Blackjack Argentine player rules.

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BlackJack's rules are very simple, which is why it is so popular (at least in the US). Although the rules vary between casinos and even between gaming tables, basically the game is like this

Before playing:

BlackJack plays games on a semi-circular table, the dealer (dealer) has positions, and the player has 5 or 7 positions. The payment rules for "BlackJack" (A and X) and "Insurance" ("Insurance" in English) are written on the cloth on each form. Similarly, in many casinos, there is a sign next to the dealer, which has some more specific rules, which you can check on CasinoSlots.


Value: In simple words, whoever does not approach and approaches "21" will win the game; if you are an Argentine, you may remember the 90's show, Nicolas Repeto (Nicolas Repeto) played "seven One in one"; BlackJack is very similar. In this game you have to fight against the casino. Unlike poker, the behavior of other participants does not matter, because they will not affect their game (at least not directly affect the game). The dealer deals two cards for each player and one for himself. The letters are visible to everyone.

Each card has a value, and play without using wildcards: -From 2 to 10, each card is worth money (3 worth three, and so on) -J, Q and K (number) are also worth ten (mean ten) -A can be worth one or eleven Using these letters, you should be close to the value of 21, remember, don't pass!

Your turn: If you are not close enough to 21, you can ask for more cards. For example, if you have 2 and 3, you need to add "5", this number has far exceeded 21. That's why you must ask for another letter Assuming that the third card you received is "AS", now you have 2 + 3 + 1 = 6 or 2 + 3 + 11 = 16, because the A values ​​are 1 and 11, respectively. If you plant it at this time, your hand is "16" (compared to "6", it is the most advantageous).

However, suppose you request another card, which is 6. Now you will have: 2 + 3 + 1 + 6 = 12 or 2 + 3 + 11 + 6 = 22, but since the value of A is 11, it starts from 21. (So ​​lose), the value of A is 1, so now your hand is "12" Now, the "problem" begins, because if you request another card and it is 10, you add 22 and automatically lose money! However, if you hit 9 points or less, you will approach 21 points and improve your hand.

This decision is always yours.

Dealer round: Once you "put down" (all players at the table have planted), it is time for the dealer. He must also reach 21 instead of crossing, but it must be special, and he can only plant when his score increases to between 17 and 21 (inclusive). Therefore, if the dealer touches 7 and 9, "16" is added, but it cannot be planted (you can do this). Therefore, you are forced to request another card. If the card is 6 or higher, the house loses and you win! (Of course, unless you have also passed the age of 21)

More rules !:

So far, you can say that you can already play BlackJack, but there are more rules that can benefit you: As mentioned in the previous paragraph, when it’s your turn, you can “plant” or “request another card”, let us study in detail and learn English terminology as they will help you to play online games on CasinoSlots later in the exercise

Standing (standing): This means that you keep the card and the value you have gained so far. Please remember that once planting, you must wait for the completion of your hand before requesting more cards.

Inquiry (click): The dealer will give you another card, you can inquire as much as you want (always no more than 21 cards) Double betting: If you think you have a good hand, you can double your bet (equalizing the other amount to the bet for the next bet), and then ask for another bet and win only one.

Open or separate (split): only if you have two cards of the same value, for example, two "A", two "five" or two numbers (remember, 10, J, Q and K is worth a look: ten). In this case, you can separate the two cards. In the other card, you must be the same as the initial bet, so you have to place two bets. Now, you should play them as two separate hands at the same time. Therefore, if you separate the two "five players", you will play the game with two hands, each with "five". You can win or lose, and you can even win one and lose the other. Please choose carefully

Insurance: (available in some casinos) When the dealer encounters "AS", you can pay "insurance" if the next card issued to the dealer is "10" (or J, Q, K ), then, the dealer has BlackJack, you usually bet 2:1.

Surrender (surrender): (available in some casinos) In this case, if your hand is very bad, you can surrender and lose only half of the initial bet.

BlackJack (BlackJack): Actually, owning BlackJack is not a decision. If you own Ace and "10" or "number", you have BlackJack. If the dealer does not have BlackJack, you will win a 3:2 bet. If you play in an American casino, when you leave BlackJack to the player, you will hear a phrase "winner, chicken dinner", which is an interesting detail.

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