Guide to the best online roulette sites for Brazilian players

Learn all about the best roulette games and how to have fun without losing all your money.

Your detailed guide to online roulette

The game of online roulette is one of the main attractions of casinos. It is very common to be seen in movies, cartoons, TV shows and others, along with poker and blackjack. Casino roulette is so magical that even watching it spin on the betting tables is super fun. Our guide will help you understand how to win at online roulette, how the game works and what are the best places to play roulette online. You will also learn about some of the conventional betting approaches and how to properly create an online roulette strategy. If you have never played this game before, or if you are already a casino player who wants to bet online, this guide will answer all your questions about roulette strategies. Consult our FAQ for quick answers to your questions, or browse more on our page for more detailed explanations of the most important points related to online roulette. Continue reading below and find out more about how you can play roulette at home, without giving up the fun and excitement that the casino atmosphere provides. That said, we have great news: you probably already have everything you need to start playing roulette on your computer right now. There are real money and free options. Casinos invest a lot to offer players exciting experiences. If you have questions even after reading this guide, JustGamblers is ready to help. You can contact us for detailed answers to more specific questions about different modalities.

Answers to common questions about online roulette

Q: What devices can I play online roulette on? A: Since online casinos are web based, they can be used on many devices. Almost all computers, including Mac and PC, allow access to them. In addition, versions and applications for mobile devices are increasingly common, such as the respectable 888 Casino. Q: Are there any free options for playing roulette online? A: Yes. Most online casinos allow the player to enjoy roulette games without risking money in free play modes. This game mode is a convenient way for players to practice and also to enjoy the experience of playing at an online casino, without the risk of losing money. Q: Are there any limitations for Brazilian players? A: Fortunately, no. Brazilian players can usually have fun with online casino games. Q: What is the difference between playing online and in a physical casino? A: Many players find that playing online is more comfortable than playing at the casino. You have complete control over the environment, privacy and can play at any time without having to go to a casino. Players who value the face-to-face experience of playing at a casino can even play live roulette through online casinos that transmit the table experience directly to their screen. Q: Are roulette games audited? A: The legal requirements for audits may vary depending on where the casino is licensed. The best way to ensure that you have a safe and fair experience is to look for respectable casino options for Brazilian players. CasinoSlots is a great example of a home that voluntarily seeks eCOGRA certification (regulation and guarantee of online games for e-commerce, in free translation). With eCOGRA, it is guaranteed that the casino respects industry-recognized standards for random number generation and a percentage return to the player who uses their games, including live ones. While online casinos are not required to present these certificates, those with certificates are proven to be reliable, In most cases, the roulette software uses number formation to determine which number the virtual roulette ball lands on during the game. When licensing bodies audit online casinos and roulette games, they pay special attention to how the winning number is determined. They also evaluate methods of payment and withdrawal from players' accounts. Q: Do I need to download any software to play online roulette?

A: Most online casinos allow you to play roulette online without downloading special software. Homes like CasinoSlots have online software that can be used directly in your browser without having to download a user interface. Q: Are my winnings at roulette taxable? A: Depending on the amount you earn and your withdrawal method, you may need to file your income tax return. Our best tip is to always consult an accountant to be sure. Q: Can I play with someone else live? A: Yes! As with many other online casino games, it is now possible to play live roulette with a real player without leaving the comfort of your home. In such cases, it is often necessary to bet money, so the option may not be available to players who play for free.

Everything you need to know to play roulette online Have more questions? In this section we look at the basic ways to find roulette games online, the technical aspects related to finding a safe place to play, how to deposit or withdraw funds, a basic and general overview of some strategies and a brief history of the game. One thing is certain: soon, you will be ready to play online and have a great time safely. Remember that in Brazil there is no law that prohibits online gambling, contrary to what happens in many countries.

How to play roulette online First of all, you should know that many applications and websites do not allow you to play roulette online for real money. And many try to direct you to other sites after clicking on the page. Below, you can find suggestions for trusted, certified online casinos with interesting games and an easy-to-use user interface for playing online roulette. After choosing one, you will need to find the registration page. There, you can create a username and password to log in securely. Regardless of whether you are looking for games that use money or games that can be played for free, you will be asked for some verification information, which can be an email address for exclusively free games or your CPF / RG and driver's license. Online roulette works in the same way as physics. Players place a bet before the ball spins and stops in a slot. If the ball lands in the slot you bet on, you win a prize. Otherwise, the house stays with your bet and the game continues in another round. See this table for legal bets and payments:

How to play roulette safely The general rules of virtual security apply when you are playing roulette online. Several tips will help to keep your online games safe: Always follow all the online gaming tips we offer in our individual casino reviews. Roulette is an exciting game, with the risk that players get so involved that it results in big losses. Be careful when betting, take a few breaks, a walk or any other quick exercise, such as push-ups or sit-ups, after a big win or a big loss. When your blood flow increases, it makes your mind go out of that state and think more clearly. Don't get carried away just by a specific strategy, just because it worked for someone else. Your friend's experience is unique to him, because the statistics are clear: no strategy is better than chance. Base your strategy on how you like to play. Be sure to play online casinos using NetEnt or Evolution Gaming software. If the casino does not make it explicit that you use this software, you can contact the customer support department or explore our expert reviews for answers. By taking these steps, you ensure that you are betting legitimately and fairly, avoiding stress and money loss.

