Comparison of online poker apps and websites: bonuses, rankings, tips...

There are numerous advertisements on online poker sites on TV or on the street. In this article, we will detail the advantages, bonuses and offers of the 5 largest websites in the industry, while also providing you with tips and knowledge to maximize your chances of winning!

In this extensive overview of online poker, you will first find the rankings of the best poker sites and apps, and then make detailed reviews for every major player in the industry. Then, we will see what are the advantages of online poker, priority, and then the level of hand poker, a summary of the different changes in the game, ending with ten tips for beginners and ten other tips for advanced players... . And as a conclusion, the poker vocabulary...

Our views on major players in the industry:

N°1 – PokerStars

►Bonus: Double your first deposit, up to 500 Euros or 15 Euros in cash

PokerStars is the largest poker website in the world. There is no complicated formula for the welcome bonus: no matter how much you deposit, you are entitled to a bonus of 15 euros. To use this bonus, you need to make the first deposit and use the code 15KDO. However, there is another form of bonus, the code is BONUS500, which can double your deposit up to 500 Euros. To win this extra 500 euros, you must play and earn redeem points. It's a bit complicated, but good players will find a way. . Please note that you only have 90 days to collect your dues!

The large PokerStars community guarantees fast matches and games-no matter day or night, you don't need to wait long! PokerStars also hosts some very famous live tournaments and they can be invited to participate by postponing one of the many qualified tournaments offered this week.

In addition to the classic Texas Hold'em game, the Omaha game is also part of it. This is a stylish variant with only 4 cards in the hand instead of 2. You must make the best combination of 2 cards and 3 of 5 communities. For those in a hurry, Zoom is a high-speed game: very suitable for short-distance transportation. After discarding the cards, you will be transferred to a new table with new cards. Faced with a variety of different desktops and games, PokerStars provides a very simple filter system that can immediately find the game you need. Like its main competitors, PokerStars also allows you to play on multiple tables simultaneously under Windows, Android and iOS. Finally, you can even start the game before verifying your account.


►Bonus: double your first deposit, up to €500 + 2 match tickets

Unibet is famous for its betting site and also provides poker services. If you are already a customer, you do not need to register again! Otherwise, please note that Unibet will provide you with a bonus of up to 500 Euros and 2 freeroll entries. If you deposit 100 Euros, you will receive an additional reward of 100 Euros, with a maximum limit of 500 Euros. The two tournaments are the Gazelle Free Tournament (€4000 prize pool) and the Horse Free Tournament (€2500 prize pool). All of this can be combined with a 20 Euro horse racing bet and a 100 Euro free sports bet (If you lose, Unibet will give you free betting money...). Unibet Poker France provides software for Windows, and of course mobile apps for iOS and Android. Moreover, due to cash games, free poker, frequent tournaments and free matches, the site cannot completely solve the poker problem.

Like many competitors, Unibet offers Texas Hold'em, but it also offers Omaha, which is a 4-card hand variant. Like in Texas Hold'em, there are 5 community cards, but you must make the best combination of your two hole cards and three community cards. A variant attempt. French Unibet Poker also offers interesting Sit&Go's. For example, Hexapro is a 3-player Texas Hold'em game where you can win up to 1000 times the starting bet. The application provides a "multi-table tennis" function for those who want to play multiple games at once. If you want to play poker, but you may be interested in sports betting or horse racing, then Unibet Poker France is your best choice.

N°3 – Betclic

►Bonus: Double your first deposit, up to €500 + 7 game tickets

Betclic Poker is an online gaming website well known to professionals. It offers turf, online gambling, and of course a well-designed "poker" part. You can use a browser, software or mobile application to connect. As for the signing bonus, this is a classic, the first deposit doubled to 500 euros, there are 4 match tickets (500 euro bonus) and 3 "Twister" freerolls. This is a three-person "turbo" instant tournament. Ideal for games with less than 10 minutes, you only need to choose a buy-in and let the chance determine the prize pool. You can get up to 1,000 times your principal and the maximum limit is 100,000 Euros.

Even more powerful is that all prize pools higher than 1000€ will be divided among 3 players! Betclic Poker is also a membership program based on the "cashback" (or "Rakeback") model. You can earn 8 loyalty points for every euro you earn in commission. By playing often, you can accumulate points and improve your level. For example, at the Pro 1 level, you will get a reward of €7 for every 500 points per month, and you can also enjoy a VIP free game of €2000 per month. Of course, playing games regularly will bring benefits.

