Learning Poker: The Best Guide to Online Poker

Whether you are short, tall, male, female, young, old, calm or swollen, poker is a universal game for everyone. Today, there are more than 100 million players worldwide, and this number is still growing.

Due to its many parameters, aspects and features, this gorgeous game can sometimes become obscure, especially for new players.

As the largest poker guide on the Internet, PokerListings is here to support you and explain all its components. We are the best experts to teach you poker.

This "Poker for Dummies" guide (no derogatory meaning!) outlines the points to remember in all aspects of poker games, especially online poker. It will provide you with a lot of useful original suggestions, and provide links to other parts of the article or website so that you can deepen some topics that are more important than others.

This online poker guide consists of several main chapters, as shown below (you can click on a different chapter to go directly to the chapter you are interested in):

1- Introduction to online poker

-What is online poker?

-Online poker and live poker

-A brief history of online poker

-Why is online poker so popular?

-Is it possible to win money in poker?

2- start online poker

-You need to play online poker

-How much do I need?

-Properly manage your funds

-How to play poker online

-What type of poker can I play?

-Online Poker Tournament

-Sit down and walk

-Cash games

3- Choose a poker room-find the best location

-What is the best poker site for me?

-Why can't I play games in all online poker rooms?

-Find the bonus to start

4- Poker beginner's help


-Poker Terms



-Help software

-Training Location

5- Secrets and tricks of online poker

-Free tournament (free tournament)

-How to unlock bonus

-Get the biggest live match qualification online


-Player points and loyalty program

-Commission: commission from the poker room


-Random allocation of cards

-Legal issues and cheating in online poker

1. Getting started with online poker

What is online poker?

Online poker is nothing more than the traditional poker game we play on the Internet. You can play games on many free or real money websites, as well as many variants and bets.

If you want to learn how to play poker online, please visit our poker rules index.

Online Poker vs. Live Poker

The rules are the same, although there are some major differences.

Online poker tends to be faster, less risky (you can play a small number of games), and more accessible (you can find games anytime, anywhere). Especially at home).

On the other side of the coin, you will only play against strangers, and most importantly, you will not be able to see your opponents in real life. This makes it difficult to find out if someone is bluffing, but it is far from impossible.

Live poker games are a more authentic and interesting experience, but the first few times in a casino or gambling circle can also be daunting (see our tips for getting started with casino poker).

A brief history of online poker

Poker has existed for many years, and the latest image of our time is playing games in smoky bars or casinos. But all this changed in the early 2000s, when a young American player Chris Moneymaker won the world’s largest poker tournament in 2003 and won 2.5 million US dollars after qualifying on the Internet, and the total was only 40 dollars.

Before completing this feat, we played online poker mainly for entertainment purposes, sometimes even through chat rooms, without spending a lot of money. Since the popularity of poker exploded, things have changed dramatically. The market has seen the launch of many online poker rooms and more and more sophisticated software. Of course don’t forget poker shows and TV broadcasts, which greatly promoted this "poker boom"

Why is online poker so popular?

Everyone loves gambling, and poker provides a lot of fun and excitement. This is also a game that requires skill, so it gives players more interest than ordinary lotteries.

This is also an easy-to-learn game. Even if there are no good players, there is no possibility of achieving the goal of becoming rich, and it is possible to have fun (this is a must admit, and one of the reasons for success): dream of becoming a millionaire ! ).

Can I win money in poker?

of course. Making money on poker is just one of the reasons why many players start. However, even though it may sometimes be possible to participate in major tournaments (EPT, WSOP, etc.) for only a few euros, remember that there are many more losers than winners in poker. on-line. Always play in a reasonable amount and never fall into the trap of playing more games in order to "remake" yourself. Dreaming is definitely not forbidden, but most importantly, poker should be fun. ;)

2. Start online poker: Poker tutorial

What online poker do you need to play

There are very few requirements for playing poker online, and you can use the same equipment as reading this guide to play.

The good news is that poker software does not take up too much resources, with a few exceptions. Therefore, even old computers from the 2000s are fine.

