Learn how to play slot machines: the focus of the rules

Big jackpot! Big jackpot! Everyone dreams of this famous prize, and...someone manages to win the prize. However, before trying the slot machine luck, please read the following articles carefully so that you understand the main functions of these dream machines, so as to get the most fun while playing the game. After learning how to choose slot machines in the casino, are you ready to learn how to play slot machines by exploring the rules?


1. Instructions for use

2. Configure the bets

3. Manage additional features

4. Master the specificities of the different types of slots

The first step-learn how to play casino slot machines by understanding the product

Slot machines have always been the undisputed queen of casinos. Since its establishment, slot machines have been operated in land-based casinos, which provide ultra-simple operations in these game fields. But what about the machines provided by online casinos? Imagine-if their use must take different forms-they will not be more complicated... Let us first outline the product so that we can understand how to play slot machines in a casino with a full understanding of the cause.

The structure of the slot

When you play a game on the Internet, you can virtually access the same components as in a land-based casino. Therefore, you will find:

-Scroll: between 3 and 6, and display various symbols. When you start the machine, they start to spin and then randomly stop (thanks to the random number generator), thus displaying certain symbols.

-Symbol: Each reel displays a certain number of boxes. The latter is a symbol, that is, the types of illustrations that adapt to the machine theme are limited;

-Paylines: Each machine provides a limited number of paylines, that is, a combination of symbols will make you generate bonuses. The design of these production lines and the amount involved are determined by the creator of the machine;

-Bet sliders: they enable you to manage the amount of investment to be made on each line and the number of lines bet;

-Start button: When you are lucky, just click this button to start the reels. No need to click again to stop the machine, it is done automatically. Also note that you can choose an automatic start for the preset multiple circles, so you don't have to click every time.

Game purpose

The goal of the game is simple: you must have a winning combination of symbols to win as much money as possible. Depending on the machine, the symbols and combinations may be different.

First, the player places a bet and then he activates the "reel" of the machine. When a player plays a game in an online casino, it is no longer a real "reel", but is described in player terms.

When the "roller" stops, the player's heart will also experience a little time before... Maybe the first prize? ! Even if the player is playing for the first time, and the machine has awarded the first prize to another player in the previous hour, anything is possible. The jackpot may happen at any time. If this is not the case, then the combination can still be a good combination and bring some cash, or you just need to start crossing your fingers again in case you need it.

Basic skills

This is the main rule that constitutes a slot machine. However, here we want to add three valuable techniques:

-Never despair (the jackpot happens soon);

-Choose a machine with a higher redistribution rate to increase the chance of winning; -It’s always fun, it’s the root, it’s the basis of all gambling.

Step 2 -Master the slot machine rules related to gambling

When you play a slot machine online, you do not insert coins or tokens into the machine. So how do you determine the bet amount? As you can see, the slot rules on the network are very simple.

At the bottom of the screen, near the start button, you will find two options, which are very useful for your betting. These spaces are used for:

-Determine the number of lines to be played

Not all online slots provide this feature, but you will occasionally see it on some slots. This is just an option that gives you the opportunity to bet only on part of the winning line predicted by the machine

-Define the number of tokens to be played in each round of each row

Slot machines allow its users to place bets within a predefined amount. Some machines have a bet amount between 0.01 Euro and 1 Euro, and other machines have a bet amount between 10 Euro and 500 Euro. This means that every payline you invest in will cost you at least -10 Euros (in the latter case), so please choose this data carefully for your budget.

Step 3-The rules of the slot machine also depend on its function

Although the rules of slot machines are the same for all products, publishers are still adding new features to make your game more interesting.

You will find the most common options in particular:

-The Wild: It will replace any symbols to promote the formation of winning combinations;

-Scatter chart: If you get at least 3 on the reel, this special symbol will activate other new profitable features;

-Free spin: when these symbols appear at least 3, they give you the right to spin freely;

-Bonus game: The random basic interface can give way to a game with a new design and chaotic rules.

Advice before you make money: Learn to master these elements by testing free slot machines first. By discovering how slot machines work stress-free, you will know how to play slot machines!

The fourth step -casino slot machines make rules for different types of slot machines

There are different kinds of slot machines in online casinos. Although the casino slot machine rules remain the same, the way you use these games may vary from time to time. So let's look at the difference between these types of machines!

Classic Slot Machine

These are called "regular" slots, and are sometimes called "straight slots" and/or "basic slots". In the form of video or 3D slot machines, they are ideal for medium budgets because they can make you win more money but less money. There is actually no grand prize. Therefore, the probability of winning is higher, while the stable return is lower.

Jackpot machine

These are products that have the potential to win a fixed prize pool. If a certain combination of symbols appears, the jackpot drops. Please note that these games sometimes offer different jackpots based on the bet invested. The more you play, the bigger the jackpot.

Machines that provide jackpots

You know that for so-called "progressive" machines, jackpots are changing. It depends on the number of players on the one hand and the number of bets on the other. The jackpot fluctuates constantly and sometimes the situation develops quickly. In this way, the one-armed bandit is always a game of chance, but it also becomes a speed issue. The big thing here is that the jackpot is made up of bets from players who play the same game as you in all online casinos around the world. Therefore, the amount obtained is astronomical, exceeding millions of euros...

Avoid playing the game immediately after the jackpot drops, as this is the minimum amount.

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