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How to play blackjack

Introduction to Blackjack

Blackjack is one of the most popular casino games. Due to its long history, the reputation of its original game "Blackjack" has been increasing for more than 500 years. The game is spread all over the world, making Blackjack in the US and Europe particularly famous among all its variants.

To play Blackjack on CasinoSlots, you must use at least a 52-card French deck and discard the Joker. In casinos, the cards used usually contain 6 complete cards, but this number depends on the regulations of the casino or the gaming venue used.

Game purpose

As happened in blackjack, the player in blackjack, in its individual form, tries to gain the game by adding 21 points or defects in order to get close to the possible things without the blackjack, so as to obtain the bank.

Each player who participates in the game of blackjack will receive two cards with added value. When the player believes that his initial gameplay may be increased to close to 21:00, he can request additional cards from the dealer. Until you get 21 fair points or decide to stand.

When the total score is greater than 21 points, the playback is canceled. For its part, the World Bank also received two cards and defended it by planting or requesting cards at any time in accordance with established guidelines. If your total score does not exceed 16 points, you need to request a card; if you score more than 16 points, you must stand.

In addition to being the name of the game, blackjack is also the name to get the best play: when the two initial cards add up to blackjack. To win the bank, the player must have a better score than this, if they are the same, they will be tied, if the score is lower, he will lose.

The value of blackjack cards

The cards in the deck have certain values ​​that can be used to try to increase the best gameplay. In blackjack, all cards with numbers (J, Q, and K) on the front have the same value, which is 10 points. Ace is unique in that the player can choose a variable value and can choose 1 or 11 points. The remaining cards in the deck have the same values ​​as shown previously.

Game mechanics

Tables, seats and co-hosts

In order to play blackjack, there is a table specially designed for this, which defines the game area for each participant, the bench, and points out the basic rules of the game.

The table is shaped like a fan, where the curved area is reserved for the player and the straight area is reserved for the dealer, who will be responsible for managing the development of the hand and representing the bank. Up to 7 players can participate in the blackjack table at the same time.

Betting round

When a player starts a blackjack game, he must bet to place a bet, and the amount to start must be between the minimum and maximum limits determined by the online casino. Normally, in the same casino, blackjack tables have different restrictions, so various players can participate. The initial bet is made by depositing casino chips corresponding to the required amount in the table area corresponding to each player.

Card Deal

When the dealer closes the betting round and assigns two cards (one at a time and shows their value) to each player who bets on CasinoSlots for the first time, the next stage of the hand begins and the bank receives only one card. The distribution of cards is started in a clockwise direction, and from that player, the player is closer to his left. Before the game continues, only when the bank receives the A card can the player ensure that the game can continue normally under other circumstances.


This is a game where the hand betting on the bank will receive blackjack with its second card, which will be 10 points. The maximum amount of insurance bet will be half of the initial bet. If you win 2 to 1, you will be paid. Insurance is completely optional.

The player's turn.

At this point, it is the players who act in the same order as the cards were dealt. In each player's turn, he can choose three actions: separate (only if the two initial cards have the same value), request a card or stand.

Split or separate

In the case of having two cards of the same value, players can choose to break up and continue to play two instead of one. When performing this operation, you must bet the same amount on the novice to get the second card on each individual card. If you receive the same new card as the first one, you can re-divide the maximum number, which is determined by the online casino Once you have two cards in separate hands, each of them will be played independently, and once each time.

When a zone with a pair of aces is played, the player will get a second card for each game, but may not require more cards with both hands, thus ending the round. If you can use two cards separated by two hands plus 21 points, it will not be treated as blackjack at the time of payment

Request letter

When players think they can improve their initial gameplay, they can add more cards. The value of the added card will gradually increase to the previous card, until you decide not to request any more cards, get 21 points or more and cancel your game.


If the player's game is not cancelled, he can close his round at any time. It can be planted with your initials or after you have requested the letter. When planting, the score obtained will be the score facing the World Bank score.

Double or double bet

At the beginning of the round, if the player thinks that a request for a card can be improved, he can choose to double his initial bet. As a result, you will not be able to request more cards, and you will have to endure the results obtained. If your game adds 21 points, it will be cancelled in other cases.

Dealer's turn

Once all players' shifts are over, and if there are remaining valid gameplays (not cancelled), the bank will play through the dealer. If there are no remaining active players, they will continue to draw a second card to decide whether to bet on insurance, and then bet to start a new card. To be effective, the bank will receive a second card and act according to the established rules based on the total amount. Always ask that the total points of a card be equal to or less than 16 points, or the total points be equal to or greater than 17 points. If your total number of outs exceeds 21 points, you will be cancelled as if you were another player.

After the bank completes the game, it continues to compare its hand with the player's hand.

Prize Distribution

The first prizes to be distributed are those corresponding to insurance. If the bank wins blackjack, those who bet on insurance will win a 2 to 1 bet. Otherwise they lose the bet. Then, we compare the game between the bank and each participant. If the bank's hand is invalid, all active players will win the bet. The bank's hand wins all those players with fewer hands than their points so that the dealer can bet.

On the other hand, the dealer will pay the money of the player who is higher than the game, and that player will win the same amount as they bet, unless they win by blackjack (two initial cards add 21 points), at In this case, the bet will be paid in a ratio of 3 to 2

Players tied to the bank will bet.

After paying and collecting the bets, the dealer will pick up the table and start a new hand.

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