Not to mention that today you can play poker via mobile devices (Android smartphones and tablets, iPhone and iPad, Windows Phone). Playing poker on iPhone or playing poker on Android has never been better!

How much do I need?

There is not much to get started, especially because you can always find a bonus that doubles your start-up capital and even takes advantage of the funds provided. After playing a few money games, people usually deposit 10 to 50 dollars to start, sometimes up to 100 dollars. This is usually enough to play for a while.

It is important to play the part corresponding to your funds. This is called money management (see below).

Manage your funds properly

The management of funds (funds) is an important factor in the success of poker. This is similar to your daily expenses-it will never be good to exceed your ability.

Therefore, even in general poker, online poker is the same. the reason ? Your funds must be able to withstand enough "failures" (variance) without finding yourself broke (using the term "broke"). In unlimited games, we usually recommend you to participate in the competition, but the maximum registration fee is 5% of your funds. Or starting the tournament with 2 euros requires 40 euros of funding. The same is true for cash games, do not enter the cellar for cash games that are greater than 5% of your funds.

In cash games, the game can be played under a limit as low as $0.01/$0.02, which turns the $50 funds into a huge sum of money.

How to play online poker

The first step is to download the poker software. Even with a small internet connection, it will not take long.

Once the software is downloaded to your computer, you will usually need to double-click the .exe file and let the installer do its job (sometimes answering configuration questions).

We will always provide you with several payment methods for poker, as well as the most common bank cards that can be found everywhere. To withdraw your winnings, you can only make a bank transfer in France.

Please also note that French law requires you to enter "game limits", that is, certain amounts that are automatically transferred to your account, or the maximum deposit and bet amount you authorize yourself (to avoid problems and excessive addiction).

After registering and logging in, you will be able to access all cash games and tournaments provided by the website or its network. To access it, you just need to navigate in the "lobby" (software receiving area). To do this, you can browse the list of open tables and tournaments, click on the tabs of the category you are interested in, apply filters, and sometimes even take advantage of special features, such as those that take you directly to the free seat of the corresponding game . According to your standards and preferences.

Poker software is simple and easy to use, but because of its many functions (sometimes similar from one room to another), it sometimes requires long-term exploration. Sometimes you can completely tame them in just a little time.

What type of poker can I play?

In terms of changes, the most popular is Texas Hold'em (No-Limit). It is the most popular game today and you will find the most tournaments and games in it. In Hold'em, you will get 2 private cards and hidden cards, you have to try to connect them with the panel of 5 community cards. This is a very easy to learn game, but it takes some time to master. Even the best players are learning every day!

In some poker room, currently the only other authorized variant is Omaha, where you will receive 4 cards here instead of 2.

Some rooms may offer you other variations, but this is only money.

Online poker tournament

In tournament poker, you need to pay the entrance fee (plus room commission, usually about 10%), and then provide you with "chips" chips, which you can choose according to your preferences. If you lose everything, you will be eliminated.

Tournaments are arguably the most popular form of poker because it is the most interesting and suitable for beginners. You can also realize your dreams here and win huge prizes for very little money (even qualify for the world's largest poker tournaments, such as the World Series of Poker and the European Poker Tour).

All online poker rooms organize numerous tournaments with various buy-in methods and different game modes at any time within a week. Take a good look at which is best for you.

Sit and Go

Sit-and-go is also a tournament, but on a smaller scale, usually at a table. The main difference of "classic" tournaments is that they start after all seats are occupied (hence their name is "sit down and walk").

These tournaments usually take less time and are ideal if you don't have a few hours.

Cash game

Cash games are also called "ring games" or cash games.

This is the oldest form of poker, and the chips in front of you have their real cash value. Another big difference is that you can sit at the table and leave at any time, which means you can play for 10 minutes or 10 hours at will. Therefore, unlike tournaments, there are no strict goals in a cash game because there are no rankings or paid positions. You gained what you got, but you lost what you lost.

Some players prefer cash games because of their flexibility, but please note that games are different, usually more difficult, and require very different disciplines.

3. Find the best online poker site-choose a poker room

What is the best poker site for me?

This situation is far from a monopoly, but there are options. So what is the best online poker site?

