From online tournaments to large-scale tournaments, poker in Brazil is increasing

Opdateret: 23. juni 2020

Brazil is a football country that everyone knows, but other models are gaining more and more space and are booming, not necessarily those with football. Poker is one of the best examples of this reality. According to data from Brazil's Texas Hold'em League (CBTH), the most popular card game on the planet considered "mind sports" already has more than 7 million players in Brazil.

However, this is not the only indicator of poker growth in the country. There are also more and more Brazilian players winning in the World Championships. In the past 12 years, Brazil has won six championships in the world’s major sports event, the World Poker Tournament. They are: Alexandre Gomez (2008), Andre Akari (2011), Tiago Daseno (2015), Robelli Ferrisio (2018), Murillo Sosa (2019) and Yuri Dvielevsky (2019). There are already more than 25 titles on the European circuit. Success is not only observed in face-to-face matches. There is no doubt that the portal for all players is the Internet. In the era of esports, online poker is still one of the most popular games, with thousands of players all over the country, participating in virtual tournaments and making a lot of money. Last year, Brazil won 23 titles at the World Online Poker Championship (WCOOP), the Online Poker World Cup. The country is second only to Russia and the United Kingdom, and its athletes' prizes exceed US$1 million, a feat that the Brazilian has never achieved in this sport. In 2018, Brazil ranked first with 23 titles.

Therefore, it is no exaggeration to say that Brazil is one of the reference locations for poker in the world today. No wonder there are 32 Brazilian players in the top 150 of the Pocket Fives ranking, which is one of the main online poker indicators on the planet. The award won all of them can only live in this sport, which was unimaginable ten or two years ago, but the reality is more and more realistic. It is important to remember that poker is not considered a game of chance, which makes the practice of poker in Brazil not prohibited.

Where to start in sport?

Trophies, the number of millionaires and widespread recognition in the international poker community will further promote the emergence of new players. The big question is: where to start? Online poker is a good starting point, especially with advances in formalization, control and security that allow reliable sites to be integrated. One way is to familiarize yourself with casual poker sites, such as Replay Poker, which is a 15-year reference in the field, where you can participate in tournaments without betting on real money. The site also does not need to be downloaded and can be played in a browser, which is a huge contributing factor. For those who are already familiar with the rules of the game and want to enter the more advanced stage of online poker, there are many sites that are likely to bet on real money and rewards, such as PokerStars and PartyPoker. They bring together most Brazilian practitioners, many of whom make thousands of dollars each year.

After obtaining consistent results, it is already possible to aim for higher flights, move to face-to-face matches and participate in national championships. The main game is the Brazilian Poker Series (BSOP), which is held in many cities. However, he is not the only one-from the north to the south of the country, all regions play every day. Like many sports stars, national success is one of the keys to targeting major international games-the only Brazilian who won the WSOP main game, André Akkari, is one of the best examples. There is also a period of "prosperity" among Brazilian teams, just like in all types of eSports in Brazil. The biggest advantage of being a member of the poker team is to grow with other players. There are also federally managed state teams participating in the Brazilian Team Poker Championship organized by the Brazilian Texas Hold'em League (CBTH) each year. In 2019, the seventh competition was held in Sao Paulo and Goias won the championship.

To be successful in poker, in addition to understanding the rules, the website, and domestic and foreign competitions, you also need some characteristics that make it a psychomotor: planning, emotional control, adaptability, discipline, and the ability to perform rapid logical reasoning is Some of these factors distinguish bad players from great champions. In addition, of course, a lot of research is needed: today, the sport is very common on the Internet and TV, and all the knowledge gained is very useful in the championship. After all, this is no accidental game...

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