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Here, you will find a list of the best casinos based on very simple criteria, such as:

Your favorite bonus type, currently available free online casino games and promotions. -Your favorite software platform, cross-platform and mobile applications.

-Automatically support payment methods.

-All online chance games and lottery games you like to play.

-A guide for beginners and experienced players.

Don't just assume that a website is worth your time and money. Let our list guide you. The casino exam section is the largest online casino. If you choose the right casino, even the best online casino in independent review, you will definitely have a great gaming experience. If you choose the wrong product, you may encounter many problems. We don’t want you to go the second way. If you are not familiar with gambling, you will not have enough experience to make a choice, and our exams will be very helpful. Our exams will save time and effort for experienced players. They do not need to visit dozens of websites to find a suitable website.

Find a reliable online casino website

Hundreds of online casinos accept players. It can be a challenge to immediately find and classify good people from bad people. Many of them, even the worst, are very good at marketing their brands on the Internet. This usually makes it difficult to distinguish between good and bad.

You may have noticed that we mentioned some important standards in the online casino reviews, and before we start reading the reviews, we want to share some details with you. Two important aspects of increasing the credibility of online casinos are: the large groups they can belong to and when they are established. Most older casinos are highlighted when they are launched. Some well-known online casino groups are Vegas Partner Lounge, Fortune Lounge, Jackpot Factory, Palace Group and Mansion Casino. There is no indication that a separate casino or a new casino cannot be a good casino. They are as good as the agents who contributed to them, and we list some of them in CasinoSlots.

The Criminal Law prohibits gambling, unless authorized by the authorities. The original license was distributed on June 8, 2010. You can find ARJEL approved sites for online poker on this site. The most famous regulatory jurisdictions are Antigua and Barbuda, Belize, Netherlands Antilles, Isle of Man, Cyprus, Gibraltar, Malta, United Kingdom and Kanawaki. Software providers are Microgaming, Playtech and NetEnt. Trusted verification organizations are eCOGRA and TST.

You must ask yourself whether the bonus or promotion is suitable for you. If you are not a top player, then the 5,000 Euro welcome bonus voucher is not important to you. You should look for a weaker game on CasinoSlots.

The following free online casinos must be licensed by a reputable regulatory agency. It must allow you to conduct financial transactions in Euros. It must provide live chat support. Consider your expectations for online games and add your own requirements to this list. For example, if you want to use your mobile phone to play games, then a mobile platform is essential. If you do not plan to bet, the mobile platform will not be on your priority list. The required list will make selection easier.

Finally, there is a useful tip. You can contact live support from the online casino website without registering. Prepare a list of issues and seek support representatives. If you are satisfied with this site, it will provide you with an idea.


Just because the gambling website ranks high in Google does not mean that it is very suitable for your business

Finding a WEB casino insured for us involves finding the safest and most legal gambling establishments, which are renowned for their quality services and highest payment rates. It also involves viewing options for games, software, bonuses and promotions. When you think of more than 2,500 internet casinos, this can be a difficult task, but here are some tips. Research some tips of online casino

The Internet is full of online casinos-each casino has different software, deposit options, promotions, terms and conditions, and the acceptance of players from different countries. Coupled with the fact that many casinos are not regulated, this can be a scary place for beginners. By reading this guide and the following tips, you will gain more knowledge about how to play online casinos.

First read our review of the most popular gaming sites.

Visit the casino website.

Read the terms, deposit and withdrawal options, and promotional information. If you are satisfied with the website, please register a free account to play their casino games for free. Use your favorite search engine to search for content such as "comments" to find the latest issues that have not been discussed elsewhere. Just know that all online casinos, such as land-based casinos, irritate customers from time to time. Therefore, it is important to look for the mode or history of the complaint, not to file a complaint based on its apparent value.

Online casino registration and verification

After submitting the information, the casino will send you a confirmation email containing your account information. After confirming your account, you can log in and have access to all games. You can (and must) play the game for free, and then click the "Cashier" button to make a deposit.

Choose online games

If you want to learn more about specific online casino games that can win real money, please visit our game guide at:

Slot machines





And many others, including tournaments, live games and sports betting

The best casino game with the greatest chance of winning

We found that several of the most popular table games provide you with the best chance of winning on CasinoSlots. These games may seem daunting at first, but with a little learning, you will find them easy to understand and play. Next time you are in the casino, please observe these games first. If the time on one of the tables is slow, please contact your dealer.

The house edge is defined as the ratio of the player's average loss to the initial bet amount. For example, if you use a basic strategy to play blackjack, in the long run, the house advantage is 0, 5%. This means that in the long run, you will lose 5 cents for every 10 euros bet. With Baccarat, for every 10 Euros you bet, you will lose less than 10 cents. With roulette, depending on the design of the game, you may lose 27 to 53 cents for every 10 Euros wagered.

Choose the best software

Game software companies take many forms, from mature generations of slot machine designers to Internet startups, which became famous during the online gaming boom from the 1990s to the 2000s.

This page provides a brief overview of the world's major online casino software providers, as well as reviews of all land-based casino gaming equipment manufacturers that need to be covered.