This question depends on many factors, so there is no simple answer. Online poker final table.

Large sites tend to have the most players, the most games, and the most tournament options. On the other hand, smaller sites will see poor players take refuge there, and sometimes offer more attractive bonuses.

Most rooms offer welcome bonuses to attract new players and encourage them to register. We will lower the bonus.

When choosing an online poker room to play, it is always important not to make mistakes. Of course, it can always be changed (and we even recommend that you allocate "funds" to multiple rooms at the same time to change the fun and enjoy the maximum fun of each room). But once you register in the poker room, it's a bit like a second home. We want to get better there.

The correct choice is first of all a high-quality room, trustworthy in terms of promotion, frequent visits and generosity. But the right choice is also suitable for your room, whether in terms of software, atmosphere,... or other parameters specific to you.

This is why our tests and reviews are here to tell you as many of the best rooms on the market as possible. What to choose, the right choice.

PokerListings has selected the best online poker room for you. Whether you are a beginner, an experienced player, or a professional poker player, you can find the best poker room for you through our reviews.

In fact, you can learn more by checking our reviews of each poker site. In particular, you will find a description of the various bonuses it offers (and our proprietary code for more benefits), an overview of the tournament offer in the room, testing and software analysis. And whether to provide numbers (strengths/disadvantages) for quick browsing.

Why can't I play games in all online poker rooms?

Whether in Europe or the United States, online poker has relied heavily on different laws for many years. If players from all over the world used to play games in the same room, the situation today will be different, especially.

Only online poker rooms approved by the regulatory agency (ARJEL) are available for French players. In any case, these are the only rooms where you are officially authorized to play.

If the main disadvantage is that matches can only be played between players (hence the right to reduce the number of matches), then one of the advantages is that French venues must meet a certain number of standards, thus ensuring better safety.

Please note that some international rooms now have two versions: one for players (or Spanish or Italians, etc.), and the other for all other international players in the unregulated market. This is especially true for PokerStars.

Find a good bonus to start

Poker bonuses are so many and so advantageous that it is shameful to miss the bonus today. In PokerListings, you will definitely find the best poker bonus on the market!

Among these, we first found the poker registration bonus. These funds will be deposited into your lender at the same time or after your first deposit (usually a certain percentage (usually 50% to 200%), and then reach a certain limit).

Other rooms directly provide you with a small amount without compensation, and sometimes even without a deposit. Ideal to start playing even without taking out your bank card. Others provide you with tournament tickets (for paid tournaments or free tournaments), and others provide you with packages including bonuses and tickets.

The way the poker bonus works varies from room to room. This is why it is not always easy to find the best poker bonus. Specifically, sometimes you will find that the poker bonus directly into your account can be played directly. For the rest of the time, you can only unlock your poker bonus bit by bit based on the number of "Player Points" you have accumulated (therefore, the bonus will not always be available immediately).

In any case, the bonus can only be withdrawn after a certain number of cards have been played in the room.

4. Help for poker beginners

Where can I find all the information you need, no matter what your question or want to learn?

Easy, all necessities are already on PokerListings


PokerListings France provides you with more than 300 poker strategy articles covering 6 main categories (beginners, general and theoretical, tournaments, cash games, psychology, other changes)! In 10 minutes, you will be able to find enough articles to learn about Texas Hold'em, and to trigger other changes, go further in advanced strategies, without forgetting our articles covering more general topics.

Poker terms

Poker uses many English terms, sometimes translated into French, but in most cases it remains the same. This may increase confusion, especially for those who do not speak Shakespeare.

In any case, even in French, you are likely to encounter new terms regularly while reading and discussing. This is why we want to provide you with a dictionary of the most commonly used terms in poker, so that you don't get lost in a game that naturally has your own vocabulary. If the definition you are looking for is missing, please leave a comment or write to us, we are happy to add it as soon as possible.


PokerListings hopes to support you throughout the game. This is why we have designed various tools for you to help or help you.

Even if it is not a real tool in itself, it is still the first companion for the players who are just starting out: a clear list of the order of strength of various poker combinations. Print as soon as possible, especially study hard.

