How to choose a slot machine and win (almost) every time!

In this article, I will show you how to win on a slot machine. I will start with a series of practical tips and introduce how to choose a successful slot machine.

This is not an easy task (winning a slot machine will never be!) but I promise it will be fun.

So, are you ready to learn how to win money on slot machines?

Let us make it clear.

If you play slot machines for entertainment, there are no rules to follow. If you want to win online slot machines in free game or demo mode, you just need to choose the slot game that suits you, and then play, play, play, play.

If you want to win real money on slot machines in online games, this is a more difficult option. a lot of things. If so, then please read this article and you will know how to choose an award-winning slot machine!

Choose the winning slot with the highest payout and return

This may seem obvious to some people, but it is also one of the most common mistakes made by newbies when winning slot money online...until they realize that they have not done so. Don't even know where to start.

If you want to know how to win on a slot machine, you need a machine that pays more money than other machines. The player return (RTP) percentage is helpful to you.

RTP is the percentage of all bets that a slot machine places on players. This does not mean that this is the money you can get back.

You can get more. But this does mean that on this particular slot machine, other players in the past, present and future will be luckier than you.

Where can you find the best RTP?

The fastest option is to search online. Many sites reviewing casino games will let you know the RTP percentage of the casino operator's (flagship) machine.

Another more reliable option is to check directly on the casino website. The RTP password should be mentioned somewhere. Usually in the slot machine's settings or "help" section. So, how do you choose the winning slot machine?

RTP usually varies between 92% and 97%. Therefore, always choose a slot machine and pay at least 96% of the bonus to the player.

Beware of big jackpots. Although the possible price is fantasy, it is not always the most generous slot machine!

Determine the volatility of slot machines

Another important factor to be aware of when trying to choose a winning slot machine is volatility. In poker, this is often called "difference", but you can also call it a risk level if you want.

The volatility of slot games measures the risk of making money from slot games. It determines how you win the slot machine

If the volatility of the niche market is lower, it means that wins are more frequent. But they are also smaller. Spending during periods of high volatility is small, but greater.

You choose the one you like. If you do not have enough patience to take the risk and wait for large sums of money, then a low volatility position may be a better choice.

The risk is higher during periods of high volatility. You never know how much time and money it takes to achieve this lucky turnaround and make money on slot machines. But when you do...

How do you understand the volatility of slot games?

Similarly, you can look for it. However, this factor is rarely disclosed by the provider and therefore rarely discovered by the evaluator.

But you can try the machine and do it yourself. Simple, accurate results. If you play for long enough, you will see how many times and what kind of payouts you get.

Although this is a rare but important success, the niche market is highly volatile. If you often win instead of winning-volatility is low.

Free spin bonuses are a great way to test slot machines and determine their volatility. It is risk-free and the result can teach you how to win slot machines in the long run.

Don't choose obvious options

No matter how great an online casino is, it wants you to do one thing: your money! Regulations and licenses make casinos legal and reliable. However, if you really want to know how to choose a successful slot machine, you need to remember more factors.

Like spending and volatility, some things are not easy to find.

Because if you do, more players will know how to beat the slot machine. And fewer players will play (lose) on fewer generous slot machines.

For the same reason, you should always look for things that are not easy to find.

If the slot machine has a separate slogan on the homepage and pushes the same game to your face at all costs... this may indicate that the slot machine’s payout is not in your favor.

Dig. Look for machines that have not been widely promoted. Check the ones hidden on the second or third page of the casino. They can pay more and help you make more money.

The placement of slot machines in the casino is not certain that slot opportunities will not be exciting. If so, it would not be in the casino at all.

Place a higher bet

If your bet is all $0.10, why does the slot opportunity reward you with a jackpot? But in fact, it's not.

Even if you win a lottery, your bet amount may be the main reason why you can't cash out your bonus.

Your bet can determine how to win money on the slot machine. Slot machine payout is directly proportional to your bet in the game. If it is not a lot, you will rest assured, but don't expect a big win.

At the same time, more bets can destroy your funds faster, but can also help you win more.

This is why higher denomination slot machines are also more dangerous, but they work the same way-they pay more.

You should keep this in mind, especially if you like to play slot machines with jackpots. In many cases, the maximum bet is required to win the jackpot. Yes, this suggestion will increase the risk of the game. I think many people don't know this is crazy. They won the lottery after playing for hours without realizing that their bet would never win them!

But risk is always an important factor in the game. Then you decide how much you want to gamble. Don't blame the result afterwards.

Trust other players

I will not tell you to trust other players when playing poker. But this is very convenient for playing slot machines.

If the slot machine pays, the player will announce it. fast.

This is why you should always check reviews and ratings. Read the comments of other players. Ask the Facebook group for suggestions on important matters. Before the casino can use you, use your Internet connection.

In a real casino, I would be more subtle, because this is a high-yield machine, usually a secret you don't want to share with others.

Avoid using branded ad slots

It may sound misleading. Branded slot machines are great. They feature our favorite bands, movies, TV series or performances. In addition, the bet is high. Should the payment be? false.

Branded slot machines are there to attract your name.

Remember not to choose obvious points? If you are a "Game of Thrones" fan, when you see the "Game of Thrones" slot on the list, how likely are you to directly enter it? Probably. I did this the last time I went to Las Vegas...

You don't have to be a psychologist, marketer or casino operator to be aware of this. Fortunately, you don't have to be a die-hard gamer to know how to choose a successful slot machine. This is the purpose of this article!

Developers who use some popular brands of advertising space paid a high price for using the name. Therefore, they cannot give you the best return. And this is not the easiest way to make money.

Although casinos and developers have invested heavily in the name, it is you who are worth your investment. or not

Take advantage of free spins

How to win slot machines with free spins when there are hundreds of hidden withdrawal terms and conditions?

Betting requirements definitely reduce the fun of playing slot machines with free spins. We are not discussing. But there are still some free spin bonuses that may be worth it.

Go looking for casino bonuses and check all the rows to avoid unpleasant surprises, you will find nice surprises!

Always have more active accounts in online casinos

Among all the games available in the casino, playing well and controlling emotions are not always easy. Slot machines are no exception.

In order to deal with the boredom that may be caused, or worse, lack of attention, please change the site and slot machines several times. If you have a party in several online casinos and have a new interface, a new way of playing and different backgrounds on the machine, it can help you quickly refocus your attention.

Having multiple accounts can also prevent tilt, which is well-known to poker players but often overlooked by casino fans. After a period of loss and/or bad luck, there is a tilt. You're angry. No yelling and nervous gestures are necessary, excitement can be completely internal. Then, you make an unwise decision, such as significantly increasing your bet.

If each casino only deposits a small amount of funds, it is possible to limit financial losses when tilting. Your instinctive bad habit is usually to lose all the funds you have in the casino. If your funds are evenly distributed among the five casinos, then you will keep 1/5 of your money.

So, how do you beat the slot machine?

-You didn't really beat them. Unless you perform kicks or body blows. But I do not recommend this.

To increase the odds, choose a slot machine with high payouts, volatility of choice, good reviews and a decent good bonus. It may not help you learn how to beat slot machines, but it will help you win more prizes on slot machines more often.

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