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Today, the gambling industry has more than one million various online video slot games. However, in the 19th century, everything started with the one-armed bandit game. No one can foresee that this simple mechanism is designed to give people a chance to get free beer in another bar. This mechanism will one day be known and respected all over the world. Poker is a card game. He ruined the fate of some people and made others millionaires. The first free slot game was created in 1891 by Sittman and Pitt (Brooklyn, New York). This is a bit like an automatic poker machine. It is very complicated, with only 5 reels and 50 cards. The machine is small and is placed on a table on the table. Players can use special bets to attract the machine, and the cards begin to spin on the reels. The machine does not have a payment mechanism. In addition to the jackpot, players can only have a free drink. The first machine with a known symbol was manufactured by Charles Fey (California, SF) in 1887. He built a three-axis machine with five symbols: horseshoe, diamond, shovel, heart and "Liberty Bell" (given a name for the machine). The machine became very popular all over the world, and manufacturers began to create their "bell" version. The cherry and lemon symbol (manufactured by Bell-Fruit Gum Company) was soon created. In 1963, a revolution occurred in the gambling market. Bally Development, the first supplier of gaming software, created the first electromechanical slot machine called "Money Honey". Soon after, Fortune Coin Co produced the first real video slot game, which became the prototype of all modern games. It was installed in the most luxurious hotel in Las Vegas and started!

Global Slot Machine Supplier

The modern game industry sees new software developers every year. Although the latter chose a similar theme in its new online video slot game, there is still a big difference in quality. As we have already mentioned, the leading gambling provider in the market is Bally Development. After Bally, the largest and oldest developers are: Net Entertainment, EGT and Microgaming. These four companies are still the most famous and professional developers in the industry. Modern games have evolved from the simple world of online video slot machines to realistic iGambling. Of course, the leader of this world is Microgaming Company. The company was one of the first companies to provide free online slot machines using 3D graphics. Not only that, these free online video slot games usually provide the most pay lines and the most interesting storylines. Bally has become a classic developer of online video slot machines. Net Entertainment is one of the most influential companies in the market. It uses modern features in online slot games and provides a variety of other options.

However, new names are being added to the list of best modern slot machine developers every day. Nowadays, it is difficult to ignore developers who not only follow modern traditions, but also develop their industries and bring new solutions and functions to the market, such as Net Entertainment, Playtech, EGT, IGT, Betsoft Gaming, Microgaming Developers, Play' n'Go development personnel. How do you tell the difference between modern video slots and classic video slots? Nowadays, modern slot machines have two versions, a mobile version and a classic version. They provide 3D graphics, excellent animations, online modes, free versions, realistic bonuses, interesting symbols, and new plots. They can include card games and arcade games.

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Online Slot Machine Guide

Online video slots have many important features, and every player should consider these features before starting a free game. First of all, pay attention to the number of rollers. Video slot machines consist of reels and rows. Once the game starts, the reels will start spinning. Each reel represents many symbols. Each video slot has 3 to 5 rows. The rows are horizontal lines. In addition to the reels, the second feature that drew his attention was the number of paylines. What are the conditions for them to win the grand prize. The payline in the free video slot defines the exact way the symbol appears on the screen to form a winning combination and generate revenue for the player. It is also important to know which bank has the minimum and maximum bets and jackpots. To set a bet, players must press the button at the bottom of the online video slot machine interface. Players can always choose to bet all-in or just a few bets.

Before starting the game, it is necessary to check the characteristics of each function and symbol. To do this, click the button with the letter "I", which is usually in the corner of the screen. The screen will show a payment table and a table with the price of each symbol. Players can also find descriptions of wildcards, scatters and bonus symbols here. The last thing players should check before starting the game is the version of the free online slot game. Now people can download the free demo version for free and use the full version without registration or payment.


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Turntable• The number of turntables is one of the most important categories in the online gambling world. This is the first thing to pay attention to. Traditionally, slot machines have three or five reels. The more the number of rollers, the wider the interface and the more complex the machine. The reel specifies the number of symbols. There are usually 5 to 10 symbols on the reels, depending on the manufacturer. The number of reels also defines the number of winning lines in online video slot games. The maximum number of reels is 18. If the number of reels is greater than 5, it means there are multiple screens with symbols. The size and shape of the roller can vary. These are not necessarily straight lines, but three rows high. Usually they can line up in one row, three rows or even wider! It also depends on the developer. On the FrCasinoSpot website, one can find free online video slot games with the number of reels ranging from 3 to 18!

Paylines• To calculate the odds of winning, just check the number of paylines displayed. Payline is a form of symbols that appear on the screen and form a certain combination. The lines can be different and have various shapes. For example, there are straight and long lines and lines cut in the middle. They can be vertical and horizontal, from the first volume to the last volume or end at the third volume. The shape and length of the lines depend on the developer and type of online video slot game. Before starting each session, the player must first research the number of lines displayed and their appearance.To do this, just click the "Payline" button at the bottom of the interface, and it will display the colored and bright lines above the game icon on the screen. CasinoSlots can help you use any number of lines to start a colorful game.

