Chances of winning in German casinos

Opdateret: 30. juni 2020

Online slot machines pay much more than the so-called one-armed gangsters in the game library. Is it really? If yes, why? Many online casinos particularly emphasize their high payment rates. Most online slot machines have a payout ratio between 91% and 98%, so the odds may vary significantly between slot machines.

Average spending ratio of German casinos

The payout ratio shows how much the player once again earns from their earnings as profits. For example, the odds of 97% means that if you bet 100 Euros on this slot machine, you will again be paid an average of 97 Euros to the player. The difference still exists in the casino. In this case, the term "house edge" is used for card games and other table games. Overall, these expenditure rates are significantly higher than similar arcades, the ratio of the latter is only 60-65%. Taxes, rents and personnel costs mean that traditional casinos and game libraries are actually much more expensive than virtual competitors, who are usually outside Germany.

The average payment rate of online casinos far exceeds 90%, which is significantly better than traditional casinos in terms of winning chances.

Since 2006, Germany has not had any statutory minimum arcades. (Previously, the limit was at least 60%). Instead, lawmakers set the average loss per hour at 33 euros. The maximum loss per hour must not exceed the limit of 80 Euros. At the same time, the maximum profit per hour is also capped at 500 euros. Make sure that the player can't bet more than €0.20 per second. TÜV regularly checks compliance with these regulations

Things to be aware of when using in German casinos

Today, most online casinos are located on small islands within the European Union, and one of the most famous regions is of course Malta. Especially since Britain’s decision to withdraw from the EU, as Gibraltar became less important (even if it used to be an important center for online gambling).

However, what this means for players from German-speaking countries is that sometimes the applicable legal requirements are different from the legal requirements that may be applicable in Germany. In this article, we will show you what you need to pay attention to when registering in an online casino. Of course, perhaps the most important thing is that you always read beautiful text. This is true when registering at an online casino and when collecting bonuses.

For technical terms from the casino world, please use our Casino Wiki page

1. Betting requirements

Especially with a welcome welcome bonus (see below)-and other promotions-you can choose to double or triple your deposit to a certain value through the online casino CasinoSlots. However, keep in mind that these casino subsidies almost always carry certain conditions. One number you need to pay attention to is the betting requirement. These are usually 45 times, but can also be higher. What this means is how often you must bet the corresponding amount to debit the money you won.

First, it is understandable that such sales conditions exist. Otherwise, you can eventually register in 20 different online casinos, receive the welcome bonus, use it once, and then deduct it again. Any casino that provides such services will surely go bankrupt quickly. However, the following also applies: you should know how much bonus you must set up in order to withdraw the winning bonus. Because in this case, the "maximum €1,000.00" bonus quickly becomes €45,000.00, and you must use it in the casino. And, if you are not a wealthy Hawker away, it may be a little difficult for one person or another.

2. Betting or winning amount

Sometimes, the maximum bet you can earn with the bonus is limited by the terms of use. Although this is not a bad thing, it should also be considered before you decide to register in the casino and collect the bonus there.

3. Payout of winnings

This is one of the most important points that should be considered. Because it sounds incredible at first, it can actually be determined based on use and should be avoided if possible. Some casinos grant the right to limit the amount of jackpot paid. It says: "If you win more than one million, we reserve the right to pay in installments within 10 years." Of course, the period and the statement are different.

However, we strongly recommend that you do not accept this proposal. Who knows whether the company will still be on the market after 10 years. This is also your victory, you should be able to accomplish what you want as soon as possible after the victory.

At CasinoSlots, what is important to us is that the terms and conditions are fair to players. However, we cannot check all the terms and conditions of each online casino every day. Therefore, it is important that you always read the terms and conditions of the online casino you want to register to ensure everything is in order.

In this way, you can accurately understand the structure of each regulation and the content to be studied.

Casino bonuses in German casinos

Passion for online casinos without bonuses is why we always offer casino bonuses to German players. We ensure that you can make safe and reliable decisions when choosing an online casino.

Most casinos provide you with generous games. With these games, you can learn more about the casino. Therefore, your first deposit is usually double or even triple. There are also free spins or other bonuses and gifts. Therefore, you can safely choose your own casino.

However, these popular bonuses come with a small warning: in general, you must bet a certain number of times on the received bonus before you can withdraw any bonus from it. On the contrary, it means that you have to play a little before you can really benefit from the welcome bonus.

On CasinoSlots you can easily find the best welcome bonuses and choose the best online casino for you.

Always make sure that certain slot machine games can be excluded from bonus betting requirements, that is, they cannot be played with bonuses. Most importantly, as long as you are playing bonuses, do not exceed the maximum allowed per spin. Otherwise the casino can confiscate any winnings. The maximum bet amount is described in the bonus terms, usually between 4 Euros or 10 Euros per bet.

The bonus offer also gives you the opportunity to contact the casino. Is the design of the bonus system as simple as possible for you? Are the support staff friendly and helpful? If you are concerned about your long-term membership in an online casino, then these and other issues are important.

Please also note that many welcome bonus offers are not compatible with all deposit methods. For example, many casinos usually do not provide any welcome bonuses for Neteller and Skrill deposits (sometimes Paysafecards are not provided). Reading the bonus terms-details-is always better than disappointment later. It is not necessary to use every bonus in the casino. Take some time, if you want to bet actively, please choose the highest casino bonus, or the best casino bonus waiting for your personal budget.

You can also find different types of offers in online casinos. Please pay attention to the supply page to find more information about promotions that are particularly important to you. Please note when the next slot tournament will start, plan to use free spins when introducing new games, or spend a lot of money on the next offer applicable to your preferred deposit method.

Almost all online casinos offer ever-changing bonus promotions. To get the best bonus and always stay up to date, you should subscribe to casino news via email or SMS. This is especially important if you plan to play games in a specific casino as a specific customer. Many casinos only invite existing good customers to participate in their bonus promotions, and only the recipient of such email or SMS can receive the required bonus code. Therefore, if you unsubscribe from the casino news of your favorite casino, you can give up numerous bonus offers and free spins!

Another way to get extra bonuses even after receiving the welcome bonus is to search the casino website CasinoSlots. Reward offers are usually listed under "Promotions", "Offers" or "Promotions" on the corresponding casino homepage. Please note that you will only receive the welcome bonus once. But all other bonuses can be used as customers. Some bonuses are related to specific days of the week, for example, they are only available on Tuesday or Friday. Why do you want to deposit on Thursday, and Friday can get 20 free spins of the same amount on Friday?

Therefore, if you like to play bonus games, then before each deposit, it is necessary to check the current offer and check whether there is a message from the casino in the email or SMS inbox

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