Guide to play blackjack with real money

Have you ever played online blackjack?

If the answer is no, you should try. Compared to games offered in land-based casinos, online toys have many advantages. I will explain them in detail later, but I already thought of all the money you spent on the casino (gasoline, airline tickets, hotels, food, working days, etc.). You can save all content by playing online.

The first step is to register in the casino.

But to do this, you must choose one from hundreds of casinos, and not everyone is equal. You can spend time to find the best casino by yourself, but it may take days or even weeks. Another faster option is to choose a casino from the recommended list below.

The rest of this page is more or less an introductory manual for blackjack online. More specifically, this is what you can find here:

Online blackjack

This section introduces the basics of online gambling, including information about bank choices, promotions and necessary software.

Blackjack software

Here, we detail the blackjack game software you need to play, as well as the rules and variants provided by online games.

Blackjack Promotion

In this section, we discuss the promotional activities offered by the casino to its blackjack players (unlike offline casino activities) and how to benefit from them.

This page is especially useful for beginners who have never gambled online. The first part will attract everyone who wants to play online. The rest of the page is specifically for online blackjack.

Let's go!

Playing blackjack in online casino

Let's start with the online blackjack casino. This is important to know.

Banking Options

Banking options may vary depending on your country. For example, Americans have fewer choices than Canadian or British players. But Americans choose 5Dimes more than Bovada.

it depends on. This is why you really need to know the choice, and our critics are also here to help. The following are the most common banking options:

Credit/Debit Card (Visa, American Express, Discovery Card, Master Card)

money transfer

Electronic wallet (Neteller, PayPal, Skrill)

Online check


Remittance (MoneyGram, Western Union)


Most casinos have deposit and withdrawal limits. Many people also charge extra fees, which can be a percentage (debit/credit card) or a fixed rate. If you have ever shopped online, this is nothing new. It works in the same way: provide your personal information, register, and then you can deposit the money into your account.

Verify that the casino holds the necessary permit

When we play games online, we want to make sure we are safe in the game. We are afraid of being robbed or falling into prejudiced games. One way to reduce the chance of being cheated is to play in a licensed casino.

All online casinos should be licensed. Even illegally operated offshore casinos

I'm not saying that either rely solely on these licenses, especially for casinos that do not accept players from the UK or Europe, because the rules of acquisition they must follow are flexible. But this is already the first obstacle to be overcome. In other words, if you play in a casino with a European or British license, you can ensure that you play in a safe casino. Because these licenses also imply that casinos that do not follow prescribed rules or mislead players will be punished.

It is not difficult to find that all this information can usually be found at the bottom of the site or on the "About This Site" page. You can learn more about licensing and jurisdiction in our gambling jurisdiction and laws section.

Risks associated with offshore casinos

If you are an American and you are not allowed to play in a legal online casino or a poker room in Nevada, Delaware or New Jersey, the only option is to play in an offshore casino. First, it means risk, because these casinos are illegally operated. They have no problem doing this because they are not under US jurisdiction, especially by using domain names like .eu, .lv or .ag. Because they are not regulated by the United States, the biggest risk you take is to be cheated or even robbed. You can get help from a lawyer to sue these sites, but as far as I know, the money the players are robbed is not worth the money.

This is the biggest risk.

Another risk is that the United States has found a way to supervise and control these areas. In this case, you risk confiscating funds from the United States. This is the case with PokerStars and Full Tilt. In the latter case, players have to wait for several years to recover their money. Our goal is not to scare you, but to realize that if you live in the United States, you will use a casino that illegally provides its services. In addition, in some states, online play is completely prohibited.

All of these have risks.

Game software

We will discuss the software in more detail later on this page. But like in land-based casinos, online casinos do not have a game provider. You will find lists nearly 180. These softwares are important for different reasons:

The rules of the game depend on the rules of the game, and the percentage of compensation (the amount of money the gaming machine earns for the player during its lifetime) also depends on the rules of the game.

They offer different game variants.

They affect how you play: downloadable instant games or mobile applications.

They have an influence on the game.

Some casinos only work with one supplier, while others have multiple. It is best to know which is the main supplier of the casino you plan to play to find out what types of games, variants and accompanying notes will be offered.

Promotional offers

Online casinos offer promotional activities. But not just like points in offline casinos! They also provide deposit bonuses, for example, and the casino provides you with a certain percentage of deposits within certain limits. Even if there are conditions, they are completely free and can help you add some funds to your account.