Regarding tournaments, with Turbo, re-entry (return in the event of elimination), multiple entries (multiple registrations for a tournament), KO (a bonus that will be earned each time a player is eliminated), satellite tournaments ( Winning the game) has a lot to do with tickets to paid games), deep stacks (with a large starting stack), etc. Betclic is undoubtedly the site of choice for beginners, and also recognized as the site of choice for players.

N°4 – Bwin Poker

►Bonus: double your first deposit, up to 100 euros

Bwin Poker is a poker room for practicing "cashback". This is a loyalty program, even if you lose, you can collect points in the game! At Bwin, the 1 Euro commission we generate for you gives you 1 point. 100 points can earn 10 Euros, 500 Euros = 75 Euros, 1000 Euros = 2000 Euros. What to rescue from a long distance! Players who gamble regularly can also limit their losses on bad days. Not to mention earning at least 1 point every day, you can try to win rewards (reward cards): cash, bonus or free tickets in a special format.

Because Bwin also provides a format called Bounty Hunter, if you manage to eliminate a specific player, you can earn cash rewards. To enter the game, you will need to pay between 2 and 50 Euros, but nothing prevents you from trying to use "cashback" to win the lottery. Like its competitors, Bwin provides ultra-fast games for poker and also provides poker features for Fastpoker. If you fold, Fastpoker allows you to immediately replace the table with a new card. No downtime! Finally, the interface is simple but practical: practical filters, multiple tables, in-game chat. Everything is there.

N°5 – Party Poker

►Bonus: 40€ match ticket

PartyPoker is not the largest site we chose, so it must provide some innovations in bonuses and game modes. First of all, PartyPoker provides you with a ticket of 40 Euros to participate in Sit&Go, with a minimum initial deposit of 20 Euros! You can start the game without interrupting funds. In addition, you will record a 25% cash back every Monday. Cash back can be increased by up to 25%, which means that for every EUR 1 commission generated for the site, you will get 1 point back. After 50 points, you can get 5 Euros, 300 Euros = 45 Euros, 600 Euros = 120 Euros and 2000 Euros = 500 Euros. Break the bank and have a game of 50 cents.

PartyPoker also provides live event games, you can choose the very famous World Poker Tour, but for this you must pass all qualifying stages. The site also offers activities such as cash splashes, allowing you to share a combined pool of 50,000 euros. Within 4 weeks, if you cannot log in at a specific time, you must play the game at a specific time or win a challenge. Of course, PartyPoker offers free games, Sit&Go multipliers (turning 5 euros into 1 million!) and Fastpoker formulas. If you fold or make a mistake in the game, you can find yourself at the new table. In your direction. A way to avoid wasting time and get the most benefit from the game.

What are the advantages of online poker?

Compared with "live" poker, online poker has its drawbacks and advantages:


Don,t need to dress up to go to the casino or wait for the game in your area. With online poker, you are ready to fight 24/7

►Quick game

Now, every poker site provides a "quick" mode that allows you to change the table immediately: after you fold your cards, you will eventually put a novice on the new table. It is impossible to do it in a casino or gambling hall.

►Play on multiple tables

Even more unlikely: clone yourself! Poker sites and apps allow players to play on multiple tables! This requires some practice, but you are likely to be in 2, 3, 5 or 10 positions at the same time!


Texas Hold'em and serious websites not only provide several variations of our favorite card games: Omaha, Stud, Razz, Badugi, High, low or high/low. It is an honor to change the fun and try new experiences.

►Different types of players

You become a blacksmith by forging, but also by meeting the different types of players you develop. Playing games online allows you to discover new game configurations that you must adapt to.

►No one sees your face and twitches

This is not good for indoor players, but it is good for other players. It is not easy to infer anything from an invisible face. This is also an opportunity for those who cannot hide their emotions, they can freely control their screaming or vocalization...

Priority order for playing poker:

In order to play well, you must know your hand. This sounds very basic, but imagine that many players are not so satisfied with the power sequence of opponent cards or even high cards or "pots". In the Texas Hold'em game (the most popular type of poker game), you need to understand that you must get the best combination of two hands and the dealer's 5 cards (boards).

