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CasinoSlots Poker joins many free multiplayer Flash poker sites. Therefore, even if you can still create an account to save statistics and improve your personality, you can play games for free without registering.

However, before we introduce this poker game to you in detail, let us start with the technical features of CasinoSlots Poker.

Therefore, the game is made in Flash and does not require any download. The interface (in English) is very simple and very suitable for beginners. These graphics are very simple, not very refined, reminiscent of Wii. Therefore, players who seek a fresh and relaxed atmosphere will be sought.

The free poker variant offered here is Texas Hold'em. The biggest advantage of this game is obviously that you can play the game for free. For various reasons, this site is reserved for free poker beginners and amateurs only.

This is a great way to practice poker for free without fists! Can participate in the game as a simple spectator.

More experienced poker players who are accustomed to spending money to play poker are likely to turn around quickly. Indeed, during the test, we had a chance to find that the overall level of the game was not very high: we no longer count players who all-in on or before the first flop. This type of practice can quickly make the game harder. You can play better on some tables, but you need to invest a lot of chips to participate in the game.

The creed of CasinoSlots Poker is undoubtedly user-friendly. The site has made every effort to ensure that poker lovers gather in a friendly atmosphere. Players can chat, treat each other with one-click gifts (drinks, food or even... teddy bear and alarm clock!), and even become "friends" virtually.

You can also personalize your avatar with a variety of clothing and accessories. But please note that if you do not speak German or English, you may find it difficult to establish a link with your gaming partner. Indeed, there are more players using these languages, although there have been many French players since the poker team announced the game in France.

But despite these points, if you want to play poker for free, CasinoSlots Poker is still a great poker game. So, why not try it? In order to convince you, the website even provides an excellent offer: You can get a virtual fee of $500 from the first game! And renew this amount every day.

In short, CasinoSlots Poker is:

-Free Flash Poker game, so no need to download

-Interface simplified to the maximum

-Very suitable for beginners, you can practice poker for free

-Especially due to real-time chat, user-friendly and enjoyable game

-Many customization options for your character

Principles of poker fraud

Bluffing makes the opponent "fold", especially when the opponent's hand is stronger than your opponent. Therefore, when you have to raise with worthless hands that are highly likely to improve, you can use semi-bluffs. On the other hand, when your hands are extremely weak and you cannot expect the possibility of improvement, you should use all bluffs.

How to bluff?

First of all, know that no one will bluff, because the opponent will eventually understand your every move. Even if they seem to be playing tight, they may suspect that you have no strong hands in every game. For this reason, please avoid always bluffing and don't win the small pot every time. Use certain opportunities to deceive your competitors, make you think you are not a poker genius, and then book future scams on a larger, more credible pool. When playing the game, always act like you have a good hand. Your opponent is so attentive that they can detect deception with your unusual gestures. Finally, unless the pot is really worth it, don't bluff. Professional players often choose to raise 2/3 of the pot, and only need to bluff every once in a while to make real profits.

When is bluffing?

First of all, you probably know that poker position is everything. Therefore, if no one raises before the flop and only a few players participate, then if you are the last to get a card, you are free to steal the blinds. For other players sitting in the wrong place, they may just stagnate. In most cases, they are folded, and you can certainly win the game immediately. In tournaments, such behavior is usually necessary for the winner.

On the flop, it is not recommended to use total bluffs, because once you are called, you can be sure that you will lose. In addition, the opponent only needs a pair, check, draw or many other situations. The chance of success for bluffing is small.

On the river, it is recommended to use total bluffs instead of semi-bluffs. If your game is bad, you must raise your salary to win the game. In addition, if you raise after a raise, you will know what will happen and you can fold easily. On the other hand, if your game is average and you do nothing, then you have a chance of winning. If you raise again and you are called, you may lose all your money.

Online poker addiction

Just like in any gambling game, addiction can quickly "consume" players and cause them to lose control. Pathological gambling syndrome affects 3% of gamblers on average. This will interfere with their private and professional lives. Online poker is not to be missed. Although it is virtual, whether you win or lose, it is real money. Considering the loneliness of the player in front of the screen, it has even greater drawbacks, which further exacerbates the addiction.

How about poker addiction?

Despite arrangements made by the online gaming regulator or Arjel, the agency that manages online gambling, it is easier to become addicted to online poker games. Indeed, online poker sites and gaming tables have grown very rapidly. You can download software for free, register with a few clicks, and even provide chips.

