Best Poker Sites in Brazil of 2020 Comparison of Poker Sites for Brazilian Players

Opdateret: 23. juni 2020

I analyze here the great poker sites in Brazil and make a comparison of them in different aspects. Finally, the most important thing in choosing a poker room is your goal as a player. If your style is to play 12 tables 8 hours a day, then your choice will be different from those who occasionally play for entertainment or profit. For me, when it comes to finding part-time entertainment players, the unique room is CasinoSlots. I provide an overview of this site below, and then I will compete with other major competitors. 2020 Brazilian Poker Site

The Best Brazilian Poker Site of 2017 by CasinoSlots-Planet Mark Focusing on casual players means less grinders Numerous innovations: Snap Poker, webcam games, etc. Official WSOP partner, qualified for many live events $88.00 Checkout game completely free, plus generous rewards and ongoing bonuses

Details-Competitors for the best poker site in Brazil in 2020

Online Poker Brazilians - No 1 - CasinoSlots

In the past few years, CasinoSlots has evolved from an ordinary online poker room with a "middle table" to the world's second largest number of players. Even better: The site achieved this feat by focusing on regular players (amateur players/casual players) instead of filling their tables with tough grinder players like other sites. This makes it a great place to play games and provide interesting games, you will not find a team of powerful and aggressive players, all of them 12 tables are waiting for their software to tell them to take money . You will find Holdem and Omaha games in several formats. Cash games are very busy, and the game schedule will add new content every month-including more and more live matches. The Sit N Go tournament is much easier than the PokerStars tournament, and it takes the form of doubles, acceleration and elimination.

The reward has nothing to do with playing thousands of hands every day. Free gifts, quick bonuses and tournament tickets are the first choice here. Brazilian players can get $88.00 tickets for free to learn about the game. If you wish to deposit in the future, you will still receive a 100% match bonus. I am a big fan of 888 and spent most of my casual games there last year. I strongly recommend that you come to the CasinoSlots website

Poker Online Brasileiros - No 2 - Titan Bet Poker (iPoker Network)

Titan Bet Poker is the same site used to be called Titan Poker in other parts of the world. You will have access to the same software and games as Titan Poker players-these games will be grouped into a common backend system shared with the rest of the iPoker network. In the past, Titan had a reputation for being relaxed. Although the army of grinders in Eastern Europe gradually suppressed the game with smaller purchases, Titan was known for its ease (compared to Poker Stars). Most members of the iPoker network are composed of major sports betting brands and provide a portal for users who stop playing poker after betting. This is the secret of why Titan bet games can still be profitable. The game has a wide range of choices, with many available changes and a busy game schedule. The exception is that most games are denominated in Euros and some are in British Pounds. Here you can find the famous Jackpot sit Go, Twisters (lottery sit Goes) and Speed ​​Holden poker tournaments. Titan Bet offers one of the biggest bonuses of all legal poker sites: they double your first deposit. Therefore, if you invest $50.00, in addition to that investment, you will also receive a bonus of $100.00. In addition to this bonus, I also provided Titan Bet with a special discount for SNG Planet readers-when you sign up using the SNGPLANET bonus code, in addition to your first deposit, you can also get $20 for free. This amount will be deposited into your player account within 48 hours (usually before this)

This site knows how to treat ordinary players better than anyone. You will have a regular loyalty program and an additional goal based on the "Titanium Treasures" program. Sign Titan Poker yourself at

Online Poker Brazilians - No 3 - PokerStars

Some readers may be surprised to find the third largest poker room on my list. Of course, this is a great room with first-class software, as well as the largest and best tournaments and cash games. The reason it ranks third is because absolutely all professional online poker players play here. The huge number of games and generous points rewards mean that in fact, everyone who decides to make a living from the game will eventually go to PokerStars. Unless you are inexperienced, there are still reasons to play games here, and there are enough casual players to make your games profitable. Major tournament events (Sunday Millions, Online Poker World Championship, EPT Qualifications, etc.) are undoubtedly the reasons for participating in the tournament. You can find prizes for small purchases ($10.00 to $30.00), starting at $100,000.00, and almost all variants of playing poker there in one way or another. I think the more entertainment venues, the better.

At PokerStars, you can enter the small betting game, and more than half of your opponents can become small betting experts with tracking software. This does destroy the mood of the game, except to reduce their profits (in addition to looking for vulnerable players).

Nevertheless, it is best to play "Million Sunday" at least once in your life! You can get up to 3 welcome bonuses for "First Deposit" at PokerStars. Use the marketing code PSP3108 to register your account, and then use the bonus code STARS600 to make the first three deposits (valid for 90 days, up to $600.00) to give your funds the best start. Now check it yourself at

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