How to choose a slot machine in the casino?

Choose your casino game based on payment rate

If you want to win the game first, you will have to favor slot machines with high payout ratios. The redistribution rate is specific to each slot machine and indicates the average percentage that the casino pays to players. For online slot machines, it is usually higher than land-based casinos and can reach 98% at the best time. However, the payout rate is not always displayed. To find it, you must access the slot machine information. It is usually displayed on the last help page as follows: RTP: 98%.

Choose according to the volatility of the slot machine

Not all slot players have the same goals, and volatility is one of the main criteria to consider when playing slot games. The term uses different meanings in many fields such as science, finance, and computer science, but for slot machines, the definition of finance is the closest definition. Slot machines are divided into 3 types of volatility: high, medium, and low. You should know that the greater the volatility of a slot machine, the more profit will be distributed over time, so in order to maintain the correct bounce rate, the profit will be high. Slots with low volatility will give players less space over time, but with less payout.

If you are looking for adrenaline and are willing to take risks, then you should prefer high volatility gaps. Although they do not provide regular wins, they will appear particularly generous when they eventually fall. If you want to gamble regularly and win a small amount of money, choose a time slot with low volatility. Many uncertain gamers decide to play on slot machines with moderate volatility.

Therefore, the standard will depend on everyone's taste, but in the long run, it will never change your chances of winning. If the volatility is not displayed in the game information, the volatility can be easily recognized by making a few spins in the demo mode, so if the number of wins is often reduced or smaller or higher, the winner will see it soon.

Choose a slot machine according to your budget

Each slot machine has a minimum bet and a maximum bet per spin. If you have a low budget and want to play longer, then it is best to use only one payline to try the classic slot machine and only bet a few cents. Every turn. However, since you will not enjoy the excellent graphics that video slots have, your gaming experience may not be very interesting. If the budget is tight, another possibility is not to activate all the paylines in the slot machine, but this is not necessary because it will reduce the payout rate and you may miss the opportunity. income.

Choose your slot machine based on the bonuses and jackpots offered

Slot machines have developed a lot over time and have improved in all aspects. Today, all new online slot machines come with bonus game options and symbols to make the game more interesting. We will point out the different functions of the slot machine in each comment. The most common are free spins, crazy replacement symbols and mini bonus games, such as the wheel of fortune or click me. These bonuses can bring you a considerable jackpot once they are triggered, so it is best to choose this game to avoid tediousness and have a chance to win a generous bonus.

If you expect to win a jackpot while playing a slot machine, the jackpot slot is great. However, every time you spin, you will contribute a small amount of money to fill the jackpot.

Choose your slot machine according to your preferences

In general, many players do not pay special attention to the payout ratio, but prefer to have an entertaining experience in the game, these visually pleasing reward options. Many people will develop a habit and always look for games from the same developer. In our guide, you will find slot machines sorted by theme or developer, and you can also choose to choose only slot machines with high-quality 3D graphics. If you attach great importance to graphics, we recommend that you pay special attention to the games Netent, BetSoft and Yggdrasil Gaming.

Either way, the best way to choose your casino slot machine is to try several methods! Lucky you! Our guide has more than 2000 slots, and you can sort and filter them. Test them for free in the demo version, the result will be the same as the real mode, and the payment rate will not change. This way, you will have an idea of ​​your favorite slot and you can orient yourself to the right place.

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