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It is easy to log in and play on any online casino site. But it is best to know the best. So if you want to make the most of the opportunity, please take advantage of the exclusive bonus while retaining

How do we choose a casino for you

You may be wondering why you should follow our guide instead of other guides!

The answer is simple. We provide you with objective and high-quality reviews based on very specific standards.

To this end, we call on our team of iGaming experts to make unremitting efforts to meet the different expectations of loyal players. Without them, this guide would never be as popular as it is today. We owe them a lot of debt!

In order to provide you with quality content, we have considered various aspects:

- We offer welcome offers and promotions: Our team spends time on promotions in relatively new and trusted casinos.

- The reputation of game developers, the types of new games and the diversity of these games: The number of developers in a casino does not make it optimal. On the contrary, these game operators must have a good reputation. We considered the popularity of game developers. We know the most famous ones; Microgaming, Yggdrasil, Netent, ISoftBet, Playtech, BetSoft are all very mature.

- Customer service efficiency and availability: Customer service is a very important point for choosing a high-quality casino. Because it is obvious that without customers, a casino would not exist. Therefore, this service must be of impeccable quality and most importantly achievable. base!

- Different payment method: Players should be able to choose to deposit into their accounts. Making choices will give people a feeling of freedom. The important thing is that the casinos we recommend provide you with a great choice

We can test the best games, it’s fun: it’s our pleasure to test new casino games In addition to the interesting aspects, we also introduced in detail the gambling games we really like. Once we have studied these aspects, we will give the casino an overall evaluation. Believe in our sincerity, this is a long-term job, very fair and serious. If you want to try your luck, please trust us. We bring you the best online casino in the world.

How do you check the reliability of the casino you want to choose?

1- Effective security system

You need to check the security level of the new online casino you want to choose. For this reason, please do not hesitate to investigate to make sure that the institution where you plan to register and deposit funds uses a reliable security system. Overall, 128-bit SSL digital encryption is the security system that makes online casinos reliable. Therefore, a veritable casino must have at least this type of encryption so that its players are safe during various games. This technology favored by financial institutions ensures the protection of personal data and the confidentiality of casino transactions. on-line. The security system is powerful and prevents hackers from accessing your information.

2- Online casinos must be regulated

You need to ensure that the platform you choose is licensed and regulated. New reliable online casinos must be licensed to operate by authorized institutions in the country where they are registered. By granting formal gaming licenses to casinos, states can guarantee the payment of bonuses to players, the security of bank information, and the protection of personal data.

Beware of spam

Online casinos are diverse. Some attracted gamblers and offered their welcome quotes, some attracted many excellent games, and some simply supported 24/7. Having said that, these casinos are not all credible. Refusal of payment, fraud is sometimes a problem you encounter.

How to identify cheese casino?

Generally, there are two techniques that allow you to detect French underground casinos:

- Customer service that never responds

- Display of single payment method

In fact, to identify underground casinos, all you need to do is contact customer service via the "support" or "chat" tab, which is usually within the player's line of sight. If you do not respond within 24 hours, then you will face the Ghost Casino!

Moreover, payment methods are usually diverse. From VISA mode to MAESTRO through online wallets such as SKRILL and NETELLER, you can choose several payment methods. If you are provided with the only and only possibility to use a credit card for transactions, then run away! This may be a big scam.

Casino games

All good online casinos usually offer a variety of good free games. In these various gambling games, you will undoubtedly find your own happiness. Some free games allow you to win.

The shrinking weapon of online casinos: bonuses

If online casino institutions can take advantage of one thing, it is bonuses! Once the player enters the casino, this detail will not be overlooked!

Indeed, these personalized promotional offers in the form of bonuses usually slide in pop-up windows or large dynamic sliders so that customers can take a bite! Trust us, it works! In fact, this is what separates land-based casinos from casinos.

In developing Internet casinos, it has made some innovations to replace exciting physical casinos. This is the source of the bonus!

