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One of our mottos is that before spending money on any game, one must thoroughly understand it, and European roulette is no exception. It is easy to confuse it with French roulette. It maintains similarities with American roulette, but has its own characteristics. This is why we provide you with a comprehensive guide about CasinoSlots, which includes all the information you need to know before playing European Roulette, from its features to the best online casinos or recognized bets.

European Roulette Features

The European Roulette has some similarities with the French Roulette because it has 37 numbers, from 1 to 36 red and black and 0 green, and has some special rules, but so far, they are still similar. We have a mat similar to American roulette, but there is only one 0, so we can only place the bet on one side of the table.

One of the characteristics of European roulette is the use of colored chips, which is not as valuable as other casino games. In this way, each player in the physical casino has a color chip, which can distinguish the betting of different players. Logically speaking, these chips cannot be used in other casino games. The last point to emphasize is that the RTP of European Roulette is 97.3%, so it has become one of the games with higher player returns.

European Roulette Rules

The goal of the European Roulette player is to predict the number of times the ball is stopped so that his bet can win. To this end, we have different types of bets, including announced bets, and some bets on certain number groups allow us to diversify bets. We can also make so-called simple bets (red/black, even/odd, high/low), and special rules are required when the ball falls to 0.

In European roulette on CasinoSlots, this special rule is called "jailbreak" and includes blocking simple bets. The chips are marked by the dealer on the table, and bets will be settled in the next round. If the second round of betting is successful, the player will withdraw their chips, but if the betting fails, the chips will be lost. If you win, you will not get any profit, just withdraw the chips. This is a rule that allows us to have "free" rounds and gives us an advantage over cas

Where to play european roulette

If we specialize in online games, you can enter the "Roulette" section of your trusted casino and find European Roulette at no cost. "European roulette" is the most common type of roulette in the United States, and it is also the kind of software developers choose for online casinos and game rooms. However, other names are used in physical casinos. For example, in Spain and the United Kingdom, it is called "American roulette from scratch", while the French call it "English roulette".

As you can see, few online casinos allow us to enjoy European roulette. It is always interesting to clarify that on European roulette, advanced European roulette or multiplayer European roulette, there may be slight differences in the bet amount, we will share a table with other players to make the game more Excited, but in general in this case, the mechanics and betting of the game are always the same. The key is to make the most of the bets.

Differences between European roulette and French and American roulettes

Although we have outlined the main differences between European and French roulette, it is important to highlight them to end the confusion that may arise. At first glance, the most obvious change is that the European roulette uses an American chassis without 00, and when the French acknowledged both, they only bet on one side of the table. Europeans also use colored chips to resist the value of French roulette. In the case where European roulette applies rules in prison, the Le Partage rule is usually adopted.

On its own, the most obvious difference between European and American roulette is that it adds a number of 00, which reduces its RTP. They use similar mats (the only difference is 00) and the same color chips to identify each player's bet. Another big difference is that American roulette does not consider prison rules, so Europeans are better for players and Americans are better for banks. Finally, it should be noted that American roulette has not yet announced bets, but European bets on 5 digits do not exist.

Types of European roulette

There are several ways to classify bets. This time, we choose to classify based on the numbers covered by the bet. This will also determine the payment we will receive if the bet wins. Therefore, we have up to 7 different types of bets: Covers 18 numbers (odds from 1 to 1): As we all know, a simple bet is the case of our second half. They can be red or black, even or odd or high or low-from 1 to 18 or from 19 to 36-. 0 is not within these bets, so if the ball falls into the green, the prison rules apply.

Covers 12 numbers (2 to 1 odds): multiple bets cover a third of the bet. They can play a dozen (the first from 1 to 12; the second from 13 to 24; or the third from 25 to 36); or bet on the bar (the first from 1 to 34, the second from 2 to 35) The third from 3 to 36). Covers 6 numbers (odds 5 to 1): it is called "sixena", we bet on the six numbers of two adjacent lines, in the physical casino, the chips are placed in the common outer corner of the two lines. For example, to place a bet at 16 positions between 22 and 27, we place the chips at a total of 22 and 25 outside corners.

Covers 4 numbers (8 to 1 odds): here, we have two options, the first four bets -0, 1, 2, and 3, and the bottom corner or "square" bet, which includes four phases The number of o. For this reason, in physical casinos, chips are placed in a common apex of four numbers (for example, 19, 20, 22, and 23).

Overlay 3 numbers (odds 11 to 1): Known as a cross or street bet, the three numbers in the line are covered by placing chips on the line's outer line. For example, to cover 34, 35, and 36, we place it on the external line 34.

Cover 2 numbers (odds 17 to 1): it is to divide the bet or the horse equally between the two adjacent numbers on the mat. To do this, we place the betting chips on the line separating them, for example between 8 and 9 (adjacent in the same row) or 8 and 11 (adjacent in the same column). 1 cover number (odds 35 to 1): This is a complete number or a bet, enough to place the chips in the number we believe the ball will stop.

Logically speaking, the fewer numbers you cover, the more difficult it is to win, but the higher the amount paid, depending on the number of covered numbers is always the same. In addition to these bets, in European roulette, we can also make the announced bets-more common in French-including 0 neighbors-covering 15 numbers from 22 to 25), the third place of the cylinder-covering Between 12 numbers 27 and 33-or game 0, covering 7 numbers from 35 to 19.

Also enter the neighbor here, which includes a number for the player and the two neighbors on both sides of the roulette (for example, 8 and neighbors 11 and 30 on one side and 23 and 10 on the other side). You can select up to 4 neighbors. Another bet is the final-the next number bet, for example all numbers ending in 3. You can also combine bets as needed, because we usually don't find the limit beyond the maximum bet. Some online casinos, such as CasinoSlots, even allow you to save European roulette patterns for future use.

Strategy and tips for playing European Roulette

Like other models, strategies such as La Martingala or d'Alembert's method are the most common, but they also have barriers to the need for large banks, and it is relatively easy to lose enough money. Perhaps a more successful strategy is to use the rules in prison to make simple bets and benefit from the high RTP of roulette, although the bonus will be lower. Nonetheless, by covering important parts of the table, we can still bring interesting benefits.

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