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Opdateret: 30. sept. 2020

Blackjack rules

All players are assigned 2 cards (called: single hand) and 1 card from the bank. After that, the player has the opportunity to make one or more of the following choices:

Standing-the player chooses to continue the game with the first two cards dealt without taking any further measures

Take a card-the player chooses to try to improve his hand by taking another card

Split-If the player has two cards of equal value, he/she can choose to split the two cards into two hands. This can be done by placing an additional bet on the original bet. Then, the player will receive a new second card and can choose again

Double-see "Any Double" section

Blackjack rule

Once all players have a chance to make a choice, the dealer will withdraw money from the bank. This is done according to established rules: if the number of bank cards in the bank is less than or equal to 16, then another card is withdrawn. If the bank has 17 or more, the card will not be withdrawn. Then, the winning bet is paid out at 1:1, the losing bet is cancelled, and all blackjack combinations (consisting of Ace and 10 or Aces and the first two picture cards) are paid out at 3:2.

For hands with the same total number as the dealer's hands, the bet will be returned to the player.

Blazing 777

Blazing 777 is a jackpot that can be played as a secondary bet on our blackjack table. The size of the jackpot depends on how many 7s you get and their composition.

Big jackpot-3 consecutive 7s

Small jackpot-three 7 in the same suit The current size of the jackpot can be seen through the display on the two blackjack tables. In addition to the jackpot, there are three other combinations that guarantee you a winning side bet on Blazing 777

Third 7th - 250: 1

7s on the first two cards - 25: 1

One 7s on the first two cards - 2: 1


After the first hand of cards is over (all players have received two cards, the dealer has one card), the player can choose to "surrender" before more cards are dealt. The dealer asks if anyone wants to "surrender" before the game continues.

The player must decide whether he/she wants to "surrender". If the player wants to "surrender", he must clearly inform the dealer.

If there are several players in the box, everyone can "surrender" independently.

If the player who "owns" the box wants to "surrender", the player behind will become the owner of the box in the given hand. If the player wants to "surrender", the dealer will bet half of the bet and the player keeps the last half.

If everyone in the box wants to "surrender", the card will be deleted. When everyone has a chance to "surrender", the dealer will announce that "surrender is closed" and the game continues.

Any double

After the first two cards are dealt (all players receive two cards and the dealer draws one card), the player can double the bet.

If the player who "owns" the box wants to double, it means that all players in the same box also have a chance to double. If the box "owner" does not want to double, it means that no one else on the same box can double.

If the player doubles, the dealer will check if the chips are in the box next to the original bet and if the amount is exactly the same.

If you want to double, you will only get one card. If the card is A, it applies to 1 or 11, but the total score does not exceed 21.

Perfect couple

While betting on blackjack, put 10 DKK and 500 DKK in the box in front of you to win up to 24 times the bet. If the first two cards you receive are a pair, you win! All bets must be made before the first card is dealt, and you can only place one bet in each perfect pair of blackjack betting. Mixed pair-one pair pays at a ratio of 6:1 Color pair-the ratio of a pair of the same color is 12:1 Perfect Pair-A pair that pays the same color and character at a ratio of 24:1

Super Sevens

While betting on blackjack, put 10 DKK in the box in front of you and win an extra 50,000 DKK in the Super Seven. If the first card you receive is 7, you have won! The more money you receive, the more money you will win! You can split a pair of sevens, and if it is a seven, you can still get a bonus on the third card. All bets must be made before the first card is dealt, and you can only bet once in each Super Colorful Box of Blackjack bets. Only the highest bonus is paid.

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