How to cheat in a casino?

In the casino, a lot of money has been turned into danger. It shook the imagination of the most primitive criminals. But what is a crime that can only be seen in the romantic film industry, and what happens at home?

We wrote in our previous article about casinos that Chinese money laundering activities are being carried out on a large scale in casinos in Singapore and Macau. In our current article, let's take a look at similar situations in the Hungarian casino world. How much does the family co-host earn? Will they cheat? Are they strictly controlled?

If the player wins, he is of course suspicious.

Romantic movies about big casino robberies tend to show accurately that the gaming industry takes security very seriously. Behind the gleaming scenery, there are many security guards, and thousands of cameras are watching the players and staff. Are there people who seem to be independent but actually collude with each other? Is anyone counting cards? In roulette, is there any suspicious behavior at the card table?

In recent decades, there have been some examples of almost every conceivable fraud method in the global casino world:

- For large counterfeit chips,

- Controlled dice rolls, when the player learns to roll dice regularly but has incredible dexterity in control,

- Smartphone Laser Roller

- To a cunning hidden miniature camera, looking at the dealer's card,

- The so-called "fiddling" means that the cheaters bring a type of card used in the casino to the deck, and hide some cards that are put into the appropriate position.

- Electronic card calculator, players can use it to increase their chances,

- For players who have calculated the tiny mechanical asymmetry of a given wheel from thousands of rolls,

Steady theft

There is also an example in Hungary where a cashier working at a leading casino in Budapest stole 80 million HUF from the cash register. You might think that because there are too many cameras, it can be recognized immediately, but in this case, half an hour later, the cashier first asked for the 80 million HUF hidden in his vest and pants, and then asked for a break. It becomes obvious. Said that he would get sick because he had already given birth to money.

Although this is a primitive "plan" that can hide money quickly at best, a carefully planned escape from abroad can "lead to success," but the identity of the perpetrator is exposed and will almost certainly fail.

Complaining trick

This is an even more exciting case when a player, a supervisor who oversees the work of an agent, and a person who performs camera checks come together. The essence of cheating is that the built-in players bet on a more complex form of roulette (called neighbors). In fact, he just called and the dealer placed the chips. When the player wins, he will remain silent. If not, he will complain to the host after the major announcement. He is not talking about 17, but 27, or the like.

After the player and the dealer disagreed, they turned to the room owner, who checked the situation with the camera lens. Of course, built-in personnel can provide players with real information. In this memorable case, the security and police quickly discovered the fraud and took one of the handcuffed fraudsters to the casino bar while working.

Contact lens

We have also heard of experiments in Hungary using unique techniques to cheat. In one case, a special galvanized card for poker is delivered to the built-in dealer, and the player wears an ultraviolet contact lens, which appears on the back of the card with an invisible mark.

Card count

It is well known in the world of blackjack that if the number of cards used is lower, the chance of winning can be increased. You can’t be sure, but in a six-card game, it doesn’t matter how many of the six, seven or ten numbers are. Anyone who follows will have a better chance of winning. In a well-known domestic case, a Chinese player with poor brainpower kept repacking chips to keep track of the number of cards left. He fell quickly.

But there is no target scroll

At the same time, our source told us very emphatically that the host cannot scroll in a targeted manner. The "cylinder" rotating on the extremely thin ball bearing is decorated with smaller obstacles called "diamonds", so it is impossible to photograph what will appear.

Domestic casino offers

According to current regulations, Hungary can open a total of 11 casinos, 10 of which now have live licenses.

-Andy Vajna owns five casinos in Budapest (Sofitel, Tropicana, Atlantis, Eurocenter, Corvin), -Debrecen and Gáboré Szima of Nyíregyháza,

-Based on Gehl's Treff-Klub Kft. (Led by Zsolt Kruppa) Can open a toy cave in Győr and Pécs,

-Sopron has an Austro-Hungarian mixed-ownership casino,

-In addition, by 2024, Budapest’s and Debrecen’s will also have online casino licenses.

Associate moderator, the distributor

Associate host or dealer and other casino jobs are not a dream. According to our sources, employers have high hopes for employees working in casinos:

Impeccable language skills, accurate game knowledge, fast and proficient counting, serious and skillful chip handling and a polite and restrained style.

Another problem is that due to many skilled employees going abroad, casinos have recently appeared to be less than expected. The host’s income is not bad, but their income does not even jump out of 30% to 50% of the total compensation plan. The biggest advantage of the skills acquired is that it is easier to work abroad.

In major European cities, a five-day poker tournament, that is, dealers can earn 600-800 Euros in about a week. Yes, but due to the cost of accommodation, meals, and travel, such seasonal jobs are not necessarily as large as occupations, best jobs on ships, or regular jobs in Western casinos.

