How to play slot machines and casino

Although table games require some knowledge, there is nothing easier than playing free slot machines online or in a casino.

They are also called "fruit machines" in the UK and "Pokies" in Australia. Their simplicity, accessibility, and the fun they provide make them the main features of casinos around the world.

However, savvy gamers know that they do not provide the best payout rate, usually between 92% and 93%.

Extremely high playback speed, up to millions of themed jackpots, they are undoubtedly the game type that players love.

By reading the end of this article, you will master the key concepts behind these machines and learn how to make the most of them.

How slot machines work

-The result of each spin of the slot machine is determined by a random number generator, which calculates hundreds of results per second and stops immediately after you put down the joystick or click the "Bet" or "Play" button. .

This is why you are still scrolling to stay suspense while determining the technique, you have determined the result of the shot.

The exact time of pressing the button or lowering the joystick can determine the result. If you do this earlier or later, the results will be different.

The slot machine industry is strictly regulated, and manufacturers and casinos must comply with very strict regulations established by each country/region.

Reallocation or "return" rate

Knowing the machine's return rate is the most important information all players are looking for.

The rate of return refers to the percentage of money invested by the machine in the prize money that will be distributed to players in millions of games.

If the bet of the machine is set to 96%, for every 100 euro bet, 96 euros will not be refunded, but in the long run, the average bet is 96%.

How to find the most generous machine

The arduous task of slot machine technicians is to find the perfect balance in order to give the casino the right advantage and at the same time make the players happy.

This is why the payout rate of a machine is usually associated with its denomination. The higher the minimum bet, the higher the rate of generosity to the player.

Therefore, if you do not win a lottery, it is best to play one credit at a time on a high-denomination machine instead of multiple credits at a time on a low-level machine.

Although some machines provide different return on investment based on the number of credits, doing so usually results in a better return on investment.

Many myths and miraculous techniques for finding the best machine are told among players. Some content is explained at the end of this guide.

However, the following three techniques can provide you with reliable instructions.

-Estimate based on machine name

Generally, you can rely on the following orders of magnitude. Of course, these rates may vary by country and casino.

Denomination Average return rate

Large € 0.50 € 1 93% - 98%

Medium € 0.10 € 0.25 90% - 95%

Serious € 0.01 € 0.05 87% - 92%

In France and Nevada, the lowest percentage of players returning is 85% and in Nevada 75%, but few machines are configured at this speed, and the average return in France is 93%.

-Find ads

When walking into the casino, especially abroad, you will find the English "98% Payback Rate" or "98% Payback" advertisement on the slot machine. This can be a good indicator of the performance of the machine.

However, please pay attention to the "return rate as high as 98%" or "return rate as high as 98%" in English. If it is placed on a group of machines, it means that only one of them provides this return rate.

-Do some research on the casino you visit

Some casinos announce their payout rates, and you can also find interesting resources, such as the research on odd anomalies in Las Vegas casinos.

Although the date is somewhat outdated, research shows that the most generous machine was found off the Las Vegas Strip, and the worst machine was at McCarran Airport, and the return rate was not high. More than 85.02%!

The highest is Palm Tree, with an average player return rate of 93.42%.

Know the paytable and when to bet Max

Two main types of slot machines -Modern slot machines have a button on the front panel, while old slot machines (also known as "one-armed bandits") are known for their mechanical levers and rollers. They were invented by Charles Fey in 1895.

-Mechanical roller and one-arm bandit

One-armed bandits seem simpler for players, usually consisting of three reels and a game route.

-Video tape

In contrast, recent "video" game consoles are equipped with screens that can provide up to 6 reels, more than 100 betting lines, and various denominations and games for you to choose from.

One of the features of this machine is their very interesting "reward" game. They increased the payout rate, so make sure to place enough bets to unlock them.

Understanding the expense table

It is very important to understand the potential payout provided by the machine to know the number of bets. -Usually, you can only bet on additional credit lines or maximum credit lines when you directly profit from it or have a jackpot obligation.

Here is a detailed description of the different payout tables you can find in the casino.

-Standard multiplier

On the standard multiplier, more bets can increase your income proportionally, but you will not risk any other benefits.

Betting Max on these types of machines is not your best choice.

-Fixed multiplier

The modified multiplier allows you to earn additional bonuses by placing more points. It makes more sense to bet on Max on this type of machine, because you are rewarded for taking risks.


Buying a payment machine allows you to activate more winning symbols by adding credit.

Make sure to always bet enough to activate these symbols, as they increase the payout rate. However, please be careful, because sometimes the final credit only appears as a standard multiplier.


IGT first introduced progressive gaming machines in 1986. These gaming machines can provide huge jackpots by imposing a small additional fee on all bets.

Always target the jackpot for such machines because the distribution rate is lower than other machines of the same denomination.

>Machine only

Single machines provide their own jackpots, they are not linked to other machines, but usually appear in groups.

In this case, find the machine with the highest jackpot, because the odds of hitting it on all machines are the same. Make sure to place enough bets (usually the maximum bet) to win.

>Group or multi-site computers

Grouped or multi-site computers are linked to other computers of the same type and share similar jackpots.

In this case, the choice of machine is not important because the potential benefits of each machine are similar. However, please make sure to place enough bets (usually Max) to win.

Budget management

Since there is no magic formula to beat slot machines, the best strategy is to reduce the casino's advantage to the maximum and apply some tricks to keep your budget to the end while waiting for luck.

