support licensing online gaming companies. The good news: all three federal states have announced that a special route will be chosen if necessary for the licensing of private companies. According to the case, the minister should not find an agreement Do you want to play online? Then select on our site CasinoSlots

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