Payout table• The payout table is one of the most important functions of the game displayed before the game starts. This is information about the price of certain symbols. As you know, in online video slot games provided by different developers, the available betting ranges are different. Therefore, most products of large software companies have completely different icon values. To find out how much money can be won by collecting wild or scatter symbols, it can read the full description of the online slot game, or click the "I" button to access information about the betting range and betting value. symbol. Since any symbol has its own value, and some of them may be more profitable, it would be a good thing to verify this information.

Bank Total• If the paytable shows the value of different symbols, the Bank Total displays information about possible bets. Depending on the number of lines, the developer and the type of online video slot machine, the minimum and maximum bets may vary. To verify this information, players should read the actual description of the slot machine or simply click on the "I" symbol on the screen to see the total amount of chips. This is especially important when players are not betting on all bottom lines but only on some of them and they must manually calculate the bet. In order not to do this and to play online video slot games comfortably, you can consult the head office and obtain all the necessary information. Given the number of rows selected by the user, the bank will display the difference of the bet.

Balance• One of the main goals of online gambling is to make money. Many people bet and play just to make more money. Balance is another option that players should check not only at the beginning, but also during the game and after each game stage. The balance indicates how much the player spent on betting before the session started. It also shows how much the player has won on all symbols, and performs a detailed financial analysis. Every online slot game offers this option for players playing real money games. The balance can also be checked on the player's personal data page on the online casino website. Play and control the game-by doing so, you will gain wealth!

Slot machine type

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The game industry has been developing for hundreds of years. From the first slot machine created in the second half of the 19th century to today, free video slot machines have changed a lot. On the FrCasinoSpot website, we have collected all possible types of modern online video slot games that developers have on the market. In the game library, you will see a detailed menu of video slot games with different categories. Players can choose the category they are interested in. The game is divided into different categories according to the number of reels, the number of paylines, the total bet amount, and themes. Therefore, the modern gaming industry may offer different types of slot games: free, classic, 3D, video, fruit, penny, progress.

Classic Slot Machine• The classic free online slot machine is specially designed for fans of 7s, gold bars and cherries. These online slot games do not come with 3D animation, a lot of additional bonuses and many paylines. They are conservative, but still interesting.

Video Slots• The free online video slot game is a modification of the classic slot machine. These free machines have excellent animation effects, high-quality interfaces and excellent bonus features, such as free bonus rounds and free spins. Usually, they will provide more payment lines and large payments.

Fruit machine• Many players like the fruit theme in the game. The developers created a special category through free online slot games where users can only encounter fruit symbols. It combines classic and modern online video slots.

3D online slot machine• The latest development of today's game development is free 3D video games. It appeared on the market not long ago and successfully attracted the hearts of many participants. The free 3D online slot game always has excellent animations, exquisite design, and brings realistic emotions to players.

Online mobile slot games• Most modern free online video slot games created by major software companies have mobile versions compatible with iOS and Android smartphones. However, some free online video slot games are only available in the mobile version. To activate them, players don't have to download them to the tablet, just spin the carousel on the online casino website.

Bamboo enny slot game• This is a free online slot machine with low betting limit, where players can spend a small amount of money while earning a fortune. The penny slot machine can be bright and well designed. They have a variety of additional bonus options, and provide common game rules and betting restrictions.

Progressive slot games• Only a few developers can provide progressive video slot games online. The names of these games come from jackpots. This type of online slot game will calculate the total number of bets in the online game and multiply it many times. This is a very rare type, but gamers like it because it is more profitable than regular machines.

2019/2020 Slot Games• This is the best category of the latest and most modern online slot games on FrCasinoSpot website. Here, players can find all the new free video slot games appearing on the market.

All slot machine features

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Any free video slot machine has its own features. Before starting the game, players should study in detail the features that a particular video slot game can provide. The information can be found in the full description of the video slot or by clicking the "I" button on the slot machine screen. Among these functions, the player on any machine may encounter wild symbols and scatter symbols. This is a permanent addition to high-quality free slots. Scatter points can be used as a multiplier and can also activate free spins. In addition to bonuses and bonus functions, an important special option is the auto-play option, which can help start spinning the reels independently. In addition, players will find a multiplier in most modern slot machines that represents the automatic activation of the card after each successful spin.

Free spins• This is multiple spins of the reels, which can be activated by the scatter symbol (if more than three scatters appear at the same time). They provide players with an opportunity to play without placing additional bets and have a chance to win money.

Re-spin • Re-spin or restart spin is a very rare option, which is hard to find in most slot machines. However, spinning is a very useful feature that can help players try to restart the spinning without increasing the bet. There is a second chance, just try the respin option.

Bonus Round• Compared with Free Spins, Bonus Round is a more useful feature. It can not only spin the wheel, but also win more rewards than ordinary games.

Bonus game• This is an arcade machine with a similar theme that the slot machine itself has. However, during the reward period, the reels stop spinning and disappear, and the player enters another real world. He can see some kind of computer and can win money without betting!

Jackpot• This is the main reward that players can get by spinning the reels and collecting five wildcards or any number of certain symbols on the screen. The jackpot usually starts at 5 times and grows to $1,000,000!