Once in the game, the payout is very attractive. Depending on the level and type of the game, you may win quickly. In addition, for novices, there are thousands of tutorials available on the Internet. Through practice, they quickly become amateurs.

Then, the adrenaline continuity, suspense, disappointment and victory inspire the player, he will get used to and quickly appreciate how he feels. Moreover, virtual games provide a deep sense of loneliness, unlike real tables where players face each other. Therefore, the player in front of the computer can only see him, his gains and losses, no one else thinks. Then he stood completely in front of him, facing his behavior alone.

Avoid addiction?

To find out if you are addicted to online poker games, sites like provide a very simple test. After answering 20 questions in good faith, you will know if you really have any blame for your enthusiasm for the game.

A technology that allows you to control yourself in the game, you must also respect it appropriately. Before playing, please set a budget, and you must not borrow without reason. Obviously, this budget must be different from the budget allocated for any payment, such as rent, bills... or savings. Also, please try to separate your checking account from your gaming account so that you don’t want to inject funds at all times because there are fewer restrictions.

If you have problems with addiction, the Adictel website can help you get rid of addiction and get in touch with a psychologist if necessary.

Playing poker should be fun, as long as it brings you "problems" and affects your behavior, you are no longer responsible.

Choose an online poker site

There are many poker sites on the Internet, and each site has its own advantages. But to recognize the best poker room, you must first consider the legitimacy of the site. For this, players must first be satisfied with whether the listed venues have Arjel or French online gaming regulatory authority approval.

Technical standards to consider

Then, the player's choice must be based on technical standards. Well-known online game designers such as Playtech or Microgaming should be chosen to ensure the stability and performance of the software. Therefore, it is recommended that they read forum and site reviews, or directly test the usability and ease of use of each room. Security assurance, especially the randomness of the game, is also an important criterion for the security of financial transactions.

Basic parameters

In addition, certain parameters including attendance are essential. Therefore, it is necessary to check whether many actions are performed regularly, otherwise the player may have to wait a long time to fill the table. The level of players who frequent the poker room is also an important factor, because the poker room that beginners frequent the most is more likely to win the game. But please note that playing with professionals can make you improve your game faster.

Participate in various competitions

The best online poker sites usually host interesting tournaments. Therefore, players can participate in games organized by the room or internal games. Due to the use of this type of tournament, it is possible to evaluate the number of participants while considering the game structure, which is already an interesting indicator. In order to improve their game level, players do not need to register. Too fast in the blind tournament. Of course, the value of donations or grants should also be considered. But in some tournaments, the rewards are financial benefits. In this type of tournament, the winner will win places in more prestigious tournaments such as WSOP, WPT or EPT qualifiers.

Promotion bonus

Finally, the promotional offers offered by these sites are so many and varied. These are popular bonuses, referral bonuses, loyalty bonuses, first deposit or sign-up bonuses, and of course other equally attractive promotions. However, before you get these offers, please follow the rules of these offers, because the granting terms are not always easy.


The WSOP or World Series of Poker is one of the largest poker tournaments in the world. They have been held in Las Vegas every year since 1970, with admission fees ranging from $1,000 to $50,000. In these games, the best poker players from all over the world compete against each other in several events, including Omaha Pot Limit, Texas Hold'em, Unlimited Pot Limit High/Low 7 Card Stud and Pot Limit The final game of the Lowball and Razz World Championships, Texas Hold'em has no limits. At the end of these tournaments, the big winners will receive thousands of dollars in prestigious awards and gold bracelets with the likeness of the World Series of Poker. The WSOP brand is owned by the license company of LLC LLC Harra, the world's largest casino entertainment provider, which manages and controls the activities of this famous game.

How to participate in the WSOP?

To register for the WSOP tournament, please go directly to Las Vegas at least the day before the first tournament to adapt you to the atmosphere of the city and time difference. Don't hesitate to walk around the poker room and use this day to register. To play the game, each participant must have a total points card, which is a membership card that can be obtained for free in casinos or Caesars casino hotels. To pay for your registration fee, WSOP only accepts personal checks and casino chips. However, you can also take out the crazy amount of your plan in your briefcase, even if it exceeds $10,000, the law requires you to prove and declare the funds. Otherwise, the best way is to ask your financial institution to transfer the amount you want to use to the address of the hotel where you will stay.