There are other important information to learn about special offers for blackjack players. We introduce them in detail below.

That is everything.

Online play itself is not complicated, which is different from what you have never tried. Another advantage of playing games online is that you can play games for free. Even if we imagine that most readers on the "Playing Real Money in Blackjack" page are interested in gambling issues, you may sometimes want to play blackjack for free, which is impossible in offline casinos . This is especially useful if you want to start using casino software first, or if you want to learn a new game or conditionality-we will discuss these things in the next section.

Blackjack software

Now let's talk about the software that allows you to play blackjack. This is not something you must consider in a physical casino. Indeed, you will find the games they offer here, and they are more or less similar. You will find more rules, changes, side bets and bets in online casinos. Therefore, I think it's time to give you the most important rules of blackjack, and explain to you how they benefit players. Then, I will discuss the most interesting rules to look for when choosing a game. Next, I will discuss the most common blackjack variants found on the Internet and explain how to use them.

Blackjack rules

The rules are different from one online casino to another. It's not that the casino itself will change the rules, just like land-based casinos sometimes do, but because each game provider sets its own rules. Here are the rules that will increase your chances of winning. Then I will show you the best and worst rules of blackjack.

Number of packages

You can play blackjack, which includes from one to eight card games. Therefore, the advantages of housing range from 0.17 to 0.65%. The fewer software packages, the better. Double after split

Can you double your bets after the split? Otherwise, housing income will increase by 0.12%.

give up

Giving up can make you lose your hand while half betting. If allowed, it can increase your chance! 17 soft (soft 17)

The blackjack rule will tell you whether the dealer can shoot ("hit") or stay ("stand") on the soft number 17 (hand with A). If the dealer hits 17, the house advantage drops by 0.2%. shine

Can I split a novice after splitting the original hand? If so, it will further reduce the edge of the house.

Split Ace

Can you split a little? If so, do you only get one card, or how many cards do you want? The more you can allocate, the greater the chance.

Payment ratio

There are usually two ratios: 3:2 and 6:5. 3:2 is preferable because the 6:5 ratio can increase housing income by 1.4%. Some casinos even have interest rates that can raise the edge of the house by 2.3%.

These are the most common/important rules. However, I urge you to follow these rules: Number of packages

Look for games with the least packaging. Split Ace

Having the ability to fight A can increase your odds by 0.19%.

Give up early/late

If you can give up your hand and retain some of the shares, you can reduce the house edge from 0.08% to 0.24%. Also avoid games that follow these rules (if possible): Unfavorable payment ratio

Avoid 6:5 games. Impossible to double after split

This will increase housing income by 0.14%. Remember, these rules apply to the standard game of blackjack. You can play many other blackjack variations. The following sections share the most common variants you can find online.

Variants of Blackjack

Please note that these rules apply to basic blackjack games. However, it is easy for casinos to provide 7 to 10 variants, some even up to more than 20 (usually those that use Microgaming)! Here are some of the changes you most often find in online casinos

Super fun 21

If the player is 21 years old, he always beats the dealer. You can also split up to 4 times, and a 20-point 6-card card will automatically win you.

Caribbean 21

In this variant, the ace is worth a point. The goal is to get a card with an A card and two numbers (also known as Caribbean 21).

Up 21

These two dealers are visible. This variant is also called "double exposure" or "dealer's disclosure".

Blackjack switch

You can play two hands at the same time, and you can transfer the card from one hand to the other.

Match 21

A variant in which cards worth 10 points have been removed from the game.

Live dealer

Usually played with real dealers in real casinos: the game is filmed in real time in the casino. There are usually certain variants, whether it is a variant of the game or the type of dealer (themes are playboys, men, and women).

Spanish 21

Another form of deleting 10 point cards. The player can also give up at any time. If he gets 21 points, he defeats the dealer. You can give up after doubling, or double without doubling the number of cards.

Perfect match

A standard blackjack game, but there are bets. In this case, if you get a mixed pair (a pair of cards of different colors), a pair of the same color (red or black) or a "perfect pair" (two of the cards of the same color), you will win money. Four).

These are the most common variants. However, there are more original variants, provided by a single supplier. If you want to try new blackjack games, this may be the reason for using games from different vendors. You can also read our reviews. We list all the table games in the casino and show you the latest changes, or particularly novel and interesting changes.

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