If a set of 8 (88♦8♣-2♥) logically defeats a set of 4 (44♦4♣-Q♠), for example when two players have a pair of kings, it is the highest one wins . Unless there is the highest card on the board. E.g :

You got: Q6♠

Your opponent: Q♣5♠ Board of

Directors: Q♠44♠A

Then your hand and opponent’s hand are the same: QQ44A

Then divide the pot into 2 (divided pots). You own 6 and the fact that he owns 5 doesn't change anything. If the last card on the board (river card) is 3, you will win. If it is 4, you will have to share again (both players can participate)

Hand levels in poker:

Now, let us look at the order of importance of combinations. Know the advantages of everyone? These are the same for all kinds of poker. For clarity, we use hyphens to separate the combination to be highlighted from the rest of the "hands".

High card K-6J♣Q♠9

Not a real combination. Only the highest card. Don't expect to win with the king or even the ace, even if other players bluff, they rarely pass.

A pair (pair) 33♣-5♣89

The pair consists of two cards of the same level. If you own them directly after the cards are dealt, the pair is called a "pocket pair", but its value is the same as any other...

Two pairs of 88K♠K♣-9

There are only 2 pairs...yes.

Three kinds (three kinds): AAA♣-3

Three cards of the same level. It started to get interesting...

Straight rod: 4♣5678♠

This is a series of different cards. Please note that in Texas Hold'em, you can use Ace to make 12345 like 1 (this hand is called "wheel" or "bicycle"), but not all changes are possible...

Color (Flush): 2♠4♠8♠J♠A♠

5 cards in the same suit! If you have two cards of the same suit in your pocket, you can make interesting combinations. When we talk about color, it is not about black/red, but about spades (shovels), clubs (clubs), hearts (hearts) and diamonds (diamonds).

Full (full house): 101010♣Q♠Q♣

One pair and one group. This is a strong combination, but in many split cards (from the table) it is tricky. We were quickly beaten by our self-change (because of the height of the winning scene). In our example, please note: 1010♠QQ♣Q

Square (four types): 666♣6♠-9

4 cards of the same level.

Straight flush: 7♣8♣9♣10♣J♣

This is a set of cards of the same suit. It is the most powerful card in the game, although in some rare wildcard variants "five" is even more powerful. If two players have the same combination, the higher the winning combination, the stronger the effect of the "Royal Flush", for example: 10JQKA.

The most played poker variants:

Texas Hold'em Poker

This is the most popular game: there are 2 cards in the hand and 5 cards on the board (3 + 1 + 1). The winner is the one with the best combination. In "Unlimited", the number of raises is not limited, while in "Limited", raises and bets are the same as the big blind before the flop and the flop. However, on the turn and river, raises and bets doubled. Each player can place a maximum of four bets per round: bet/raise/re-raise/upper limit (last bet allowed).

Omaha Poker

This is a stylish variant with only 4 cards in the hand instead of 2. You must make the best combination of 2 cards and 3 of 5 communities. This is another very interesting way to invert the odds. There are different variations of Omaha, so be sure to read the rules of your favorite website before you start. Or choose a virtual currency game to get started...

Closed poker or five-card draw

This is Cowboy (or Mavericks Movie) Poker: the oldest poker. This is a "closed" game with two rounds of betting. Between each round, players can trade up to 5 cards to try and have the best hand. This is a smart poker with few wins and losses. This is another exercise for your brain.

Poker 7 Card Stud

Rarely played in tournaments (but more in cash games), this variant also offers its own variant. What you need to do is that in this type of game, the first two hole cards are dealt, and we find that each player has another 4 empty cards and each player gets the seventh. This is a very special game, because the best starting hands are different, and your entire game may collapse on "Seventh Street" (seventh and last card).

Poker Jazz (7 Card Stud Low)

This is a variant of Poker 7 Card Stud. As with the latter, since there are many cards displayed, the player's decision may be different during the shot, depending on his draw and other players' draws. The player's position is again determined by the strength of the cards displayed by each player, not by the buttons. Note that in this type of game, the trump card is just a low card. Additional rules make the game difficult, especially the hand sequence that requires the entire article.


Badugi is a game where each player has 4 hole cards. The goal is to have the lowest card combination, such as A3♠4♣7. For this, everyone can make 3 transactions from 0 to 4 cards (triple draw).

