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Are you looking for cool online casinos in France, Canada, Belgium or Switzerland? We provide you with a variety of online casino operators for you to choose from. We have created an extraordinary ranking for the best online casinos, which you can use to compare different bonuses and wagering requirements.

There are a large number of casinos that can meet the entertainment needs of Finnish players. You can get the essence of the crops from the list below. You will also find various columns listing detailed information about all of our casinos. Bonuses are offered in Euros or U.S. dollars, so you can easily get an overview of the bonus compared to other guides. All of our online casinos have the necessary licenses to place bets online, so you can rest assured. Now it’s your turn to choose your new favorite online casino.

Casino games

French online casinos have many casino games. We created this page section to help you understand the different products available. They are all interesting and we hope you like many of them.

If you have a better understanding of the products offered by online casino sites, you will gain valuable advantages when gambling.

We will start with the different products offered by the casino and then continue to introduce some other gaming products. If you like this information, please feel free to share it with your friends, they may benefit from it.

Slot machines

This is the most common product in online casinos. Slot machines consist of fast spinning wheels and sounds designed to excite you. There are many slot machine suppliers, and some casinos have their own exclusive slot machines. The casino strives to provide more services to customers.

Currently, most casinos are trying to get the best design and concept to attract the most players. Sometimes they even offer slot machines built into the interface. You can then use these to earn bonuses, and then you can use them for real currency slots. If you need our opinion, even better!

Table games

The casino product that players spend the most money on is table games. For users who are not familiar with such games, we will carefully explain this category to you. Table games are online casino games played on the table. For example, roulette is a table game just like blackjack.

You can easily learn to recognize them by browsing the table tabs of the live casino or our casino. Below we will tell you which products you can find and which products we recommend. Please note that table games usually do not include bonuses.


Roulette is a very popular product in French-speaking online casinos. It's simple, many players like it because it is an easy-to-learn game. You bet on numbers, even or odd, or only on colors. This is a very interesting casino game where you can spend a few hours on it and provide a considerable percentage of the payout.

Several important aspects to consider when playing roulette are: make sure you are always playing European Roulette. It has only one zero, which is easier to win. American roulette has two zeros, giving the casino a greater chance of winning. Don't rely on so-called tricks to make more money on roulette.


Blackjack is the most popular product among casino players in France, Canada, Belgium or Switzerland. It can be played in many traditional casinos and also in all online casinos. We are happy to provide you with premium blackjack tables on all betting sites. Try this game now and experience it for yourself.

Online blackjack cards are generated by a random number generator to ensure that all games are fair and to ensure that players pay according to the set payment percentage. The blackjack dealer is also very friendly and can ensure you have fun in the game.

How to choose the best casino

We are honored to provide you with the most accurate and up-to-date French information on online casinos. Just refer to our rankings for comparison and choose the online casino that you think is most beneficial to you. We only list casinos that have an easy-to-use interface.


Just by registering at an online casino, you can learn a lot about how it works as a betting site. If registration is quick and easy, it may apply to the rest of the site.


The most important aspect of playing games online is getting paid. By withdrawing money as soon as possible, you will be able to find more information about payment terms. The shorter the better.

Check the casino providers

To truly enjoy the slot machines, please try the slot machines exclusively provided by the casino now. This will make it easy for you to get an overview of the best machines in this casino.

Euro Euro and US Dollar Online Casino $

The most important thing for us is that you will feel safe when playing online casinos. One of the things that makes this experience safer is playing in online casinos that use Euros. Online casinos using Euro or U.S. dollar currencies provide players in French-speaking countries with greater security. Fortunately, we found many casinos that use these currencies. If you have any questions about online casinos that use Euros, please feel free to ask directly through our customer service. Most operators have not yet used the Euro or the U.S. dollar plan to provide these currencies soon.

Start the game in the new casino

When it comes to a new casino, it is important to always remember what to do to avoid choosing the wrong casino. To this end, you have taken the first step by consulting our French online casino guide. In this way, you can ensure that you only contact top brand casinos.

New casinos are often desperate to attract new players. Therefore, they usually offer bonuses in the form of no deposit requirements, free spins and other free promotions. However, this method sometimes costs too much, which can have a negative impact on payments.

Check casino license

When asking about a new online casino, the most important thing is to make sure it has a valid license. You can easily check it in the footer. Therefore, you must find the MGA license, Curaçao or badge from the British Gaming Commission. No deposit condition bonus

If the site offers "free bets" (this is a no-deposit bonus), please be careful. This may mean that you still need to make a deposit to make a payment. In fact, many casinos need to use registered payment methods in order to be able to pay bonuses. Deposit bonus

If you are not familiar with one of our casinos, you will always receive a welcome bonus, which you can use to your advantage. Always try to maximize the reward, but don't overuse it. This can make your rate of return positive during the dividend period.

Online gambling rules in France, Canada, Switzerland and Belgium

Depending on your country/region, there are different rules. However, you can personally play freely in any offshore casino without a local gaming license, which is extremely beneficial for French-speaking casino players. This means that all bonuses you receive from our casino are tax-free. Playing in casinos that can receive tax-free bonuses is more fun than going to casinos in French-speaking countries.

Knowing this, you can play in large foreign casinos. Many countries are in the same situation due to the lack of regulations in this area. Fortunately, there are many other rules to ensure the safety of online casino players. If you like casino games, you can only get more fun from our online casino. We update the list every month to ensure that you always get the best price.

But please note that it is absolutely prohibited to bring any type of casino-based business into these countries. This is totally illegal and it is important to know this. There is currently no indication that online gambling laws may change soon. This is a good thing, because as a French company, you can continue to repatriate tax-free income.

Jackpot games and wins

This is probably the friendliest casino game around. Playing jackpot slot machines can indeed make you win large sums of money. Currently, some great suppliers offer some amazing machines, which have cumulative prizes. In other words, it increases over time.

Some casinos concentrate 100% of their energy on jackpot games. Obviously, winning the jackpot is more difficult than winning in a normal casino. However, the advantage is that you can win a lot of money on the jackpot machine. In short, the difference is that you always have a chance to win big money.

If you like jackpot machines, we can recommend some of the most popular jackpot machines that appear in our online casino. One of them is super wealth. This is a popular machine that allows the luckiest player to win millions of dollars every month.

Casino News

Don't miss the latest news from French casinos. We only provide qualified ad campaigns for players from French-speaking countries such as France, Canada, Belgium or Switzerland. It has been approved and offered to you

100% Euro or USD slots. If you like playing in the casino, be sure to check out the latest and greatest content here.

We provide unwanted bonuses and promotions to pay for real currency deposits and bets.

Playing online casino is the best solution

Many French players still continue to use outdated online casino sites. Ouislots online casino is completely different. We use the latest technology from all over the world to provide exclusive rewards for online French players.

By using and sharing our guide with others, you are helping the market to focus more on French-speaking countries, which will allow them to benefit from the future and better online casino regulations and laws. We are glad that you choose Ouislots to get advice on real money online casinos.

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