Blackjack in real money for Balkans

Discover the best casino to play blackjack online. The casinos on this list are five-star casinos and they are the preferred destination for online blackjack players due to images, payouts, gaming table limits, etc.

The best casino for real money

There is no casino game as popular as blackjack. Sharing the stage with roulette and slot machines, blackjack for real money is a favorite game for most Croatian casino players. The rules are very simple and easy to learn, the game is fast, and if you are lucky, you can make a lot of money. So blackjack has everything a board game should have.

Like most other games, blackjack begins to live in physical facilities. Over the years, although the rules of the game have not changed much, he has been very popular among Croatian players.

Therefore, real money Blackjack is one of the first games from traditional casinos to online peer-to-peer games for players in Croatia and around the world. This is what players want, and the casino is happy to deliver it to them.

Blackjack rules

As mentioned in the introduction, blackjack is essentially a very simple game. The goal is to make the sum of card values ​​not exceed 21. If your sum is less than 21 but greater than the divisor, you win, otherwise you lose.

Usually packs containing 6 to 8 standard decks (52 cards in total) are used to play on the table of 6 to 8 players. In the beginning, the dealer puts a card face-up on each player and takes a card for himself, usually face-down. Then, all players deal face up to another card, and the dealer also faces up to take out another card.

The card values ​​in blackjack are as follows: A-1 or 11 (always agree with players) All picture cards (K, Q, J)-10 Other cards (10 cards and below)-their face value. Therefore, the goal of the game is to have better hands than the dealer, but not more than 21 cards combined. Based on their two cards and the dealer's card, each player has two basic choices (as well as some other choices), which we will explain later).

Hit-you get another card Standing-The player stops at a given position and does not take a new card. After receiving another card, the player is again given the option to draw or stop. This continues until the player reaches 21 or crosses the intersection, ie until he loses.

Blackjack real money: payment and special rules

After all players have withdrawn the cards, the dealer will issue his or her second card. Blackjack dealers are restricted in their choices. If their total amount is less than 17, they must grab another card. If he turns 17 years old, no matter what the players have, they must stop. If the dealer fails (more than 21), any player with an active hand (excluding himself) will be paid 1:1. If the dealer fails, compare his hand with all players. Players with a total amount higher than the dealer will win 1:1, while players with a lower total amount will lose the bet, and players with the same total amount will not win back the deposit.

Get blackjack

Although the game is sometimes called "21", there is a reason why blackjack is called blackjack. In the past, in order to encourage players to try new games, the casino awarded special jackpots to those who received Blackjack A and other blackjack rewards. In modern real money blackjack games, your first two cards should be A cards, and any cards worth 10. When this happens, it is said that the player has blackjack and immediately pays in a 3:2 ratio. In this case, the dealer's hand does not matter, because the payment is made immediately after the display of blackjack.

Map in blackjack isolated

We mentioned that there are some special rules that players of real money blackjack should know, and now we will introduce them. One of such rules is related to card splitting.

That is, when players are dealt two cards of the same value (pair), they are sometimes allowed to deal cards. For example, if you get two ace or two 5s, you can separate them. When he does this, the player will place an additional bet of equal value on the other hand and draw cards for both hands.

The only exception to this rule is when you split A, because this way, you can only get one extra card per hand. In some blackjack games, players can split more than once, so if you split 10s and get another 10s, you may be able to split that hand again. However, in most online blackjack tables, separate split rules apply.


In some cases, players are allowed to invest real money in blackjack. This means you can double your bet before the next card. If the total number of the first two cards is 11, 10, or 9, players are usually allowed to double, although some changes will also double your other amounts. When the player doubles, they will match the initial bet (so if they bet 5 euros, they will add another 5 euros) and will receive another card. After doubling, you will not be able to draw more cards, so no matter what the total amount you get after doubling, this is the final result.

Bet safe on blackjack

In some game variants, players are allowed to purchase so-called safe bets. This situation occurs when the dealer's A card is opened, indicating that there may be blackjack. Players who wish to use blackjack to protect their hands will need to place a special bet that is half the original bet. If the dealer does have blackjack, the insurance odds are 2 to 1. Otherwise, the safe bet will be lost and the hand will continue to play normally.

Blackjack real money changes

Although all blackjack games have almost the same basic rules, there are many variations of special rules. In this section, we will describe some of the most common variants that can be found in online casinos and live casinos.