10 tips for beginners

Poker is a great game to play with friends and a few slices of pizza, but when it comes to playing games online, the strategy changes. To avoid traps and develop good habits, here are our 10 suggestions for your internet poker game...

1 / Don't start the game "lightly"

You should not start a poker game like you would in "Candy Crush": you have to make sure you can finish the game. Of course, there are variants of "fast" poker on almost all sites, but if you are not familiar with them, we do not recommend that you use them. It’s also not a good idea to start the game “quickly”: poker requires concentration and spending some time in front of you.

2/ Put yourself in good shape

Before playing, ask yourself if you are in the best condition. If you are tired, stand up on your left foot, hungry, and wait in a hurry, it is not recommended to play. It is important to maintain a positive emotional state.

3/Play often, but don't play a lot

Learning poker naturally makes you want to play a lot. On the other hand, avoid large bets or sitting at tables that are too "expensive", especially at the beginning. In fact, with the bonuses given to players by various apps, some players "let go." Set a limit and never exceed it.

4/ Stop at the right time

When you lose, you should stop setting the limits for yourself, but when will you win? You must also know how to stop! Don't be overconfident, because you have already pulled out a large pot or just eliminated the chip leader with two consecutive hands. Some people also set a winning limit. If you win 10% of the initial bet, please stop or take a break!

5 / Don't be fooled by nicknames

In "real" games, you can judge, measure and try to analyze your opponent's game. However, we have almost no information about other players online. Don't try to "imitate" other participants from avatars or nicknames. Even if the nickname of "WeshWeshDu93" is stupid, "WeshWeshDu93" may be a very good player, and "PokerKingExcelsior" may (or even be sure) a big novice.

6 / Watch out for bets

By paying attention to the game and its actions, people may also forget the participation of the front corner. These blinds are added to the blinds after a certain amount of hands. When this stage begins, you will need to be more focused than ever, avoid being overly relaxed, and play wider before the flop. This is also the time when players bluff.

7 / If you are a beginner, there is no multi-meter

It makes sense, but playing on multiple tables at the same time requires some practice. When your game is not playing much, you may want to invite yourself to join an extra table. Avoid this at least in the beginning. People are very concerned about the potential benefits. Wait until you master the interface of the application to start using...

8/Analyze the player's reaction time

It is not easy to identify a player without being physically close to the player. However, there is one sign to rely on: reaction time. However, this is not a 100% standard: the player slows down because he is thinking about his hands, and because he wants to eat some snacks! Therefore, we must relativize. A player who plays fast from the beginning and spends a lot of time raising time would think...but it could also be a bluff.

9 / Pay attention to the location of other players!

Since the transaction and distribution of buttons are done automatically on the Internet, we can forget this detail and move on. However, the position of the player is very important: whether you are before or after the "main opponent", we will not bet in the same way. At the end of the turn, you will have a better understanding of the situation, because everyone will speak before you. This is an advantage. But the start of the turn is not disadvantageous: if you are not sure about your hand, you can delay it by "checking."

10 / Don't overdo it for bluffing...but don't be afraid

Bluff is a powerful weapon, but please be careful not to abuse it. If you fail once, no one else will give you more space. Do you never bluff? You are wrong because if you have played safely for an hour, then other players will be wary if you raise frantically on a particular hand...even if your win is 8 and 3. Be careful, remember that a guy can have a trump card on the flop, don’t care what you have in hand...

10 tips for advanced players:

1/ Play less, but play actively

Even a very good player can't play all the roles. The risk is that even with good luck, the stack will drop significantly. You must develop a reliable strategy before the flop to improve the result. Don't be impatient and only play cards that are worth playing. The best way is to play strong and/or aggressively. Playing all hands aggressively, including the more speculative 7♠6♠ or 55 ones, can mask the power of real hands.

2/ The art of semi-bluffing

If you really want to be proficient in poker, you have to bravado. But false bluffs are one of the fastest ways to lose the stack. So, how do you control the frequency of bluffing? The most effective way to swindle is to let the cards you control determine whether you want to swindle. This means you must bluff with hands that still have potential. You must consider all probabilities. Try 8♠9 or 2♣6 bluffing may cause you to fall on your feet (suit or maybe flush)

3/ Quickly pop up a strong hand to expand the pot

In most cases, it is best to bet on your own strong hands to expand the pot. This does not mean that you should always bet/raise after the flop. However, when you are not sure where you are going, all you have to do is place a bet (if you are not the most active player before the flop, please raise). Yes, it is disappointing when the opponent folds, but it can be worse...