Although they sometimes infiltrate each other and learn from each other's game design ideas, they are often two completely different worlds.

All legitimate online casinos use (at least) SSL encryption to ensure that sensitive data (such as credit card information) is not stolen. Whenever you send personal or financial information over the Internet, security is also important.


Microgaming is the largest online software development company. Microgaming was established in the UK at the right time in 1994 to integrate into the emerging business of the online gaming industry. In just 18 years, Microgaming has added 201 online gaming customers (240 in all languages). Microgaming’s cumulative jackpot maintains the world record for the best payout, and its more than 400 games are known for their excellent live dealer interface. Whether you play blackjack, roulette, craps, slot machines, video poker or keno, you can enjoy downloadable Microgaming casino software and instant casino games online.


If you do not play many bingo games and skill games, then you may not know the other options in NetEnt's list. You should be because NetEnt provides support for 147 gaming websites, making it the top 5 website for customers. NetEnt is usually ignored when listing these large companies.


Novoline is a large company of Austrian gaming machine company Novomatic, which operates several casinos under the name Admiral in Switzerland. You will find the Novomatic machine here. Novomatic is a multi-billion dollar company with headquarters in Gumpoldskirchen near Vienna and more than 24,000 employees worldwide.

Mobile casino

Are all online casinos listed here available for iPhone and Android? Yes, all online casinos listed on our website offer iPhone and Android games. This is another mandatory requirement we stipulate. Mobile games are developing rapidly. Being able to log in to your online casino on the go is changing the face of remote gaming. We hope you can use this option. The recommended Swiss top casino online casino games provide two ways to connect to your mobile casino.

You can download the app from the Apple Store or Google Play and then use it to activate the website. Alternatively, you can visit the casino’s mobile website from a smartphone browser and play from there. Even if you use a mobile device on Windows or Blackberry operating system, you can play games from the website. We would like to point out that the casino does not currently provide all games in mobile games.

Of the few mobile casinos that we can review, only a handful will notice their timely payment, game selections, and their current bonuses and promotional offers, which are all mobile casino sites of the quality we believe you require and expect.

To ensure that whether you are using an iPhone, iPad, Android, smartphone, or an old model phone using Java, you can access many games, and the Swiss casino has adjusted its gaming platform to be compatible with all phones and tablets. One good thing about real money mobile casino sites is that they also offer free online Swiss currency casino games. This allows you to try playing games on your phone to ensure that you can easily play games before playing for real money. When deciding on which mobile site to play, the following points should be considered:

Free mobile games

Online availability

Deposit options

Bonus offered

Casino reputation

Now let us provide you with an overview of the mobile online casinos we are happy to introduce to you. Please keep in mind that all sites listed below offer a range of welcome bonuses, and each site is regulated, and the mobile gaming platforms and casino games provided on each mobile casino website have been proven to be 100% fair and Random. 888 Mobile Casino-It has been in operation to this day and is one of the most popular games in online casinos for many years. When Casino launched its mobile casino website, they ensured that the gaming platform used was as friendly as possible. For more information, please see our 888 mobile casino review.

Euro Palace Mobile Casino-Playing Euro Palace means you never have to worry about missing actions, the site will ensure that you enjoy your favorite games at any time. It is compatible with all major mobile devices including iPhone, iPad, Android and Windows Mobile. The software will automatically send you the correct version of the device, so there is no need to worry about downloading the wrong version. You will be able to use all the excellent casino games provided by the EuroPalace Casino desktop version. In addition, when you join the mobile version, you will also be able to use the main version of EuroPalace Mobile with a refund rate of 95% and will pay you any The cost is immediately profitable.

The casino games on Spin Palace Mobile Casino-Microgaming, you will find more information on the Spin Spin Mobile Casino website, of course, you can find all the information about this excellent casino by reading our Spin Palace Mobile Casino reviews. Royal Vegas Casino (Royal Vegas Casino)-This casino was established in 2000 and really understands how to treat players. Thanks to the excellent Microgaming software, you can play various games at the highest level.

Betway Mobile Casino-Betway is a fast-growing gaming company, but also takes good care of their casino players through its Microgaming casino software. Betway also focuses on legislation and attempts to legally compete 100% in all markets through licensing. For example, Betway France, Switzerland, Betway Spain. Allslots Casino-It is also a kind of dinosaur in the industry, which is 100% focused on slot games. It is not surprising that they rely on Microgaming. HTML5 brings excellent mobile games.

Top casino reviews

What is the best online casino in Europe? Jackpot City Casino and Spin Palace Casino are currently the number one luxury online casinos, providing players with the best experience. Our review team has rated the 10 best online casinos through a rigorous selection process to choose the best casino of 2018, so please choose your favorite casino immediately.

Why can we trust our magazine? We can give you a few reasons. Our experts have been in the industry for more than ten years and tested the recommended online casinos by actually playing these games. We are an independent website and are not favored by online casinos, so there is no need to worry about online casinos. Our comment is not clear. You will find detailed information. For example, not only do we say that online casinos are licensed by a well-known regulatory agency, we will also name the agency. We will report without hesitation if the online casino has any drawbacks.

