How to play slot machines

Gambling in a casino can be a fun pastime (sometimes drugs). Slot machines bombard your senses with lights, sound effects or vibrations, all of which are intended for you to gamble, including on online casino sites. Slot machines can be said to be the most popular game in casinos due to their attractiveness. Can't wait to try entertainment? This is how to do it.

method 1 Before you place a bet

1 - Become a member of the "one-armed bandit" or "smart player" club offered by a casino near you.

These programs will reward your loyalty based on your attendance rate and give you the opportunity to redeem modern coins or other benefits. Compare offers from different casinos or gaming sites, and choose the offer that best meets your expectations by offering free games or other perks. As a member of a player club, you may get more discounts online. Casinos usually offer free games, meals or hotel rooms (or all three) in the off-season to encourage you to come. If you still want to spend money, it is best to register as a member.

2- Know what you are looking for.

Although various advertising spaces have different expenditures, combinations, and popularity, they all work the same. Here are some things you should know:

-You can place bets with prepaid tickets, membership cards or cash at the cashier. Prepaid tickets are usually (if not always) inserted into the machine where the coin is located. Most slot machines have bank notes in denominations ranging from 5 to 100 euros. [1] These payment areas are clearly visible and cannot be ignored.

-Most machines no longer pay coins. If you are looking for a funnel and a pile of coins, then you will need a long time.

-In most cases, the legend of the winning combination is displayed on the glass panel at the top of the screen. We will tell you what kind of game it is, the winning combination and the details of winning the jackpot. Please read the instructions before playing. Some machines are more profitable than others.

-Find the "Cash" button on the machine. Here, you can return to the earth and get out of semi-coma. Drinks and snacks are not free there. Press the button and it will tell you your winnings, and then you can cash it out at the cashier or ATM-of course, if you win.

3 - Ask yourself what type of game will make you comfortable.

When it comes to slot machines, you will find yourself playing an amazing number very quickly. In fact, these machines run much faster than traditional games such as roulette. You will find that each gaming machine costs 50 cents, if you really want to win anything, you need to spend 5 euros to buy other machines. Which one do you think will make you catch a cold?

-As a general rule, if you need to invest more money to win the jackpot, you should bet that amount (if you don't win, why do you bet?). If you do not intend to inherit the inheritance from your beloved grandmother, it is best to choose a machine with a share of less than 1 Euro. You will play longer with your own money!

-Most casinos provide their slot machines in rows based on the value played. You will see a large illuminated panel that displays "10ct" or "25ct" or "1€". If the casino is a maze of one-armed bandits (and usually deliberately), please prevent the hostess or employee from being taken to the right place.

4- Don't be fooled by the casino settings.

Casinos use a certain strategy to place their machines, and each venue has its own game strategy, which is difficult to understand at first glance or at first glance. More importantly, today's technology allows casinos to change the payment method of machines in the blink of an eye. Therefore, before asking the cute hostess the best place to play, please think twice.

-In addition, the concept of "winning" machine lacks logic. From a surreal perspective, the slot machine looks like a pair of dice. You might tell yourself after getting four six points in a row, you won't get the combination for the fifth time. But these six numbers are likely to stand out like the others. In each round of the game, the dice can fall on anything. The same is true for slot machines. Very large winning combinations can only appear after a shocking number of reels. [2] Unless you want to risk all your assets to engage in the slot machine business, you don't need to let probability affect your game skills.

Method 2 How to play

1- Master the machine operation of gain multiplication.

- A bigger bet will not increase your chances of winning; therefore, it is best not to play the most role on such machines. This model is reasonable in the sense that if you place a small bet, you will win a small amount; if you place a large bet, you will win a large amount-but this will not affect the number of times you win.

- If you don't want to spend too much money, please choose the machine, there is not much difference in the number of coins to be inserted. If you can hit 2,000 coins with 1 coin, 5,000 coins with 2 coins, and 45,000 coins with 3 coins, you'd better do it your way. Imagine if you can win a lottery with just one coin! You will cry to the bar.

2 - Take a big bet on the online payment machine.

This is not a myth, but a simple logical question. If you are using this type of machine, always play the biggest bet. One coin will cover the center line, two coins will also be paid diagonally, and three coins will win you all the combinations on the screen. These machines can also handle groups of symbols, numbers, apples, and stars. Again, suppose you bet on a coin and see the 777 diagonal appear! If you choose this machine, it's best to have fun or go home.

-In other words, if you place more bets, this machine will not increase your winnings, it will only increase your chances of getting a winning combination out of the bonuses offered. You really have to buy something that can save money. Then, if the machine comes up with a winning combination that you haven't bet on, it will still be considered a winner-the machine's rate of return will remain the same, about 93% (sometimes even higher), even if you don't touch anything.

-Some video games work this way, but they are in a separate section.

3 - Tap Jackpot.

If you see a group of people clinging to a row of machines with a huge screen on it, and constantly showing more and more money, then this is a progressive game. This type of slot machine is connected to a jackpot, and every time you play these machines, the jackpot will keep increasing. All machines are linked together, and the first player to win the jackpot will receive the amount shown on the screen.

Like online jackpot machines, you also need to place the biggest bet on this type of game. If you do not place a maximum bet, you will not win the jackpot. You can win smaller victories, but the jackpot is not for you. Therefore, if you spend time on these things-the advantage is that they can give you jackpots with amazing numbers-be prepared to empty your pockets.

4 - Get involved in video games.

They can also be used as "multi-line" games and can be operated like other online award-winning machines. You must choose how many rows you want to bet on and how many coins you want to put in each row. On a penny machine, you can bet 5 cents on the centerline and spin. It may not make any money for you at all, but you can. Some machines can bet up to 500 lines, sometimes you can bet from 5 cents to 1 euro per line (depending on the type of machine).