Another problem that often arises in games between beginners is knowing who has won a blow in some more or less confusing hand (knowing that in Hold'em you can use 2, 1 or even none Cards to get 5 cards) combination). The best way to make no mistakes is to enter the player's card and screen in our calculator, which will provide you with the winner without any discussion!

Poker is a game that requires skill, but luck is still important. If you want to see if you are really lucky (or unlucky), or need to learn and better master the odds and data of the game, then our odds calculator will be your ally. As with our previous tools, you only need to fill in the chess cards you are interested in, and you can get the percentage of chances of winning or not winning before the river.

Without a doubt, this is one of the most difficult parameters to manage, even for inexperienced players. When several players all-in, but all of them have different chips at the beginning, it is difficult to know who won and how much. Other calculators we designed will help you.

Game clock

Because we always need a stopwatch and a screen to monitor the level of blinds and their increase in the game, this tool used in PokerListings will become your ally in the game with your family or friends.


In addition to online strategy articles, the easiest way to get progress is to read extensively about commercial poker strategies.

By going to a special bookstore or a veritable bookstore, or more surely by searching and ordering on the Internet, dozens of books await you.

Whether for beginners, specific types of poker or advanced strategies, the choices are huge (although accessibility and quality may vary). For a roundup of the best poker books, check out our list of the best poker books, each book has a link to our reviews, so you can know exactly what it is and you can buy the book that suits you. it works.

Help software

There are many ways to improve your poker game, reduce losses, and of course increase your winnings. Most players, novices, intermediate or advanced players will always find a good way to learn and progress.

Among them, especially after the game is over, some help software is provided in real time or quietly. When the site has not personally provided help, sometimes they can provide you with manual odds help.

In terms of tools, many people will like "tracker", the software can absolutely record all the data of your game (automatically or manually import your hand history). Thanks to them, and with the help of their massive statistics, you can in-depth analysis of your own game and your opponent's game! But be sure to check the compatibility with the room you are playing. Please also note that many of these software are in English. The best of these poker software are Poker Tracker, Poker Office and Hold'em Manager.

Please note that the software can be very complicated and it takes some time to understand the numbers, meaning and importance they indicate.

Training Location

There are many poker coach websites (mostly in English). If these videos are usually managed by real professionals and provide many instructional videos, they can sometimes be expensive (sometimes a subscription is required to access all resources).

First of all, it is best to use free content that can already be found in abundance, whether on PokerListings or other sites (including forums, which are the source of many discussions).

5. Secrets and tricks of online poker

Free Tournament (Free Tournament)

Freeroll is a completely free tournament, organized by the poker website for all players in the room or who have met certain conditions (collecting a certain number of player points within a month, etc.). PokerListings Freerolls Money

Bonuses range from small bonuses to other free or paid tournament tickets.

> Learn more about Free Tournaments (Free Poker Tournaments)

> Check out our current list of exclusive free matches (reserved for PokerListings players-see conditions)

How to unlock your bonus

As mentioned above, the bonuses offered by online poker rooms come in different forms and reward methods.

For people who are not in direct contact, unlocking involves playing a certain number of cards (or participating in a certain number of tournament withdrawals), usually within a limited time period (usually 90 days). Therefore, it is a good idea to play as many cards as possible in the first few weeks in order to collect as many bonuses as possible. Then you can release the pressure a little bit.

Qualify for the largest live match online

-This is the dream of almost all players: to participate in a prestigious large tournament somewhere in one of the most beautiful destinations in the world.

If possible, we must of course remember that there are very few voters, or the road is long anyway. But not impossible...

There are several options. The first is the big competition, with thousands of players participating. A real butcher's shop or luck will be crucial. It is also possible to try your luck in the "ladder" tournament. This is a sit-and-go (usually at a table), where you must try to finish in the first place to win the at-level "sit next" ticket. the above. And so on, until the last game provides a package of large-scale live games.

For example, you start with the first step of sitting down and walking for $1, try to win a $10 ticket for $2 sitting down and walking, and so on. Note that you can start with the required steps. But of course, the higher the capital you want to start, the more you need the right capital, otherwise the risk is too great.

