Good advice for starting online poker

A video conference, a few friends, this is very interesting. Containment requirements, "private gathering" poker among friends, family and/or colleagues is booming in specialized venues. This idea? A tournament prepared for acquaintances, using a password, you can set yourself as entertainment and challenge your loved ones. One may be offered to you in the last few days. Or, you might want to use your time at home to fight side by side with the thousands of open tournaments available online. I even played the idea of ​​a cash game table, which is a knock-out game with no fixed income (such as a tournament). In the game, money is exchanged at every step.

But you may not dare to take the risk, you are too new to poker to take a chance, but you missed the explosive growth of the game 15 years ago. Look no further, we will provide you with a solution. Good advice from Pierre Calamusa, Moundir Zoughari and Daniel Riolo gave a good start to online poker. The first is a professional of this type, a member of the Winamax team, who is also known as "LeVietF0u" on this site. The other two people held the RMC poker show at RMC on Sunday night. One of them was a mound known for appearing in reality TV shows, and later became an outstanding player over time, and Daniel Riolo was the family Fans of games. And claimed its "amateur" aspect. So gentlemen, what do you need to know to get started?

Rules, techniques and vocabulary: let's start learning

To discover poker, you must first learn the game. Use the word "learning" on the front line, for Texas Hold'em (the most widely used variant, you will find the word in most cases), and other forms of poker (Omaha, Stud, Jazz, etc.). ). "To get started, you must first have a comprehensive understanding of the rules," began Daniel Riolo, a columnist for After Foot on RMC. Research on this theory involves books, tutorials, observations, and reading. "Basic knowledge, what. It involves "technical" aspects, such as mastering vocabulary specific to the subject, which is sometimes not easy for beginners to understand.

Daniel Riolo insisted: "You have to deepen from the basics to fully grasp the vocabulary." We are talking about the flop, turn, river, raise, call, bluff. It is necessary to know the winner between two pairs, as well as the winner between the draw, flush and flush, full house and square. Later, a long time later, we will discuss GTO and things like that. Like everything, through forging, you can become a blacksmith. Pierre Calamusa confirmed: "You must first learn poker terms and then watch a lot of technical knowledge to have excellent gameplay."

Lessons and games you can learn with just one click

To learn, we have to attend classes. The same is true in poker. Apprenticeship that can be conducted quietly on the sofa. Professional players say: "For example, Winamax Poker School, where you can watch its videos on YouTube, is the real source of information." Don't hesitate to watch the game, live broadcast or delay the game. Some websites can view the final table of the game, or some YouTubers Poker provides instructions for "open card" tournaments (even for beginners), just repeating the scope before launch.

“Since we learn more about football or movies by watching more games or movies, as with poker, Daniel Riolo continued. Observation is watching games. The RMC Poker Show’s partners even provide The Dans LaTêted'un Pro series of competitions have a chance to go further. The competition has witnessed its team’s professional players gradually dissect their ideas in the world’s largest tournament. Planet. But it will be in the future. That's too much, Daniel Riolo believes. We need an intermediate stage before. "

Never put yourself in danger: the key to peaceful poker

You have learned the basics and can now start using it. Learn some basic knowledge again. They mainly revolve around one theme: proper management of expenses to avoid losses. You can start from the beginning... at nothing. "For beginners, you have to participate in free'free games' competitions," Moundir said. Mistakes will reduce costs. If you are ready, you can switch to "real money". For your financial situation and chances of winning, always have to be within a certain range (the more expensive the tournament, the higher the overall level of the game).

"You must respect money management (properly manage your account, editor's note), and don't exaggerate at a level where you can't control the game, Moundir continues. The important thing is to choose a good game and not run out of stages of the game. Your development . You must be passionate about this game and never put yourself in danger.” Pierre Calamusa explained with specific numbers: “Note that in tournaments, your bankroll must not exceed 1%, and in cash games, it must not exceed 5%. a table". Basically, if you deposit $100 into your poker site account, don't participate in tournaments that exceed $1, and don't invest more than $5 on a cash game table.

Don't stand still: the key to success

Even in the case of early success, you should not think that you are coming too fast, but have to learn again and again. "Winning doesn't mean anything," Daniel Riolo said. Poker is about continuous humility. And continue to improve. "The most important thing is,'Poker is five minutes of learning time, a lifetime of mastering,'" Moundir added. Who will forget those who hope to find poker and passionate looking to the future: "For those who want to go For those who are farther away, it is necessary to maintain closer contact with professional players in order to attend classes with them and become 1,000. % Investment, for example in your daily life to achieve a specific goal or realize your dream. "We will see later. At the same time, you are ready to participate in a "private party." Good luck

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