How do you win money on online casino slot machines?

Opdateret: 30. sept. 2020

If you have ever played a slot machine in an online casino, you will know that you cannot always win. What can you do to ensure that you win the slot machine often? This is related to your choices again and again, such as the bet amount, the number of paylines or which slot machine you are playing on. These choices affect your chances of winning. how about it? I explain below.

On which slot machine can you win the most?

First of all, it is important to know that in the long run, the casino will always win. The advantage of the casino depends on the payment percentage of the slot machine. You can find percentages for many games on our placement page. The higher the percentage, the lower the advantage of the casino. Therefore, make sure you play on slot machines with high payout percentages to reduce the casino's advantage.

In addition, not all slots are the same. Some have the highest profits, but the percentage of your bet is very small. In other games, you often win a certain amount of bonus, but this amount is always not that high. It doesn't matter which slot machine you choose, it depends on your personal preference. It's up to you whether you like popular songs or want to win less prizes each time. However, it is true that if you continue to win many small bonus slot games in the line, you will end up with a slot machine that always pays 95% per bet. Then you lose 5% every time, of course we don’t want that. Therefore, I will try to avoid slot machines that make you feel that you can only win back a small amount of money per spin. You will notice this by playing games, but you can also check the pay table of the slot machine, which you can always find in each game under the information. For example, pay attention to the situation of winning with the four least valuable symbols. If this is less than your bet, it is best not to play this slot machine.

How much should you bet?

When you bet 100 Euros, you usually don't bet the full amount at once, right? For this reason, your chance of winning a bet is too small, and your chance of losing 100 Euro is too great. But you will not only bet 0.10 euros, because if you bet another 30 times the profit, you will only win 3 euros and we will not have any money.

The best choice is somewhere in between. My suggestion is to make your bet depend on the amount you play, which is 1/100 of the points. If you bet 100 Euros, you can bet up to 1 Euro. If you lose 25 Euros, you can bet up to 0.75 Euros. In this way, you can maintain a balance between winning and losing. Of course, this is just a guideline, you should consider your comfort zone when placing bets. If you don't want to bet more than $2 per spin, don't do it regardless of your financial status.

How many paylines should you play?

In principle, it doesn't matter, each payline usually pays the same fee, and each payline has the same bet. Nevertheless, we recommend that you always use the maximum number of paylines, because if you can profit from obsolete paylines, you can avoid frustration. And frustration is an emotion we want to turn off in the game, because we play for entertainment.

On old classic slot machines, you can usually choose to play top games or inferior games. In almost all slot machines, the odds of winning in the top games are higher than in the bottom games. So if you can choose to play up and down, choose the best game.

When to replace the slot?

In a bar, you usually don't play a slot machine where someone just won a lot of money. If someone just lost a lot of money, then many people tend to play. This is because the software of the coin-operated game machine has been adjusted in some way. In online casinos, this is adjusted by a random number generator (RNG). RNG is audited by an independent organization, so all games are fair. The RNG can also ensure that the slot machine is balanced, so if you just win a lot, you will have to lose again. The problem is that you don't know when is the right time to enter, because many players can play on the slot machine at the same time.

One possible way to take this into account is to change the slot after participating in a bonus game or getting free spins. These features are not something you often get, but you can win a lot in them. You can also change the slot immediately after the big win, because as said, this winning amount will eventually be lost... but someone else, of course you!

When to stop playing slot machines

Make sure you always treat slots as entertainment. Playing games will be fun, and there may be exciting victories. But please keep it fun and play as much as you can. Also set limits for yourself, the maximum win amount and the maximum loss amount. Don't deviate from these limits when playing games. This way, you can keep the fun and make sure you don’t get into financial problems. If you feel you are having problems with gambling, please check our information on how to prevent gambling addiction.

Summary of wins in online casino slot machines

All in all, you can use the maximum number of paylines on the slot machine with the highest odds. The way you place your bet depends on the total amount played, which is your bankroll divided by 100. After the big win, after playing bonus games or free spins, you can change the slot machine. Try toy slot machines with your favorite features, and avoid slot machines that have a low maxwin value or you often win money, but you can win a small amount of money every time. You stop playing the game with the largest win or loss amount. If you keep these tips in mind when playing casino slot machines, you will win more opportunities on the slot machines and play longer and longer

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