Blackjack rules for Denmark's players

Opdateret: 30. sept. 2020

The simplicity of the blackjack game is to hit 21, or get as close as possible to 21, and not pass, because you subsequently "bankrupt" (fail). You play against the dealer in the casino, regardless of other players on the table. The casino must draw cards until they reach a minimum of 17; if they are between 17-21, they must stop and no more cards can be drawn. Depending on the type of blackjack game you play, the rules may be different, but this is the classic blackjack rule.

Card values:

- ace value = 1 or 11

- Picture card and value of 10 = 10

2 to 10 = their value shown on the map

Blackjack is a hand that combines ES (11) and the number 10 (or picture card) to get 21. If blackjack is played on the first two cards, then this will defeat the dealer who might use 3 cards to make 21 cards.

Choices after receiving the card

Now that you have received your card, it is your turn to find out what you want to do (if you don’t have blackjack). Below we describe the different selection options and their English concepts.


If you choose to stand up, then you will stop using the value of your card and wait to see if you can beat the dealer (casino). You will not receive any more cards.

Punch/draw card

You want the card issuer to issue a card, try and increase the value of your card to make it close to 21. If you are lucky, you may encounter blackjack. However, there is also a possibility/risk that you will stop a car over the age of 21, "fall down" and get lost.*

Split/split your card

If you receive two cards of the same value, then you can choose to split them and play on two cards separately. This means you have a chance to win two victories in the game round. However, it is worth considering which card to choose, as this is not always an advantage! Learn more about this in our blackjack strategy page.


In a regular blackjack game, if you get 9, 10, or 11, your bet can be doubled and you get an extra card. After you receive the additional cards, you will automatically stand and cannot get any more cards.


If the dealer shows ES as his undisclosed card, it gives the dealer a greater chance to make blackjack. Then, most casinos will suggest that you can buy insurance from them. If you accept the offer, it will cost you half of your deposit/bet. If the dealer performs blackjack, you will get the repayment at a ratio of 2:1, so you will eventually get the original deposit again. If the dealer does not hit blackjack, you will lose the insurance you purchased and will play the cards as usual.


After receiving your first two cards, some casinos have proposed that you surrender. Like insurance, this only accounts for half of your deposit/bet-but remember, you can only do this before you play, once you play another card, it's too late!

This is how you get paid when you win blackjack

Now you have understood the different card values ​​and the different options available after receiving the two cards from the card issuer. Finally, it is the dealer's turn to surrender his/her closed card and may draw the card until he/she hits the 17 that must be stopped. Hopefully, if you are lucky, make the dealer's 21 years old and go bankrupt, or make it worth less than the card you own. The bonus payment method is as follows:

-The winning hand (higher value than the dealer) returns money at a payout ratio of 1:2 (your bet is doubled)

-Blackjack x 2.5-Lose again. Did you not get blackjack from the first two cards, but by drawing more cards, the dealer flips the blackjack on his two cards, and you lose. vice versa.

-Push type-This means that you and the dealer both get the same card value, so there is no winner, and your bet comes back.

Now you have understood the rules of blackjack use the strategy table to optimize your game You have understood the blackjack rules and are ready to try them. We recommend that you try the blackjack rules of the free blackjack game before you start playing real money games online. Then, it's a good idea to read our blackjack strategy guide (timeline)-here you can learn to become a better blackjack player and how to use different options in the game.

Finally, we again recommend that you use good casino bonuses. If you are lucky, you want to make a profit in a longer period of time, which will bring you great benefits. The casino sites we recommend on this page are all under the control of the Danish gaming authority, which is your guarantee of good support, tax-free bonuses, etc.

Good luck at the blackjack table!

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