The advantage of these "ladder" tournaments is that even if you do not win the tickets for the next step (usually only the winner or even second place), you can still win the tickets for the ladder competition again. If you finish right after that, the level is the same.

Multiple tables

Multi-table games (that is, the fact that they are played on multiple tables at the same time) is a way of playing poker, which is favored by players (usually professionals) who are looking for money.

Nowadays, most software allows multi-table playback, and even provides functions that facilitate playback in this mode (small tables, logical organization on the screen, etc.).

Multi-table games are not easy and require keen mind and a lot of practice. Obviously, playing 2 tables at the same time is not insurmountable, but it doubles your risk of making mistakes. -Multi-table games are usually played in money games, but it can also prove reasonable if you play two tournaments that interest you at the same time.

Generally, we do not recommend beginners to use it. Master the game first, then see if you want to speed it up.

If you like to play cash games, but the speed of the game is not fast enough, you can also use the latest variants of "Fast Poker" (Zoom Poker, Speed ​​Poker, Go Fast, ...) provided in more and more rooms. If the received hand does not suit you, or you don’t want to play anymore, just fold it and immediately move it to a new table with the novice!

Player points and loyalty program

Some players don't always know this, but all online poker rooms today offer membership programs or at least a point system, and sometimes even stores.

You can get player points according to the ratio (differs according to the site). This ratio is based on the amount of commission (withdrawal or commission) you pay to the room during the game (see below).

The accumulated points can be used to "purchase" tournament tickets, bonuses, various items in the guest room store, and even collect cash directly.

Always check your balance, especially the benefits these points bring to you. Also check the conditions (multipliers based on your activity, expiry date etc.).

"Commission": Poker Room Committee

When a person is not familiar with online poker, a person may ask himself a question, and this person does not know the world well, that is, knows how online poker rooms make a living.

It's actually very simple. When you play money games, most of the pot is withdrawn, which is a percentage of the pot. This is to a certain extent "capped" in order to keep the levy reasonable, especially in the case of increased stakes, and in all cases to keep within reasonable limits relative to the participant's investment. In addition, please make sure that you always play in a room that provides "no cards, no cards" rules (no cards, no cards).

For tournaments, it is even simpler, the levy corresponds to the second amount indicated on the tournament price. In a game where the entry fee is 10 Euro + 1 Euro, either 10 Euro will enter the total prize pool, and the payment positions will be divided equally, and 1 Euro will enter the pocket of the room.

Obviously, this does not seem to be much in a small area, but this is due to the fact that the game room can make a lot of profits. On the other hand, players will do everything possible to pay as little as possible.

This is why the rake (meaning "rake" in English) is an element to consider when deciding whether to play in the room. Indeed, to be honest, it must remain within market standards. For tournaments, it is usually at 10%, but for the cheapest tournaments, we can achieve more (conversely, for tournaments with higher buy-in, the "fee" tends to be lower). For example, a 5€ + 0.50€ tournament is normal, while a 5€ + 2€ tournament is obviously theft.

Rake back

Although it is no longer valid on today's French site, the retracement is an advantage we will mention. Essentially, this is part of the commission you help generate, and the venue can provide you with loyalty rewards. This is why rebates are most interesting to large players. You can read our dedicated article to fully understand Rakeback.

Random allocation of cards

This is a topic that appears frequently and often appears in discussions, especially in forums. How to issue cards in online poker rooms? Is the operation really random? Is online poker being manipulated?

Online poker legal issues and cheating hacker

The legality and safety of online poker have always been the most concerned issues for players. Fortunately, most rooms today have full-time staff to look for fraudsters and cheaters. Although there is nothing and no one can be foolproof, fortunately, collusion or online bots are not common

As far as legal poker is concerned, the opening of the game market has made transactions easier today: ARJEL's officially authorized room will be the only room officially authorized to carry out activities for French players. .

Regarding taxes, if poker is not your main activity, there is no need to declare a bonus. If you make a living from poker, things will get complicated. This is your main activity. Then, you should contact the competent authority and your tax department to ensure good order and avoid certain setbacks.

To learn more about the issues to be aware of in online poker, you can read our series of articles about the most common online poker scams for self-education.

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