The history of Australian gambling

Opdateret: 3. juli 2020

The Australian is one of the largest athletes in the world. About 80% of the adult population is related to some type of gambling. This country has a great tradition related to gaming. In fact, the first official lottery took place in 1881, and the first horse race was held in 1810.

In Australia, the rules of the game vary depending on the country. The ACT Gambling and Racing Commission is a gaming commission operating in and around the capital. On the other hand, the Licensing Commission operates in Northern Australia, while the Independent Gaming Authority operates in Southern Australia. Victoria, Tasmania, Queensland and New South Wales also have their own regulatory agencies.

Traditionally, gambling in Australia is geographically regulated, but since the introduction of online gambling, the Commonwealth has begun to take action on this matter. Therefore, current gambling and face-to-face casinos are regulated by different regions, however, online gambling on CasinoSlots is jointly regulated.

Online casinos in Australia

The legislative changes that took effect in 2017 have had a major impact on the history of online gambling in Australia. This country is one of the most popular markets among online casino operators and players. In fact, British casinos are very popular in the area. However, these are the first people to leave Australia after the ban on online games. Nevertheless, there are still some well-known online casinos willing to accept Australian players as CasinoSlots.

Where does this prohibition come from?

In 2001, the Australian Federal Parliament passed the Interactive Gambling Act. This law against casino operators prohibits the provision of real money online gaming services to Australian residents. The only exceptions are sports betting and online lottery games. However, the law does not specifically prohibit Australian individuals from entering betting stations and online casinos (as this is the operator’s law). In fact, this is not a very effective measure, because despite the implementation of the Interactive Gambling Act, many foreign operators continue to provide services to Australian players without serious consequences.

In order to make up for the legal loopholes left by the 2001 law, which can effectively prohibit online gambling in the country, the Law on the Interactive Gambling Act was proposed in 2006 and approved the following year. This new measure did have the expected impact and caused a large number of game operators to evacuate from the country, such as Casinoslots. Today, this situation still exists.

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