However, we do not insist on letting you blindly trust us. Register and make a small deposit in one of our recommended casinos. Bet a week in the free online casino and explore its different aspects. Then you will realize that our casino reviews truly express reality.


If you are looking for an online casino with promotional offers, be sure to read the accompanying terms. When you want to get back the bonus, you don’t want to be shocked by your happiness and even shocked. Most bonuses have a betting requirement, which must be met before withdrawals can be made.

The online casinos we offer provide fast withdrawals!

The withdrawal period depends on the selected payment method. Withdrawing money from e-wallet is the fastest, followed by withdrawing from credit card, and finally withdrawing by check. This is explained in more detail in the "Bank" section. The withdrawal period also depends on the queued requests, which is a random phenomenon. At some point, the "queue" may be longer, and the exit will take longer. On other days, the queue time will be short, and you will get funds quickly.

Knowing how to find the best bonus will truly provide people with a chance to succeed in the field of online gaming. In a niche market like this one may really have an advantage, and not all is well.

People must decide their own priorities

Newsletters about online casinos are important these days. Many people are interested in trying to understand what is happening in the game world. They use these newsletters to check for new games to be released, and this usually happens every month. There are many promotions in the online casino world at any time, and people can sometimes find more information about this by researching bonuses and linking search terms to certain websites.

2020 Online Casino Guide

What is the process of analyzing the sites that will be listed?

Online games on the site are very common, and many of the best online companies already know and target the crowd directly. However, given that there are too many real money online casino sites to choose from, how do you classify good and bad? Where should you play the slot machine? Which website should you play last? At suissecasinoenligne.com, we answer this question by carefully selecting sites that meet our required standards and have a strong impact:

Casino expert reviews

Welcome bonus-we hope you can get the best price online and make sure that all our recommended sites offer generous registration bonuses.

Multiple games-when you sign up for an online casino website, you want to make sure it has the game you like, such as video poker, roulette, baccarat, poker, keno or blackjack. All of our recommended sites offer a variety of games.

Customer Service-If you encounter a problem at the casino scene at 2am, you want to know that you can talk to someone and fix it. Our listed sites provide 24/7 customer support. Regular promotions-every casino on our list will give you entertainment with tournaments and special bonuses.

Juicy dilemma-what do you want most from online games? Players want to change their lives! When playing online slot machines, you can find one of our featured online game sites.

Security-The best online casinos we recommend are independently verified, carefully supervised and have the most advanced encryption software to ensure the security of your data.

Deposit Method-Each website we provide provides multiple payment methods and Internet payment methods.

All you have to do is compare and register at one of the real money casinos listed and start playing slots and table games now. A great game awaits you at one of our Swiss online casino sites.

Types of online casinos

Online gambling establishments usually provide one or more ways to play their casino games, including downloadable casino software, instant web game versions and/or mobile casino applications.

Downloadable online casino

Downloadable casinos require downloading and installing casino software to play free or real money casino games. After the installation is complete, the software will connect to the casino server and load casino games without overloading the browser. The downloaded version usually provides more games, increased functionality, and smoother games because the effects and sounds do not have to be loaded through the Internet.

Instant online casino

Instant Casino allows players to play real casino games directly on the casino website. The instant play option is ideal for those who don’t want to download game-related software to their computers, and is the only option for Mac users who want to play games online. Although some older online casinos used Java as their instant casino, most casinos today use Adobe Flash. Flash is pre-installed on most PCs and Macs, but can be easily downloaded or upgraded from the Adobe website.

Mobile/Smartphone and Tablet Casino

The latest online casino technology is to use casino websites and mobile applications to enable players to play casino games via smartphones or tablets. This provides players with a way to access real money games from almost anywhere. But the transition is slow. Many casinos are just beginning to launch mobile casinos, and most real money casino apps select only the most popular games.

This is the best useful guide for players. What if you are not ready for fun? Read the guide compiled by our gaming experts to help you learn more about the best and reliable casinos in the process, namely those that pay players quickly.

The highest payout casino: play more at the best casino scene

Top fast-paying casinos: the best online gambling sites offer the fastest withdrawal speed. Real money casino

Best online casino for live dealers

Use slot machines to play cards, blackjack, and more: online real money


Give yourself a chance to win! With a little learning, you should have a good time playing table games the next time you visit the casino. Don’t hesitate to learn and watch other people’s games before you decide. Most of your payout will depend on your luck-which cards you can get in Blackjack; if you bet on Baccarat; if you choose to play craps, or choose red or black in roulette.

Basic strategies and some practices will make you successful. Now that you know what games offer you the highest odds, you will ensure that in the best case of suissecasinoenligne.com, try your luck with the correct game. We see ourselves as a partner of experienced players in France and Europe who want to experience the fun of online games, win and maintain good protection. We regularly test the recommended casinos and review each new casino supplier. We would like to share our experience as a gaming professional and also provide many detailed articles on casino games on this topic.

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