- Two blackjacks-both cards are dealt face up, giving players more information. On the other hand, the payment of blackjack is equal, even if the score is a tie, the player will lose money.

- Vegas Strip-The dealer must check the blackjack immediately before the player starts playing. Regardless of the total score of the first two cards, the player can double and can split up to three times. It is allowed to repeat after separation.

- European Blackjack-This change uses only four decks, if the dealer shows an A, the player can buy insurance.

- Atlantic City (AC) Blackjack-The gameplay is very similar to the Las Vegas Strip.

- Double Attack Blackjack-In this variant, blackjack pays the same amount, but players can increase The initial bet after the dealer made the first card.

- Blackjack surrender-Players can give up their hands after seeing the first two cards and the dealer's cards at half the cost of the initial bet.

- Perfect Pair-This is a variation of blackjack real money, basically the rule of blackjack in Europe, but if the player's first two cards have the same rank, they are allowed to put their bets aside and win extra Money (matching)). Vegas Style (or 21st Century) Blackjack-In -Vegas Style Blackjack, if the deal fails, the player does not necessarily lose, provided that the dealer also has a higher score body.

These are only a part of the online casino blackjack that Croatian players can use. In addition to the very popular games, there are more variants that follow the same basic rules, but add some special adjustments to the game and/or betting.

Real money real dealer blackjack

Blackjack began to live in the physical casino, and successfully moved to the Internet field. However, for many players, the game is different when playing on a computer with virtually generated cards. To improve this, online casinos have found a solution in which there are live dealers on the blackjack table.

These days, players from Croatia can use various online casinos in Croatia. These casinos provide virtual gaming tables together with live dealers. These actions occur in real time. The real live dealers draw from the real blackjack. Hand out live cards. For true blackjack game fans, this does bring a new experience, because not only does the game look more realistic, but also a dialogue with the dealer, so you will be happy when playing.

Different casinos offer different real-time blackjack and different types of bets, so everyone can find something for themselves. Whether you are entertaining or leisure, or a top player, and want to make a big bet, finding the right table for you is not a problem.

Tips and tricks for making money with coins

As already mentioned in the article, blackjack is one of those games where your decision really works. Whether you choose to hit or stand, double or split, it will eventually have an impact. The whole set of rules about playing blackjack correctly with real money is called the basic strategy of blackjack. Before you sit down and start playing, you must study carefully.

Although this strategy is too rich to be introduced in this article, we provide you with some basic tips and tricks for blackjack, which can definitely help you win more and reduce the pain of loss.

- Never split 10s (actually 10s and face card)-although it may seem tempting, splitting 10s is basically not a good idea. With an overall score of 20, you can almost certainly win, and splitting your arms will indeed ruin the chance.

- Always separate A-Separating A will increase your winning rate, it is always a good habit to separate them to maximize your potential profit.

- All split 8ice

- Never buy insurance-in blackjack, insurance is usually considered a "sucker bet". Although this may seem like a good idea sometimes, it actually reduces your overall profit, so please always avoid it.

- The actions of other players have no effect on you-the myth is that many blackjack players believe that what other players do on the table will somehow exacerbate your chances. Indeed, the actions of other players have no effect on you.

- Unless the dealer's card is As, always increase the multiple to 11. If your total is 12-16, and the dealer displays cards between 2 and 6, please always stand.

Although there are more basic blackjack strategies, if you are new to the game, these tips and tricks should be enough to significantly improve your score. Keep it up and everything will be fine.

Frequently asked questions

Can I expect to win when playing blackjack real money?

Blackjack is a game with an inseparable advantage in casinos, so players can no longer expect to win in the long run. However, if you play according to the basic strategy, it may seriously reduce the advantage of the house.

Where can I find online real money blackjack games?

Croatian players can use various online casinos to provide real money blackjack games. This also applies to electronic tables and live dealer blackjack games.

How much has the real currency changed?

Online and live casinos around the world offer at least dozens of blackjack variants. This article briefly introduces some of the most popular products.

There is no mention of card counting in the text. why?

Although card counting may be a legitimate strategy in live casinos that don't require much attention, it cannot work in online casinos. At the beginning of each hand, the electronic table will disrupt the virtual deck, and the dealer will actually disrupt the deck too often at the live table, so that the point card is invalid.

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