Digital financial management Managing your money, both for deposits and withdrawals, is very important when it comes to online roulette. Players who play exclusively free casino games need not worry about this, however, those who want to bet real money should pay attention to these details. Account deposits are more flexible than withdrawals, but the following table details the ways you can transfer money to and from online casino accounts:

You can choose to use one method instead of another, depending on your personal financial situation. We are in favor of using Visa or Mastercard, as they give miles for travel. Be aware if the online casino you are using charges processing fees for any of these methods. These fees generally outweigh the benefits of card points.

Where to play roulette online We provide a long list of casinos that our specialists have reviewed. Most of these casinos allow you to play roulette online. If you do an independent search, there is a risk of finding a link that directs you to a casino that does not allow players to participate in your state. In addition to wasting time, you run the risk of using an unsafe, uncredited online casino. Due to the possibility of identity theft or financial fraud, it is essential that you remain diligent when looking for an online casino. We recommend that you consult JustGamblers online guides for specific casinos to make a safe decision about where you play online roulette. One of our favorites is 888 Casino as it is fully certified by eCOGRA, and operates in Brazil normally. It offers players the complete experience of an online casino and the possibility to play live roulette. Players looking for additional games and opportunities will find sports betting and over a thousand other casino games available to play for free or for real money. In addition to the game options and the experience provided by your games, 888 Casino has generous bonuses and campaigns that can put extra money into your account, allowing you to spin the roulette and keep having fun for longer. 888 Casino has three traditional categories of roulette. In addition, the platform offers many varieties, including French high-limit roulette, European deal or no-deal roulette and super stakes roulette. Each type of roulette allows you to feel the thrill of trying something new while enjoying the familiarity of classic roulette. Our main recommendation for longer matches is the European Low Risk roulette, which allows you to bet from R $ 0.50 to R $ 300 per round. This mode has an easier way to reduce the risk of overspending if you have several bad rounds.

The history of roulette Roulette is one of the casino games with the best documented history of all. The prototypes for this game were made in France and England in the 1600s. Players developed some variations that were successful and others that failed, locally, and did not achieve uniformity in the style of play. After more than a hundred years of experiments, the game managed to arrive in its modern form in Paris in 1796. It gained popularity quickly, as casinos were more likely to win (due to “zero” slots not counting as red, black and odd or even numbers) and thus players were delighted with the flexible betting options. The game spread throughout Europe and America and, in the middle of the 19th century, the game of roulette was as relevant as card games in casinos. In modern times, the game has remained popular. It has expanded all over the world and is present in casinos on almost every continent. With the popularization of the internet, it is now possible to play roulette online. The pioneering experience in Western European bookmakers was brought to players in the casino and now also at home

The different ways and strategies of playing roulette online Due to the nature of the game, there is no safe method that dictates how to win at online roulette at all times. So instead of focusing on taking advantage of the online roulette system, try to have fun while playing. For some people, this means continuing with free online roulette games. And to help those who want to play for money, this section highlights some popular styles of roulette, the various ways to maximize your chances of winning and what strategies to avoid. Although individual games may not be profitable, you can still earn extra money to play roulette. This is only possible when you take advantage of the bonuses just by participating in the games available. By receiving a bonus, you avoid losing your own personal money.

How to decide between the three types of roulette online Most online casinos offer several varieties in the main roulette game. Some players can take advantage of niche changes in the game, but most prefer one of the three most traditional styles of online roulette: American Roulette is the most popular version in the United States and has the slots '0' and '00', which give the house a significant 5.6% advantage. Since there is a greater chance of losing your bet, the returns are greater when you win. European roulette is the original variant of the game and has only one slot in the '0' house. In addition to the change in the arrangement of numbers, this game offers the house a 2.7% advantage, making it more attractive to players. French roulette is available online and in regular casinos as well. This version is generally the favorite of the players, because it surpasses European roulette and reduces the losses from a '0' to just 50% of your bet.