Know which machine is best for you

First, you need to determine what to look for when playing. Your main goal should always be to find fun, have fun, and remember that unless you are lucky, you will waste more than half of your time. Therefore, are interested in trying out free slot machines online.

But, what kind of gamer are you? Do you want to win big prizes or double your daily budget?

As we have seen in the dedicated section of the payroll, machines that provide jackpots have a lower rate of return.

You can also check the payment table to determine whether the machine often provides winning combinations. -If many large multipliers are displayed here, the number of winning combinations may be less than that of a machine with a medium multiplier.

Playing games on unstable machines with low return rates, if you fail to reach a successful combination, you will take more risks and use your budget faster. On the other hand, if you are lucky, you will get more!

How to calculate the budget

You need to determine your budget and choose slot games based on your goals and playing time. Generally speaking, for 2 to 3 hours of play, the budget should be 200 to 300 times the average bet.

If you plan to win a big jackpot on a more risky and volatile slot machine: For every EUR 1 bet, 90% return on investment and 500 rollovers per hour, your expected loss will be 50 EUR (1 EUR x 500 x 90%).

If you want to play for a longer period of time with a smaller budget, usually 1 to 10 cents game opportunities provide more regular expenditures.

For each bet of EUR 0.10, a 90% rate of return and 500 rolls per hour, your expected loss is EUR 5 (EUR 0.10 x 500 x 90%).

Before you come to the casino, figure out how many games you want to play and what you want to achieve so that you know when to stop the game.

-So you will be able to taste the feeling of leaving the winner.

Remember, slot machines are one of the lowest payout rates of all casino games. If you continue to reinvest your earnings, you may lose earnings.

Allocate budget

Don't hesitate to allocate budget to change the fun between different types of machines.

You can also divide the budget into 2/3 parts to extend the playing time and find other things you can do between meetings.

There will always be animations, promotions or interesting things found in the casino!

Tips and tricks

Don't confuse the redistribution rate with the success rate

If the payout rate of a machine is 96% of the bet, you won't get 96 dollars after betting 100 dollars.

Each rotation is independent, and the rate of return is calculated based on millions of occurrences. This is why you can win, lose or end with the original bet after betting $100.

The success rate is the percentage of the number of times you have won a single step.

Know your machine before you start playing

If you try to use a new machine, make sure you understand how it works. Study the payment schedule, bonus and jackpot prerequisites so that you can bet accordingly.

If you have any questions, please contact the machine administrator. He will be able to answer all your questions.

Use your membership card

Register your casino's membership plan and don't forget to insert your card into the machine.

In addition, in equal bets, you will earn higher loyalty points than table game players.

Don't play points

Loyalty programs can be very attractive for many free gifts and exclusive offers, which will improve your comfort in the hotel.

However, do not gamble for profit. Unless you are lucky, you will lose ways to reward you more than the loyalty program.

Share your budget with friends

By sharing your budget with friends and taking turns playing, you may have more fun than playing alone!

It will also allow you to have a larger budget and slow down the game speed. However, please make sure that this person is honest.

Control your emotions

Casino games generate emotions, which is exactly what we are after. However, if you happen to win a large sum of money, keep your head calm and don't get emotional.

Your lucky period will not last forever.

Play slowly

Using modern slot machines, you can play much faster than before due to their speed. Now even betting series can be automated!

Remember that the payout rate is very low, the faster you play, the greater the risk of losing money.

Winning money may be your goal, but remember that the casino has a mathematical advantage over you, expect losses and taste your victory when it happens. Look for fun, not money.

Video poker may be a better game for you

Video poker machines are similar in style to slot machines and provide higher payout rates.

You can apply strategies to increase the increase to more than 99%!

So lucky!

We can give you the best advice! Luck is the only way to win slots.

Popular myths

"I know how to win every time"

Never trust the strategy that some people want to sell to you.

Whether it's a machine, roulette or any other game, if someone knows the winning strategy, they won't be there trying to sell it to you.

The most generous machine is the most visible

Many people say that the most generous machine is usually located in the center and visible position of the action, with the goal of attracting attention when the player wins. Books on how to understand the thinking process of machine technicians have even been published!

However, there is no evidence to prove that the most reliable information we can provide you is that the payment rate varies mainly depending on the denomination of the machine.

The locals and staff know where the generous machine is

Unfortunately, since the return rate is calculated based on millions of events, it is almost impossible to get a clear idea about this.

Even if you are by the machine for several hours a day.

To win, find a player who hasn’t won for a long time, and take the machine immediately after leaving the machine

The idea here is that since this has not been done yet, the machine should redistribute the bonus as soon as possible.

However, this is not a good idea because, like roulette, each betting round is completely independent.

The machine just won the prize, so I won’t do it again for now

A machine will never be hot or cold, or will never be generous after giving out a big prize. As mentioned earlier, each round of betting is completely independent.

If you are really lucky, one machine can provide multiple prizes in a row!

I can use the joystick or buttons to earn more

It does not matter, your odds are calculated at the machine level by a random number generator.

If you do not use a membership card, the redistribution rate will decrease No, regardless of whether the membership card is inserted in the machine, the return rate will not change.

in conclusion

We have tried to put together the best tips in this guide so that you can make the most of your time.

Remember that slot machines are not your best choice in the casino, and video poker may interest you. These machines provide similar game styles and more attractive payout rates. Don’t hesitate, you can also discover our series of infographics to learn the rules and strategies of table games in less than 5 minutes: roulette, blackjack, three card poker, stud poker, craps , Sic Bo, Baccarat, Battle and Ultimate Texas Hold' Poker.

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