4/ Defend yourself for the blind

The big blind is a special position because you already have some money invested in the pot. This is why when you face a raise while sitting in the big blind, you have a better chance of calling than other players – consider this as an advantage. Since you are the last person to act before the flop, you can call with more hands than sitting in other positions. This does not mean that you should raise with bad hands like 8♠4, but in most cases, restricted hands like A♣9 and Q♥7 can be played.

5 / go when not sure

The difference between a good player and a bad player is that the former can pass. This is not easy because we are naturally curious and we want to win. When we fold, we give up the chance to win the pot, and there is no chance to satisfy our curiosity by discovering what our opponent has. (After the invalid fraud after) calling too frequently and losing poker in bad situations is the second fastest way. When you are not sure whether to call or fold by betting or raising, do not fold in a hurry.

6 / Bluffing when the opponent is weak

Players do not "betting" with cards that can require multiple combinations, which means that when they bet, their hands are usually relatively weak. When your opponent shows a lot of weakness in the heads-up pot (for example, checking the flop and turn), you can profit from it through an aggressive bluffing strategy. Not only do you need to be accustomed to playing the usual "semi-bluff bl" games, but you can also try full bluffs with very bad players.

7 / Only play when you want to play

Whether you are a hobby or a professional player, poker should be an interesting experience. You will perform better when your headrest is resting, so it makes sense to play this mentally intensive game only when you "feel it." If you feel frustrated, tired or angry, you should stop the session immediately. This way you will most likely save a lot of money. Poker will still be here tomorrow. a suggestion ? Before playing the game, imagine that you lose your entire chip in the first hand. If you don't mind this idea, then you can prepare for a long game!

8 / Control your position relative to the button

One of the most important factors to consider when selecting the hand to be played is its position relative to the button. You can win more money from farther away, so try to play more cards from far away. Start playing very tightly from the highest position, expand the game range by approaching the buttons, and try to steal as many chips as possible. By far, the most profitable position in poker is the button, because sitting there allows you to play more hands than in other positions. It takes some time to get used to it...

9 / Learning probability:

You need to know the odds of winning. This is not to react like a robot, nor to calculate that you have a 16.33% chance of owning such cards on the river, but to weigh the advantages and disadvantages of this move. It can help you make decisions based on mathematics rather than emotions. You will have to define the level by calculating "outs"; an out is an upcoming card that will help you best. Suppose you have 45♣6♠7: You can use 3 and 8 to make a straight. There are 4 3s and 4 8s in the game, so there are 8 outs in this hand. On the other hand, if you have A♣A♠A, then you only have one square. . . If you want to know the approximate value, just multiply the output by 2, which is a good indication of the possibility of improving your hand. Opportunity for the next round. Or multiply by 4 (if you are looking for opportunities to improve your hand from the flop to the river). Let’s take an example: if you start with an 8-out straight on the flop, you can count on an 8% improvement on the turn (8×2), and on the flop you have 32% opportunity. turn. River (8×4). These numbers are not precise, but they are a good approximation. You can also use software such as Holdem Manager or Poker Tracker.

10 / think about the opponent's hand

Focusing on the game is a good thing, but you must also consider what other people have at hand. Consider where they are, the hands they might have, and what kind of games might develop from there. Player actions after the flop can provide you with clues about their hand, just as their bets, raises and bets can indicate their strengths or weaknesses. The time it takes them to make a decision can also provide us with more information.

Poker vocabulary


Sometimes tickets are provided for different occasions (deposit, birthday, etc.). Tickets are charged and allow you to register for competitions or other events. This is an "admission ticket!"


This is a plan to build player loyalty. Whenever you generate revenue for the site, you can earn points in each game. These points can be exchanged for cash or tickets.

►Prize Pool

This is the money earned by the player with the best result in the tournament.

►Free competition

These are completely free tournaments and are offered regularly. Even if the prize pool is not high, this is a great way to win without spending any money!

►Sit and go

These gatherings allow you to sit down and do whatever you want.


Separate from real money.


This is the amount you need to pay to buy tokens and sit down.

Bonus Video: The Top 5 PokerStars Bluffs of All Time!

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