Make the most of your money with online roulette Roulette is a fun game for both beginners and those with considerable experience. Unlike poker or backgammon, there are not many playing strategies. There are no cards or piece positions to worry about, and each round is completely disconnected from the previous ones. Therefore, players who prefer to take risks regardless of their actions end up liking the sport very much. The most important roulette strategy is to manage your money correctly. Never bet more money than you are willing to lose, because the tendency of online roulette is to zero the player. If you're lucky, you can beat the system, but if you're not willing to lose, you can have fun without being influenced by previous results. The relationship this has to your strategy is that you should play for fun and find a way to enjoy the moment, regardless of whether you win or not. If the possibility of winning 1 round of 37 by betting on a specific number appeals to you, feel free to try, but there is nothing wrong with opting for a safer approach, like betting on a color. In fact, in the case of roulette, there is only one wrong way to play, which is through the "granary method" explained below.

Two common strategies for playing roulette Some players use the Martingale betting system, where you must double your bet after losing a round. In this case, the first win recovers all the money lost from the beginning and generates a small gain. While this can work in many cases, there are no guarantees, and following this strategy carefully can cause you to run out of money or reach the table limit. Another strategy is the D’Alembert system, which defends the bet of a necessary amount (for example R $ 10). After each loss, the value increases by R $ 10, while a win reduces the bet by R $ 10. This limits the algebraic growth of possible losses, but it still tends to cause the loss of all money if applied continuously. The positive side of not having a guaranteed winning strategy is that each player can find his favorite form. While playing, feel free to experiment with different variations and see which betting style suits you best.

Common mistakes to avoid to avoid losing money Even if there is no single strategy that leads to victory, that does not mean that there are no losing strategies. Here are several examples: Granary - this strategy involves American roulette, so it does not apply to playing European roulette online. This method involves betting on five numbers: 0, 00, 1, 2 and 3. The reason this is bad is that it improves the house advantage by 2%, this means that you are less likely to win the bets than if select positive numbers at random. All in, equal split - if you bet 50% of your available funds in black and 50% in red, you may find that, in most cases, you are tied. However, you will discover two things with this: 1) you will never be ahead of where you started and 2) sometimes you will lose everything. As roulette is a game of pure luck, it is best to focus on enjoying the games as they happen. Don't worry about having a strategy, instead, face the game with the thought that the odds are against you and you who are there to have fun. So when you win, you will feel better.

Online roulette: best bonuses and campaigns Good news for players is that the most reputable online casinos offer several bonuses and campaigns to encourage gambling. If you take the time to review them, you'll find great offers for playing roulette online. The most common bonus you will find is the welcome bonus. This is how online casinos encourage you to play. With the initial extra money, it's easier to have fun. Quality websites, like CasinoSlots, also offer daily promotions, which are great ways to try new games. An example is the "Lucky 8" event, in which a bonus is paid to players every time the roulette falls to 8 during a specific period. Another standard bonus among online casinos is the deposit bonus. Details and qualification requirements vary by casino, but these bonuses can be quite substantial if you make large deposits. When combined with loyalty points programs, which reward you for any action on the site, this bonus can actually be higher.

Trusted software vendors for online roulette In addition to a casino's reputation, licensing and certification, the best way to know that you are playing a safe game is by the software developers behind it. Each developer has a different view on how to show the games. Some focus on the visual spectacle, while others prefer to invest even more in an easy to use interface. Here are some of the most common developers that produce games that allow you to play roulette online for real money: Microgaming This developer supports many online casinos, including 888 Casino. It develops several varieties of roulette, including those that allow multiple players for a single round and those that allow players to bet on multiple wheels simultaneously. Evolution Gaming It develops practically every type of game, providing an excellent experience to users, including roulette. Its software supports live and digital roulette and has translation into several languages ​​from most participating countries. Their software also has RNG in their software, for a fair experience. Net Entertainment Recognized as one of the leading developers of online roulette, it is not difficult to find games from this developer, including some free games. Although their software also supports real money games, you will find that the software is very easy to use in addition to having a very attractive user interface.

Putting theory into practice in online roulette Once you've found the right casino to play roulette online, just register and start playing. Very soon, you will be playing online roulette for real money and taking advantage of the best bonuses and promotions to maximize the number of spins for your money. Some players who are just starting out look for additional information about the risks and rewards of playing online. In that case, you can contact JustGamblers for answers to questions about online gambling or roulette in general. If you need more information about a specific casino, see our reviews or contact us for more information. If you're still not sure whether online roulette is the right game for you and want to learn more about the basics of it, you can search for videos of real players on YouTube. But know that nothing beats the real experience, so the best way to know if roulette is your style of play is to try one of the free versions to play. After a few rounds, you will know if it is the right game for you. Regardless, the JustGamblers team is here to help you get started today! Ready to have some fun? If so, see you soon!

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