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CasinoSlots is a comprehensive guide to playing roulette online. If you don’t have any gaming experience yet, our guide will show you how to play roulette and immediately explain the basic rules of the game. For experienced players, we will study some topics more deeply, such as odds, odds, odds, and describe the different types of bets available in the game. We believe we can answer all your questions. You can find all the information you need about online roulette on the online roulette. We are a team of casino fans who have been searching for the best casino website for 12 years. After playing for hours, we chose the best website to play online roulette. It is important to feel safe when playing in online casinos. Our section on deposit methods describes how players use popular and secure payment methods (such as PayPal, credit cards, paysafecard and new virtual currencies, such as Bitcoin). Deposit online. Today, many people play games such as roulette on mobile devices. To save you time, we have invested a lot of time to try and test the best roulette websites for playing on iPhone, Android, iPad and other mobile platforms.

After all, our goal is to let players choose one of the best online casinos if they want to play real money games. Based on our reviews and tests, we have listed the best websites. In addition, we have written some country-specific guides for players living in the United States, United Kingdom, Canada, Australia, New Zealand and South Africa. We hope to provide more useful items as soon as possible.

Game changes

The two most popular versions of roulette are American Roulette and European Roulette. These games are played in the same way and at the same cost. However, the difference is that American roulette has two zeros, while European roulette has only one zero. The third and partially popular version is called "French Roulette". This is a game with a single zero-sum table layout and a different number arrangement than the European version. The French format usually has unique rules to prevent zeros. One is called "La Partage" and the other is called "En Prison". According to the "La Partage" rule, if a zero is hit, all external bets (even, odd, red, black, high, low, dozens and columns) will be refunded in half. The "Prison" rule states that if you hit zero, all bets will be frozen and then released or considered a loss, depending on the result of the next spin.

House advantages

All payouts on roulette are based on real payouts and are calculated as zero. For example, bets on red, black, high, low, even and odd will all result in one-to-one payouts. American Roulette has 18 winning numbers and 20 winning numbers. The two lost figures are those that give the house (ie, casino) an advantage. The same applies to all other types of bets (the other two infusions), so the house odds for American odds are 2/38 or 5.26% In European roulette, there is only one extra number for all types of bets, so the casino advantage here is 1/37 or 2.70%. In French roulette using the "La Partage" or "En Prison" rules, the same as the European rules, the house odds for external bets are 0.5/37 or 1.35%, while the house odds for internal bets are 2.7% .

What to consider

In theory, the best casinos should be those that provide "La Partage" or "En Prison" rules and the best bonuses in French. Unfortunately, these versions are not widely available online. Everest Casino provides "En Prison" rules, while Ladbrokes provides "La Partage" rules. However, Everest’s bonus offer cannot be redeemed through roulette, and Ladbrokes requires that roulette bets 400 times your deposit under the condition of releasing the bonus. In addition, players from the United States, Turkey, Hong Kong and several other countries are also excluded from these two casinos. Considering the high betting requirements, we recommend that players who live in countries with these two casinos refuse to pay bonuses if they plan to play here.

Game with low house advantage

Considering the European version of the game, the US and French versions have the same expenditure, so it should be assumed that the best strategy is to play only the French version (if available), otherwise only the European version is used. However, if you follow this strategy, you will miss one of the best roulette games online. Although not largely called an online casino, CasinoSlots offers casinos that include American roulette with revised payouts. Here, the odds for a single number are 36.62 to 1, not 35:1. The standard one-to-one betting odds are 1.09 to 1, not 1.00 to 1. All other bets also show significantly improved odds. The result is a house edge rate of 1.00%, which is significantly better than its European and French counterparts. Another website worth mentioning is (not including American players), you will find that the games there are no zero points, and there is almost no advantage. However, the betting limit is very small, and the maximum betting limit is $5 or $10. But for those who like low stakes, this is an amazing version.

The games with live croupier

Considering that most online casino bonuses are difficult to clear at the roulette table, it makes sense to choose the most interesting game. Today, many online casinos use the latest webcam playback technology to broadcast live dealer games. Live roulette almost always starts with a single zero (ie European format). Here, players bet and watched an attractive lady who played the role of co-host, spinning the steering wheel on a real roulette table, and then the computer-controlled system kept betting or paying bonuses based on current results .

Sitting systems

Players can use many betting systems to try to win from roulette. The most famous of these is the Martingale doubling system, and D'Alembert and Labouchère (and some of these variants, such as Reverse Labouchère) are also very popular. Before trying any of these systems, remember that it is Albert Einstein who once said that the only way to play roulette for a long time (without resorting to twisted wheels or fraud) is to win victory. Steal chips from the table! Whether you can find various e-books on the Internet, promise you-using these systems, many people will lose a bundle of banknotes. In addition to this, the two most important factors-if you choose a betting system-are the low house advantage and sufficient coverage.

As mentioned earlier, 5Dimes owns an American roulette game with a house advantage of 1.00%, a minimum betting limit of $100, and a maximum limit of $1,000. This allows players using the to lose 11 consecutive bets before facing the maximum limit. Ladbrokes also offers a French roulette game with the "La Partage" rule, which has a 1.35% odds on all external bets. Here, the limit is at least 0.10% and the maximum is $3,000. In turn, this caused Martingale players to lose 18 bets before ending the system. These are the two best games of the gaming system. If you use a higher bet betting system, it may prove to be your ideal choice. Your live dealer game is played in European format with a minimum limit of $0.10 and a maximum limit of $15,000. However, please do not oversize here, because the game has a game advantage of 2.70%.

Please play responsibly

If you browse the left navigation menu a little, you will find a lot of information about playing online roulette.

We hope you have the opportunity to play online games, and good luck, but at the same time, we also hope that you can play the game responsibly. During many years of playing this game, I often see 15 consecutive results of the same type (red/black, even/odd, high/low, etc.). Many players start playing games from joke and stupidity, but when they start chasing losses, they lose their acumen and then lose the money on the table. Always keep in mind that online gambling is not only about fun, but also a little chance of winning. Most casino players lose-in the long run, this is almost guaranteed. Therefore, we recommend that you play the game carefully and responsibly.

Of course, we also want to keep your hands crossed!

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