When visiting the casino, the four bonuses will come back regularly to attract players. You will find:

Welcome rewards: These rewards are provided immediately to players who have just registered in the online casino by creating a new customer account;

Deposit bonuses: These bonuses are determined based on the player's deposit amount. It is estimated that this type of bonus usually varies between 25% and 200%, and even higher on some platforms. Of course, these bonus percentages are set by the casino itself, and players can freely subscribe. But experience shows that players will still be attracted by this bonus because it is an opportunity for them to increase their portfolio through multipliers. According to feedback, this does not save time spent in the casino, and the time will be significantly extended.

Loyalty bonus: As the name suggests, this kind of bonus is only available to players of a certain category who are said to be loyal or have made multiple deposits in the same casino. The venue agreed to pay the player a fixed amount to allow him to play his favorite games as a reward. This kind of bonus usually occurs during the holiday season of the year, and players can start the game without depositing a penny in their pocket.

Recommended bonus: Almost most online casinos offer this bonus. For example, if a new player sponsored by another person pays a deposit and confirms the sponsorship, the casino provides a certain amount of bonus to the second player who sponsored him to thank him for the recommendation of the entourage.

As you might have guessed, these offers in the form of bonuses are good marketing assets for attracting new players and rewarding their visits. On the other hand, for players, this is another way to increase their bets. select. In other words, this is a win-win strategy at scale. However, although this offer is very attractive, it does not retain certain conditions, and players must abide by the terms to avoid some inconvenience.

Income payment

Online casinos make you feel like you are in Las Vegas! But not all aspects. You have made a lot of money, like "Yes, my account will be credited to your account within 24 hours". Well, dear friend, this is not the case. If you think you will receive payment within one minute of winning, please think twice!

Why take time?

In addition to popular offers, payment speed should also be one of the important criteria for choosing a reliable casino. The more players play through a simple and efficient process, the higher their participation rate.

Indeed, playing is not just part of the fun with many advantages. There are some disadvantages even after the game session. One of them is the waiting time for withdrawals. Players will be completely satisfied only if everything goes well from start to finish.

After playing the game on your favorite device for a long time, to get a bonus, you need one very important thing: patience. Don't expect to receive payment within 24 hours. After that, you can usually start to doubt the status of the withdrawal.

Serious and reliable casinos will ask you to provide documents, such as identification documents, RIB from the bank, so that the transfer can be without problems.

The payment terms vary depending on whether the player sends the required documents quickly. If everything is respected, payment will be no problem.

Don't forget to find out the withdrawal method and conditions.

The use of responsive casinos

Smartphones and tablets have become essential mobile tools to get close to you. Why? Well, just because these new generation gadgets can accomplish many things, and they are very popular among the new generation.

We can cite many examples: being able to watch movies, chat, but most importantly, online casinos can now be played on these latest tools, and they are very popular: in some cases, we even call them "mobile casinos".

But please note that not all such sites are "responsive". However, if you want to provide gamers with the best gaming experience on this type of device, this should be the case. Due to the reduced screen size, the experience should always remain exciting.

What is a responsible website?

A website is "responsive" when it is designed to adapt the screen resolution to the mobile device used. We also talk about an adaptive site. In other words, responsive websites have been optimized on all available devices in the market.

The importance of having a "mobile casino"

Unbelievable, but many online casino game players use tablets or mobile phones to gamble. Therefore, having a place suitable for a casino is only an asset of that place. Especially when most of the traffic comes mainly from such channels.

From an ergonomic point of view, regardless of the resolution, the site can be accessed on a mobile phone, and the images and information are displayed as if you were browsing on a computer screen.

Remember, whether you are on a smartphone or a computer screen, scrolling the screen horizontally is impractical. Players can play anytime, anywhere. By bus, subway, taxi, hotel, vacation or even business trip, players can enjoy the passion of the game.

Playing online from any connected device becomes very simple. Mobile casinos will be able to attract more players because they will allow them to play games of chance, video poker and even roulette on PC or outside their homes.

Therefore, in a society where connected mobile devices are constantly evolving, it is vital that the best online casino sites must respond in order to retain their customers.

For example, most online gambling software responds to the famous reel equipment provided to the casino. These include Microgaming, Betsoft, Yggdrasil, Netent, ISoftBet, Playtech or SkillOnNet. In other words, we still hope to see developer Novomatic withdraw from the German market not long ago.

Before you start, make sure you can play anytime, anywhere! Some mobile casino games need to be downloaded: you can register, then a text message with a download link will be sent to you, and you can start the game immediately.