Several types of work can be done on ocean liners. The most famous of the large "cruise" companies, that is, one-week, ten-day European, Caribbean or other travel companies, are Aida Cruises, Celebrities, Disney Cruises, Dream, Royal, and Star Airlines.

These are not cruise ships dedicated to casinos, but there are also gambling activities in many of the services provided on cruise ships. Here, dealers can usually sign for 6 to 9 months and earn a basic salary of about 1,000 Euros/USD and tips of 4-500 Euros/USD. It all depends on the boat you take, for example in Asia, yachts are not so typical.

Obviously, this salary is not very high, but there are some benefits. For example, the employee also gets accommodation and food, so his salary can almost be regarded as a net savings. After earning income at sea, taxation is also advantageous because there is almost no taxation required.

The coastal areas of the Arab world and Israel are characterized by large casino ships. These casino ships have left some countries under certain strict gambling regulations and can even play on the high seas. However, the benefits here are similar and there may be risks. . This one. Work carried out on this kind of ship.

Domestic salaries are not high, and employees must endure many factors. But it takes another month or two months to find a job. We heard that there is a place where you can find employment for free, but there is also a place where you can get paid. The typical domestic income is 50% of the basic salary and 50% of the tip. The peak monthly total income is about 350,000 $.

Tipping will never be provided directly to the distributor. There can be no manual actions between the player and the co-host. The nib must always be placed on the table so that the camera can see everything, and the dealer sweeps the nib into a box called a nib box (called nib box). After counting the money, the employees assign tips to each other according to a complex system (because the money is handled by the boss, if the tip is stolen, others will not know). Tax income cannot see this income, it is cash or envelopes.

The counting of chips follows very strict rules. Everyone can enter/enter the counting room only with personal permission, and the camera will record everything at the correct angle. Professionals distinguish the difference between soft count (ie, the count of chips collected on each table) and count (called hard count). Hard count refers to the cartridge of the game machine.


Long-term integration of the domestic game industry and security. He was one of the "machine" entrepreneurs in the heroic era, operating thousands of machines at home, and another iconic face who successfully worked in the Balkans (even in Albania). Those who have made so much money, sometimes even in difficult places, need to protect this. The casino world has always been intertwined with defense and even mafia.

As one of our sources said, although casinos need to wear appropriate clothes to show up, some people know that no one will talk about them. However, the exaggeration was closed by the "house". In this case, the agent who often spends money in the casino came as an athlete, so he could not participate in the game even if he was not worth it.

There is no easy job in the gambling industry. The casino's opening hours are 0-24 hours, and the shift hours vary, but there are usually many overnight stays. The table can only be closed if there are no players

Transplantation is very rare. Indeed, if the room manager decides, the player must accept without saying a word.

There is almost no dead time, but it is the case in the early morning on weekdays, but in the casino many times at 7 o'clock in the morning there are those who still stay in the evening game with bonuses, because the casino says they are "locked".

There is a family casino where up to two thousand players turn around every day, everyone is identified, and you must show your identity. At the same time, it is ridiculous that criminals in circulation can easily enter. The system prefers to filter out banned players and former employees because their absence is taken seriously by the casino.

In this world, there are no extensive employee rights and no meaningful cafeterias. For example, casinos cannot provide cigarette breaks for smokers. The staff usually had to endure a sudden outburst of guests, there were a lot of problematic characters there, and the casino host had shaken their stomachs beforehand because everyone (Arab or Chinese players) was already very familiar and some had split, or they You may lose your head completely because of rolling.

Usually, all of this can go unpunished, although we have also heard that the supervisor is just a lady’s dealer friend, and when a dear guest commented on a transaction with an unacceptable prompt, he immediately spoke with his boss Have a conversation. Stopped the game.

This profession also has a hierarchy

-After vocational training, people who work at the table are initially called interns

-If they are obsessed with their profession, the co-host or dealer will be the name of the staff leading the game,

-The person who stands out from this team may be the boss, such as a dealer inspector (DI)

-They stand above them, supervisor, also called chef

-A more important position is the pit boss or the room owner. He appears in a dispute, brings the chips to the table, moves up and down, and makes sure the room is working properly. This is obviously a very important person.

-Their supervision is the responsibility of the manager,

-Finally, the manager is the person in charge of the manager.

Money laundering

Today there are forint and euro games in Budapest, and the US dollar is worn out. Money laundering is not common, although the high denomination banknotes of players carrying 500 euros are highly suspicious. Today, the money is still called "bin Laden", mainly due to the high value of the mafia and terrorists. Indeed, this denomination is slowly withdrawing from European cash flows.

But they try to avoid issuing prize certificates only for actual prizes. When a player is "tracked", the casino can track it relatively easily. This affects the cash conversion, the movement of high-value chips (he gets one, he owns one, he triggers one). For example, if someone returns to the casino on the same day, they also need to bring proof of their first game bonus. Of course, more complex systems can allow multiple people to collude to win prizes.

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