Play WSOP through online poker sites

For many people who still want to sit at the gaming tables of this famous event, the buy-in fees in these games seem high. Online casinos provide the opportunity to participate in tournaments to win WSOP seats. To do this, players must first register for an online tournament, and then participate in the satellite tournament designated during the WSOP phase.

As a reward, the winner of these tournaments will receive tickets to the WSOP, and in some cases, the casino will also pay for travel and accommodation. The first person to arrive will get a seat in the WSOP, and the reward for the second and the rest depends on the casino.

Become a poker expert

The game of poker is an exciting card game that relies on skill, skill and luck. Many players play for fun and adventure, but others use it as their own business. They spend most of their time at the poker table and are called professional players. What makes these players real professionals? How to become a poker professional? These are the problems that often plague enthusiasts. This is the true nature of professional poker players and some tips on how to get there.

Among the poker professionals who participate in international tournaments like the WSOP or World Series of Poker or the World Poker Tour WPT London, names like Mike Matusow or Joseph Hachem come to mind. They are professionals who spend their time on the international poker circuits. Joseph Hachem was a chiropractor, but he had given up his profession for online poker. All this to tell you that high level poker requires a certain sacrifice, in terms of time and above all a lot of money. In fact, professionalism in poker does not come about overnight.

A real profession

It can take hundreds of hours to find out the mistakes to avoid and how other players perform on the tour. As a game that spends a lot of money in competitions, he realized that it is necessary to remember that it is best to have any money (funds) before considering a career change. For good reasons, the number of major tournaments and blinds held in a year.

For reference, poker professionals usually have $500,000 in funds within a year. He can get twice the capital, but may also lose up to 200,000 US dollars or more. Therefore, you must know how to calculate game performance or one hour of game performance to avoid being eliminated too quickly.

There is no doubt that poker is a game of chance. When the odds rise, you may win one game after another, but you may also lose the game very quickly. Therefore, professional players must have sufficient financial resources, because the situation of professional players who raise a lot of funds in one month and go bankrupt the next month still exists. To meet the annual budget, professionals must find sponsors and sign contracts with large companies (such as online poker sites). Being sponsored means becoming a professional.

But to become a professional poker player, you also need to have a strong morale and be prepared to face any situation. As with ordinary games, lack of motivation or lack of confidence can lead to serious consequences. Therefore, practice and become a good manager who achieves the desired result: professional poker.

Free online poker game: very interesting Texas Hold'em

Have you heard of the very interesting Texas Hold'em free poker game?

If not, don't panic, it's normal! This Texas Hold'em game (as the name suggests) is still relatively unknown, but it has begun to spread online. It is a direct line in Governor Poker, GoodGames Poker and other Flash poker games. Flash games are software that does not require registration and download.

Most importantly, the very interesting Texas Hold'em is completely free. Another advantage: the game loads very fast, and the table can be accessed in just a few clicks. The interface and graphics (apple green and flashing blue) have been simplified as much as possible, thanks to the very ergonomic gameplay that allows you to get started quickly.

This simplicity and extremely easy operation make it an excellent "tutorial" for beginners, who will find a pretty good atmosphere. Indeed, this is the best way to train: no registration, no real money. However, I must warn experienced poker players: very interesting Texas Hold'em is not where you can find your opponent.

Indeed, the site is indeed reserved for beginners, although you can choose the game level, but you will never reach the level you can find on other sites. Another disadvantage of the site: it is not a multiplayer game. Therefore, you will play against the computer. In the long run, this is really boring. Even the creator of the game has done their best to personalize it by adding a "personality sheet" to the player.

But we still have to award "very interesting Texas Hold'em", this simple game is usually disappointing, and this game is still quite good and successful... as long as you speak English! In fact, the interface is entirely in English, and the language cannot be changed.

In short, very interesting Texas Hold'em:

-Ideal game for beginners

-Perfectly pass the time when the software cannot be installed

-Simple interface

-One level is not enough

Great bluff on Aruba, the World Poker Tour between Josh and Devin

Two players have the same starting hand after the flop, one took advantage of the steep color, but the other player did not give up and changed the normal course of this hand with his preference , This is a kind of bluff, there are many things to learn.

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