Playing a real-money mobile casino is like playing a real-money online casino. Your deposit method is the same as playing in an online casino. The deposit method is as safe as playing games on a personal computer. It is also easy to cash out your bonus, you can request withdrawal according to your preferred withdrawal method, and you will receive the funds within one day

You can also play games in the mobile casino in entertainment mode and real mode.

Some casinos offer special mobile casino bonuses to encourage players to join the rhythm.

Regarding the technical requirements, it does not matter whether you have the latest iPhone (4, 3gs, 3g, second generation) or BlackBerry phone. Whether it is connected via a wireless network or 3G, the casino makes playing games from any mobile device easier than ever.

Most casinos use Java-based programs because some phones do not support flash memory like the iPhone. Please note that mobile casinos are as secure as online banking transactions using mobile phones. The connection is encrypted and secure, and you can ensure that no information is sent to the wrong location.

What is the reallocation or casino RTG rate?

Payout rate is one of many criteria for choosing a reliable online casino. Also known as RTP (Return to Player) or Casino RTG (Return to Player) in video game terminology, this is a clue to consider when choosing a casino to gamble

RTG Casino: What is this?

Expressed as a percentage, this ratio is defined as the profitability of the participant. In other words, the share obtained from all bets is redistributed. To give you a better understanding of what it is, please follow the example below.

A small example: if the redistribution rate is 97%, it must be concluded that 97% of the total amount played in the casino has been paid to the winner. In fact, the more likely the redistribution rate is close to 100%, the greater the probability of winning. It is also important to note that RTP/RTG may exceed 100% during periods when player returns are high.

How to calculate the redistribution rate?

To calculate this payout rate, it is very simple: 97% of all bets placed by all players in the game will be redistributed to the same group of players as winnings. This means that the casino will only receive 100-97 = 3% of the player's bet amount.

The gaming commission that issued the gaming license is responsible for certifying these rates. The committee must also verify the fairness of the casino. However, it is not uncommon for certain platforms to use independent companies to ensure their slot machine payout rates. Therefore, it is subject to the supervision of specialized agencies, which analyze and judge the fairness of casinos.

If the payout rate seems to be a necessary element in choosing the best casino, then it is not the only casino. However, the choice and change of machines and many other aspects are equally important.

electronic wallet

Electronic wallets are now on the rise. If their reputation continues to grow, it is because their pros and cons outweigh the pros and cons. Suddenly, it is easy to adopt them.

We are here to tell you all about these e-wallets.

Thank you for the e-wallet transaction: detailed description

The process is very simple. Most platforms will require you to create an account. Simple and fast. The system will ask you to provide basic information (personal and contact information) to ensure minimum transaction security. In other words, it is best to indicate your complete identity when filling out the personal information form.

You must also enter information related to your bank account. Because needless to say, the wallet will not magically feed itself! Although, you can see its ease of use! Please be assured that this data will only be requested once.

After registration, everything will be like clockwork. Depositing real money into your casino account has never been easier. Computer experts and even novices can use this easy-to-use platform.

That is to say, please note that, just like paying with a credit card, the provider of the e-wallet will charge a commission for each transaction. This view includes fixed benchmarks and variable benchmarks defined based on transaction volume.

Advantages of using e-wallets

One of the main advantages of these payment platforms is that users can make deposits in record time. It's done in a few clicks. You can deposit euros without going through many intermediaries.

The second advantage: transactions are conducted in a completely secure manner. These e-wallet platforms have been rigorously tested to limit the risk of hacker attacks and fraud. The interface that provides this service is usually super protected.

The third advantage: Like most responsive online casinos, most e-wallet platforms are also responsive. Therefore, you can use them from your desktop computer and also from your smartphone. Some can even download the version (app) through Google Play or Apple Store. It depends on whether you are using a smartphone running iO or Android.

Depending on the operator that provides such services, the deposit method will be different.

In other words, using your e-wallet to pay for your favorite online casino can save a lot of time. In terms of security, rest assured that everything is ready and transactions can be conducted safely.

So don't wait any longer, please try it.


Bitcoin, the first decentralized currency, is a virtual currency that has now become a payment method in most new online casinos today. Its simple purpose is to get rid of institutional constraints and prevent currency devaluation.