-In this game, you do not need to bet the maximum coin, but you should play all rounds. In this way, you will not miss any paylines (you will not bet). The machine will not do any harm to the lines you play, nor will it adjust your return on bets; therefore, you should use their full advantage every time.

-Electronic games are by far the most popular computer. Because they often provide bonuses, increase income and regularly provide various activities and other sources of income. In addition to the fun and interesting side of animation, they also give you the impression that you are indeed playing a game and have a chance to win the game.

-Of course, video poker games can be said to be much more popular, but this is another matter. If you want to venture into this particular world, there are also English WikiHow articles to familiarize you with the game.

-Video game lines seem to cross, diagonally, M-shaped, W-shaped, rippled, curled or any direction you want. Therefore, even if you think you have not won, it is possible. Even if you think you have won, you may not. Just appreciate the complexity of the game and try to stay calm. Then play a series of free games and let the machine run for you.

5 - Decide on a game.

You now know that a casino is like the back of your hand because you know all kinds of games. Find a free machine and solve it. You will experience an adventure, and we hope it will be fruitful. Insert your membership card (even if you don't use it to cash out shares-you will earn points), then insert the cash or prepaid card. Then you will be seen as a festival of bright lights and bizarre sounds!

-Follow the instructions on the screen or read the game rules on the panel at the top of the screen. If the machine confuses you or does not work properly, please call an employee (there is a button on the control panel for this operation and the indicator light on the machine will flash to remind the person) to help you.

-To leave the machine, please press the "cash" button. The receipt will be printed, and you can show it at the vending machine or casino cashier. After receiving the bonus, put away the membership card and proceed to the exit. Is it too late?

6 - Be polite.

Although casinos are the halls of hedonism, this does not mean that you don't have to take specific classes. Generally, the internal rules of any casino stipulate the following:

-If you see a coat hanging from a chair or an armchair leaning in front of the machine, the bicycle has passed. Don't use it. When the player comes back from the bathroom, you may encounter serious problems.

-Do not play more than two machines at the same time. If the casino is crowded, only one machine can be played. Don't monopolize one-armed gangsters to satisfy your huge demand for gambling to spoil the fun of others.

-If you find that someone else has won the big prize you owe, don't be angry: this will never happen. Every computer goes through thousands of combinations every minute, so there is little chance that you will press the button at the same time as another player. Much bigger than leaving the casino with a full wallet!

Method 3 Manage your money

1- Know your limits.

Yes, now is the time to make this statement: you must know your limits and must stop playing when you have reached them. Before you start playing, determine how much you can allow yourself to lose, as well as an amount of winnings at which you leave the casino. Both are equally important because they can help you quit gambling.

- The two big pitfalls when playing slots are greed or playing beyond your means. What can be a fun, relaxing experience can also turn into something terrible and inextricable. Be careful.

2 - Enter the casino with the amount you decide to spend on the game.

Leave your bank cards and credit cards in the safe at home or in the hotel room, where you will not be tempted to go bankrupt.

-If possible, please spend your money at night. Tell yourself that you only spend that much money every half hour. If you win within these 30 minutes, you must set aside your profit (and continue to use the starting amount). If there is nothing to play, please wait until the next hour and a half to continue. The evening will last longer.

3 - Choose the lowest denomination of the machine you want to play.

This will allow you to play longer and optimize your chances of winning. If you plan to play a certain number of games, online video games and jackpots may not be suitable. Instead, use a combination of fruits and numbers or classic online game devices to play classic game consoles.

4- Choose the slot with the highest payout rate.

This number indicates how often the machine will have a winning combination; the higher the percentage, the more likely you are to win. These amounts should be clearly displayed on the machine, ranging from 80% to 98%-the higher the starting principal (for example, 1 Euro), the higher the payout.

-Please note that in contrast to standalone machines (for progressive machines), payment rates may apply to a series of bundled machines and not all machines in the same row will provide similar expenditures. You should take a look at how other players operate and see which ones are more suitable than others.

-To be clear, a 98% payout means you can win 98 cents for every euro you bet. This means you will have to spend most of this decade on the machine to get this result.

-Las Vegas slot machines are programmed to allow you to win more opportunities. But remember, this is a long-term result. Every time it rotates, the machine has the same number of combinations. Whether you win a game or not, whether you win or not, the odds for the next game remain the same.

5 - All the bonuses in the pocket.

Never play with the money you have won, because it is contrary to your initial strategy and only play with the money you allocate. Although instant gratification is always a wonderful feeling, if you have more money in your pocket than you spend half an hour in the casino (usually to no avail), you will feel better.

- When you go home, put your winnings in the jackpot. Next time you go to the casino, take your shares from the pot. If nothing is left after a period of time, you can save money to replenish your funds, reduce the number of times you enter the casino, or even wait until the casino sends you a few games via email. free!


-Research winning strategies before setting foot in the casino. There are countless books or online courses to help you make the most of the gaming experience. But please note that online consultation is usually (if not most) a scam.

-The game world is full of superstitions and myths. Don't fall into the hazy theory of spitting and non-paying machines, because it is not based on facts. Every machine in the casino has a computer program that can determine in advance whether the game will win, and there is nothing you can do.

-If you have a membership card, please use it! This is the only way for the machine to recognize you and give you points accordingly.

-Most machines display their rules or have help tools on the device, if you are playing online games, you can choose this tool. If you can't see them, ask the employee in the game room or call the customer service center (if you are gambling on the Internet).


If you join a player club or subscribe to an attractive plan, please make sure not to gamble for the simple purpose of accumulating points or rewards. This is a dangerous practice, and you may spend more time on being angry than worth it.

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