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Winning money with a machine requires a little luck. Every casino player has luck, but this is not enough, because in 99% of the cases, slot players will destroy luck in their own way of playing.

Everyone often wins some bonuses from the beginning, and then says to himself: "This is the machine I gave, this time I won the jackpot", of course, in 99% of cases, everything is lost. Slot machines are designed to take advantage of the weaknesses that every novice player has.

To understand, we must have explained the redistribution pattern of machines, it is not linear, nor random.

The way the machine returns coins is "conditionally random": Obviously, the redistribution is calculated based on what the machine already has in the cash register. This is simple, but the word random number has been imposed: "peak" And long development, and there are a few sporadic wins, not to mention the current first prize, but only medium wins.

Consult the chart, it explains the principle, don't look for the jackpot, otherwise the chart will generate kilometers, so the necessary number of moves is important (one millionth revolution).

Slot machine.

When you arrive at a slot machine, a little bit given means that you have reached a "peak". The law of randomness means that a "peak" rarely appears alone, and several peaks often appear. This is where 99% of slot game players are deceived.

One or several peak periods are not equal to dozens, otherwise how to raise funds for the jackpot? The software that runs the machine is designed to take advantage of this human "greedy" weakness, but with logic and rich experience (more than 10 years), simple logical methods can be used to control its behavior and exploit the weaknesses of the software. It was originally designed to develop us The product. You have to concentrate on winning the jackpot. Only luck can win the jackpot, but it is very likely that you will win money with other prizes. For example, a machine that offers a jackpot of 10,000 coins always offers a jackpot of 250-500-1000 coins, and it is these bonuses that make us win the money.

The method varies by machine type, please click on each machine to view the method:

3 Slot machine: The simplest is obviously?

Yes, but this is a misunderstanding. It is fair to assume that there is a greater chance of winning the jackpot, but the chance of winning is very small.

However, the three-piece game machine has an advantage. The distribution ratio when playing 1 or 2 or 3 pieces is linear. The advantage is obvious:

Please note: We are talking about a 3-coin slot machine with 1 payline.

The advantages are important:

-When you arrive, you think you will hit the jackpot in 100 steps, and you are likely to lose 300 coins,

-You use the linear relationship between 1-2 or 3 coins, the chance of hitting the big prize is small, but the chance of crossing a series of peaks is very powerful for him, but how do you know whether you are at the beginning or the end When is the series?

There is no way to determine it, so don't waste your coins exactly, just play 1 coin until the machine gains money. Once the money is paid, you will get 3 coins.

Warning: You can only switch to the three-piece game with the number of actions the machine gives you

Let's take an example:

You played 10 1 coin actions, the slot machine gave you 30 coins in the 10th step, so you have a profit of 20 coins, so you will have to perform 6 3 coin actions, or you are in a series of peaks and machines It will be refunded, otherwise you will go to the end of the series and you will not lose anything, in this case, you only need to replace the slot machine.

First of all, to win money with slot machines is to learn not to lose.

If the machine still provides more coins during these 6 moves, please continue the exact same principle by setting the following restrictions:

-Once your start-up capital has doubled, you stop the principle and restore the principle on the basis, that is, only a part of it is played, so you will adopt the software incorrectly

Either you win in a single stage and then resume the basic principles, or the machine does not return anything, you stop the game when there is "your start bet + 50%" on the counter, so you won't lose 50 % Profit.

What if the slot machine does not give anything during the 10 start strokes?

The best action is to change the slot machine, please refer to the "Strategy" section.

Machine, game slot machine.

5-roll machines: These machines are divided into 2 categories:

-5-wire machines with 1 coin;

-5-wire machines with 1 to 5 coins. In either case, these are less interesting machines. There are better similar machines that are easier to play and win. Please refer to the next section about machines with 25 to 100 coins.

25-50 coin slot machine tips:

Slot machines from 25 to 50 coins: For us, these machines are the machines that provide players with the greatest advantage:

1°) You can play the game for a long time with reduced funds.

2°) The period of "trough" is easier to control.

3°) A machine with a proposed gain higher than 3 or 5 pieces.

The jackpot amount of these slot machines is very high, so unless you are lucky, don't dream of hitting the 500,000 coin jackpot on these machines. On the other hand, you will often win a jackpot of 10,000-20,000-50,000 coins. Those that interest us.

The same method as the 3 coin machine, the ratio between winning when playing 1-2-3-4 or 10 coins per line is linear, the advantage is still obvious:

This advantage is more complicated than a three-piece machine, because the software combines the management of 5 production lines (or 9 production lines or 10 production lines, depending on the machine type), but the advantage of being able to use linear distribution is the same, so for It is a great asset for players who play the game methodically.

The following linear advantages should be used:

We know that it is not impossible to know in advance that we are in the peak period, end period, beginning period or trough period, so just like using a first-line machine, we make a basic bet. Each row, that is to say we play on all rows, but only 1 coin, until the machine gains.

Once you win, multiply the bet of each row by 3 (instead of the consecutive maximum), thereby increasing the bet of each row, because we can drop an isolated profit or during a long redistribution period (5 at the same time Peak row combination) time). As for the first-line machine, we will only replay the profit of the machine, and not replay it.

Let's take an example:

You play 20 5 coin moves, the machine gives you 500 coins in the 10th move, so you make a profit of 400 coins, so you play 20 20 coin moves continuously. Either continue the series and cash in other victories, or the series ends without loss, in this case, changing the slot machine is sufficient

If the machine returns the coin to us during these 20 moves, we will increase the bet to the maximum, because it may appear at the beginning of a series of peaks, but always follow the rule of only replaying the content given by the slot machine without touching it. Its capital.

These slot opportunities bring huge benefits in good times, so don’t try to win the jackpot, because this type of slot machine is rare. Once you multiply your starting capital by 3 or 4, you must stop the principle and start at the basic (play per line) 1 coin), or you have won money within the time of one coin, and then the principle is restored, then the slot machine no longer provides anything, and when you have a counter, you have to stop and "start up funds multiplied by 4", This way you will not go bankrupt, but you can get a 400% profit.

What if the machine does nothing during these 20 strokes? The best action is to change the slot machine, please refer to the strategy section.

There are hundreds or even thousands of online casinos, and they can be divided into 3 categories:

-Very good: In other words, be honest with the player, or not systematically program the software to lose the player, and truly respect fairness. The bonus policy is also correct, that is, we do not give you a "trapped bonus", but the casino provides you with a bonus, which is a real bonus.

-Means: That is to say, those software is similar to the software of the first category, but has the disadvantage of a hotline that is too persistent, which will bring you benefits every time you connect. The bonus is good, but please call the hotline directly to treat the bonus. This is often a "bird" trap, because if you win, you will never be able to withdraw the funds, otherwise the bonus will be deducted from your account (understandably), but the most The bad case is that you will withdraw the deposit amount in the bonus.

This approach is very common and only accepts a small amount of deposits. If these systems are not allowed to contact us in reverse by pressing the "Contact" section.

-Mediocre: This category includes all scammers who never paid and other pure scams.

We only list the first category of casinos here, that is, we have tested these casinos and played here by winning. The security of the payment is guaranteed, and the bonus is paid out quickly, without asking the "x" question and the location of the hotline in French. Now you are free to play with them or try your luck elsewhere: this is your money.

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