There are several ways to obtain these virtual currency units. For example, you can exchange money for Bitcoin on a dedicated platform. Now, most online casinos that offer it as a payment method can pay in Bitcoin instead of currency. In fact, although it is still considered very unstable, it was considered the best performing currency between 2015 and 2016.

Advantages of using Bitcoin as a payment method

No third-party seizure

Since there are multiple redundant copies of the transaction database, no one can obtain Bitcoin. Ultimately, what hackers can take is to force users to send bitcoins to others in other ways. This means that the government cannot freeze someone’s wealth, so Bitcoin users will have the freedom to do anything with their money.

duty free

Third parties cannot intercept Bitcoin transactions, so there is no feasible way to implement the Bitcoin tax system. The only way to pay tax is if someone voluntarily sends a certain percentage of the tax.

No localization

Unless users publish their wallet addresses publicly, no one can track transactions. No one except the wallet owner himself will know how many bitcoins they own. Even if the wallet address is public, you can easily generate a new wallet address. This greatly increases privacy compared to traditional currency systems where third parties can access personal financial data.

No transaction fees

Sending and receiving bitcoin requires users to keep the bitcoin client active and log in. In essence, by using Bitcoin, users will contribute to the network, thereby sharing the burden of authorized transactions. Sharing this work can greatly reduce transaction costs, thereby making transaction costs negligible.

No possibility of theft

Bitcoin owner address can only be changed by the owner. Unless they have physical access to the user's computer and send bitcoin to their account, no one can steal bitcoin. Unlike traditional currency systems, which require very few authentication details to access accounts, this system requires physical access, which makes stealing more difficult.

Now that you know more about Bitcoin, you can safely pay in the new online casinos that offer this method.

What is a live casino?

When new online casinos first appeared, they represented the most innovative development in the history of the gaming industry. They changed the way the casino developed and made it possible for players to place bets from the comfort of their own homes.

The live casino combines the advantages of two aspects. They are the perfect combination of online casinos and the undeniable pleasure of a real land-based casino. In the live casino, you can see the real dealers, who are dealing cards, throwing dice and spinning roulette. They bring all operations to your computer screen and provide you with one of the most authentic online gaming experiences.

Online casinos host live casinos and use super powerful platforms to broadcast live to players. The most famous live casino is broadcast from a studio specially designed for the most authentic casino atmosphere

As part of this "real-time casino" experience, players can chat with dealers and other players. Players also have the opportunity to view bets on the table more easily than ever.

Due to the complexity involved in establishing a live casino, the game options offered are not extensive. For most live casinos, it is a common practice to provide live blackjack, live roulette and live baccarat. These live casinos provide players with the best video streaming, the highest quality graphics, stable and easy-to-use software, and carefully selected dealers

How is gamification suitable for casinos?

Gamification, also commonly called gamification, is a method of using game mechanics. The goal is not to create a brand new system to start the project, but to engage and optimize elements that will increase player interaction.

In today's highly competitive online casino world, the use of these so-called marketing techniques is essential to provide real value-added and encourage its members to remain loyal.

This added value can be observed at different levels of online casinos: for example, a pleasant overall experience makes players want to return to online casinos.

Then, if anything, you are not sure when you start to adopt this new method, and your best option is still to test to evaluate the impact on player participation.

Player participation is a manifestation of the success of gamification!

To know whether its gamification system is really successful, only one thing will give you the answer: higher player participation! The more motivated they are to do something, the more effort they will put in to increase their chances of success.

In online games, players feel motivated when they have goals to achieve and therefore have maintenance responsibilities. But when they feel pampered, their motivation will increase. By offering rewards to players, online casinos will give them greater motivation.

Therefore, finding ideas and innovating every time to maintain its customers and attract new members has become the main focus of online casinos.

Remember, there is only one thing about gamification: take the player’s behavior or image seriously. In fact, the latter usually have different sensitivities to the game environment provided to them. Unfortunately, in many cases, gamification often fails to take into account personal preferences and therefore fails. All in all, it is important to fully understand your players, because the more you know about them, the better you will know how to adapt to the new experience you want to provide for these players. Following this advice, you are unlikely to get into errors.

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