German poker players have become famous internationally

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Poker is a card game that is popular in Germany and around the world. In Germany, many state-owned casinos use poker as part of large-scale games. For example, the CasinoSlots in Bavaria offers cash games and poker tables for tournaments in Bad Reichenhall, and even casinos in Bavaria host poker tournaments. All residents and tourists in the area. Card games have received more and more attention, and online casinos and online poker rooms make it easier for newcomers to use the game, and make it easier for game lovers to improve and find opponents. Many Germans have discovered their enthusiasm for card games. In this game, opportunities, skills and strategies are crucial, and they name themselves in large international competitions. Only last year, the Germans won the final for the second time in the history of the world’s largest poker tournament, the World Poker Championship.

These German celebrities are among the best in the poker world

Germany has trained a large number of poker professionals who have made huge appearances and made huge profits in international tournaments. The 55-year-old veteran Hossein Ensan from Münster won the 2019 World Series of Poker finals, becoming the second German after the asylum Heinz in 2011, and won Champion bracelet and 10 million dollars. Prior to this, his jackpot in various live poker tournaments was approximately $3 million. Fedor Holz from Saarbrücken totaled more than US$32.5 million in prize money, ranking among the best players in Germany. In 2018, the Germans won a single prize of up to US$6 million in the Las Vegas No-Limit Hold'em "Big Winner". With such an amazing victory, Holz even managed to rank eighth on the "Historical Bonus List", which ranks the most winners from all over the world. Christoph Vogelsang from Sassenberg, North Rhine-Westphalia ranked second among the best poker players in Germany. With a total of more than $22.6 million in prize money, he was also able to rank among the highest-paid players and impressed internationally. His most impressive performance came from the 2017 Super Hawker Bowl in Las Vegas, where he won first place with a prize of $6 million. Players from Bavaria, Germany, can also be found on the top list of German poker professionals. Michael Eiler is from Otterfing and started his poker career online, then he also tried the live game of green felt. In 2010, he won the final of the European Poker Tour in Vienna and brought home the coveted bracelet. He also did not miss the prize of 700,000 euros. This is his biggest victory so far, but he has won more than $1.2 million in prizes in numerous domestic and international competitions. Another well-known and successful poker player has roots in Bavaria. George Danzer, a German born in Brazil, currently lives in Salzburg, but also lives in Passau, the city on three rivers. In total, he has earned more than $2.7 million.

The largest poker tournament in Germany and Europe

Although the World Poker Championship is the World Poker Championship, it is the largest and most important poker tournament in the world, and the European Poker Tour (also known as EPT) is the European Tour of the Global Championship. The tour stops every year at seven stations across the continent and allows the best players to compete with each other. EPT began in 2004 during the boom of Texas Hold'em Poker. At the same time, Germany has hosted many famous championship series. For example, EPT was held in the German casino Hohensyburg in Dortmund from 2007 to 2009, and EPT was held in the German capital from 2010 to 2013. Berlin was held. Berlin Casino on Potsdamer Platz. However, not only EPT is a guest of Germany, because the World Poker Tour (WPT) also hosted its own WPT German Championship this year. WPT has been going on since 2002 and has made a major contribution to the rapid spread of poker by broadcasting the final table on TV. It takes place in many tournaments and festivals, including, for example, WPT Poker Legends in Los Angeles, WPT England in England and WPT Russia in Russia. WPT Germany was held on February 18, 2020, but as its name suggests, it is not in Germany, but in the Czech Republic. Christopher Pütz won 270,000 Euros in the main event and won the WPT German title. The Germans face fierce international competition in Europe’s largest poker room, including the successful Italian Gianluca “Tankanza” Speranza and the German poker world champion Hossein Ensan from Münster, who won seventh place in WPT Germany. CasinoSlots machine

What makes poker so special

Compared to other games in the casino, poker is a separate category. Card game is not pure game of chance, but a game whose result is influenced by skill, analytical thinking and strategy. As it happens, in Texas Hold'em, the bottom card in the player's hand and the community card in the middle of the table look like they are within the player's ability. To this end, poker professionals use a lot of skills and prove their true skills. With the help of body language and betting strategies, poker professionals have misled their opponents so as not to show their tactics. Italian Sammartino went all-in at the 2019 World Series of Poker final table and flushed straight, but could not keep up with Hossein Ensan, who did not show his strength and won the main event. In order to perform best at the poker table, players need to consider many factors and incorporate them into their strategy. The important thing is to always be attentively sitting at the poker table, which takes a few hours in the main game. In today’s connected world, it is easier than ever to attract attention with smartphones, social media, etc., especially when players play poker online. But poker is a game that requires mental strength and can only be completely focused on mastering. This is the only way for players to properly record and identify all information, such as the opponent's poker face, past fraud and past hands, in order to adjust their strategies accordingly. Whether it is the voice of the opponent, mouth or eyes, the poker language of other players must be considered in the poker on CasinoSlots. For example, at the final table of the WPT Germany, the chip leader is constantly changing, but Christopher Pütz is not bothered by this, and pays attention to other players every second to evaluate his own behavior and take corresponding actions as much as possible. After his last opponent, Laszlo Papai, moved all-in, Putz will definitely call. His hands were stronger and he won the game. Poker is a card game that is fascinating. Over the years, games that require players to provide a lot of skills, strategies, and spiritual power have become increasingly popular, and German players have become more and more famous in international competitions.

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