Jackpot• This is the jackpot calculated based on the total bet. In this case, the jackpot depends only on the player's own bet. Players like this option because it is the most profitable.

Online casino slot machine

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The CasinoSlots.store team is happy to introduce you to more than 3,500 modern high-quality slot machines, which are available for free on the website. Modern games are a far cry from the traditional world of free machines that require downloading, registration and boring fun. The modern gaming world is suitable for gamers. It has certain rules: no slot game can be downloaded to a personal computer. Any slot game you are interested in can be played online on reliable online casino sites. If you want to play slot machines for free, you don't have to register on the online casino website. There are still two versions of modern slot machines. With the free demo version, players can spin the reels for entertainment without having to place bets or make money. Of course, he will also see the bet button, but this is only symbolic and has no meaning at all. If players do not want to play real money games, they can play freely and enjoy high-quality slot machines without real betting. Of course, if players want to earn real money quickly without doing anything, they can easily register on the website, enter personal information and start placing bets.

CasinoSlots not only provides players with bright and high-quality slot machines (stored in the online free slot machine library), but also provides full descriptions, screenshots, and even instructions for each product! This is the largest and most comprehensive game description that players can find on online casino sites! Players can easily choose the slot machine to play according to the developer, the number of features (including the number of reels, the number of paylines, themes and other features). Just change the basic functions in the menu to find what you need!

No download slot• Most modern slot machines do not need to be downloaded to a personal computer or tablet. The modern gambling world serves gamblers and not just companies or online casinos that develop slot machines. Slot machines will provide players with the game content they want. This is why online casinos provide players with free access to the best online slot machines on the market. Players only need to enter the website of the online casino and press the "Start" button. On the FrCasinoSpot website, there is no slot to download, and then start the game. They can all work normally in online mode. Do your best and make money without doing anything. It's easier than it looks.

Non-registered slot machines• Some slot machines do not require registration. For example, if players want to skip a series of free games, but don’t want to win real money at the end of the game, they don’t need to register on the website and enter their personal details. Online casino. However, if the player wants to place a bet, they must enter the password from the credit or debit card and associate it with the slot machine. This is why registration is required for paid slots.

No deposit slot machines• Some slot machines require a deposit before the game starts. This only applies to slot machines that offer players a jackpot and give players a chance to win real money while playing the slot machine. Online. However, on the one hand, the deposit is a guarantee of payment and price at the end of the meeting. On the other hand, for players, deposits may be impractical because they don't want to pay before the game starts.This is why in FrCasinoSpot players choose the type of slot machine they want. I want to try it before the session starts, with or without deposit. However, modern gambling trends have led to an increase in the number of no-deposit games.

Las Vegas Slots• This is one of the largest slot machine categories in the gambling industry. Las Vegas is the gambling capital of the world. Thanks to one of the first free slot machines installed in the lobby of a Las Vegas hotel in history, this city became a city. As a result, the number of guests in the hotel has increased. As a result, all other hotels in Las Vegas began to build casinos, leading to strong growth in demand for online slot machines. So, back to the category, it is important to mention that there is a special slot crew that has already been rated by the Las Vegas Game Department! This means that these are the best slot machines on the market, allowing players to win the most money in a matter of minutes!

CasinoSlots Review•How to play free slots

CasinoSlots is a project that provides players with the opportunity to play games for free without having to bet at the beginning. Many online casinos stated that they can use the machine for free, but after visiting the page with a slot machine and clicking the "Start" button, the player will see a text about the need to enter their personal data. And complete the registration on the online casino website. But FrCasinoSpot provides other rules. The project values ​​its customers and visitors. Likewise, he appreciates their needs and needs. This is why the site offers free machines without betting or cash!

The meaning of the gaming industry is more than money. Fun, fun and relaxing! High-quality slot machines are not only designed to make money, but also bring players into another reality, freeing them from troubles, problems and daily life. Playing modern free slot machines is not complicated. On the CasinoSlots website, players only need to select a machine and click the "Start" button to start a new game session! Have fun, don't think about money. However, in addition to being able to play games for free, the site also provides functions to play real money games and win money. So choose what you like and start spinning the reels. As long as the player is just playing for entertainment and not for money, there is no need to register on the website and enter any personal details. Players can spin the reels freely and play online slot machines for free

Among the largest gambling centers, we should mention Las Vegas, Monte Carlo, London and Atlantic City. These cities have more casinos and gambling venues than anywhere else in the world. In many countries, online video slot games are prohibited. This can be traced back to some countries in Africa and Asia, where free video slots are banned. However, the United States and Europe like to play! In these areas, the reels keep spinning and bring in millions of dollars in revenue.

Thirty years ago, games of chance were card games, such as poker, etc. Now people like free video slot machines! Every tourist in any "gambling" city will try his luck at a real or online casino to see how much he can win. It is easy to play and make money without doing anything! This is why everyone likes to spin the reels and play gambling games. Bet to win-easier than ever! FrCasinoSpot will help you find your favorite free online machine, and learn to play for free and at the same time professionally.

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