Limitations of roulette in Argentina

Opdateret: 4. juli 2020

Players starting with roulette should remember that although the game offers multiple betting opportunities, certain restrictions must also be considered. Once sitting at the roulette table, players may notice the top plate. This is the so-called "gaming table restriction sign", which indicates all restrictions related to betting in a specific casino CasinoSlots. In various casinos, people can see different wording in the signage, but in short, they all intend to point out the same thing-limitations.

Table restriction signs may include the following:

Minimum token denomination - $ 1.00

Minimum internal bet - $ 11.00

Minimum external bet - $ 11.00

Maximum internal bet - $ 120.00

Maximum external bet - $ 2,500.00

Either way It may be the beginning that beginners will not be able to understand some of the restrictions written on the signage and may ask for an explanation, especially when it comes to the last line ("numbered in any way"). We will provide an explanation for each of the above restrictions, but the basic rule of betting should always be kept in mind-stay within the minimum and maximum requirements.

Chip name

As we said before, players can buy piles of chips directly from dealers. The stack usually contains 20 chips. In different casinos, each chip can have a different minimum value. For example, in Nevada, the minimum value of the token can be in the range of $0.50 to $2.00. Or, in this case, the player will have to pay $20.00 to buy a dollar chip. What we have to remember is that players may need a higher minimum stack when they first buy the game. In this case, the dealer must place a mark (called "Lammer") on the edge of the roulette wheel. In this way, he/she will know the value of the player's chips.

Minimum table

The minimum bets for internal and external bets are usually the same, but nevertheless, casinos treat these two bets differently. If again taking Nevada as an example, the minimum value of the table is between $5.00 and $25.00. Let us give an example to clarify the exact meaning of the term. The minimum table in our casino is $14.00, and the value of each chip is $2.00 . If we plan to place an external bet, we must play at least 7 chips in each bet to meet the minimum requirements. The tokens we operate cannot be distributed. This means that if we want to bet on a specific color, we must bet at least 7 chips. At the same time, if we are willing to bet on the third 12 (third hit), we must bet 7 more chips.

If we plan to make an internal bet, there must be at least 7 chips in each bet. However, what we must point out here is that it allows us to distribute these 7 works in different quantities. Players can only make one internal bet, only one external bet, or both. He/she is not restricted by your choice. However, if the player decides to place two types of bets at the same time, he/she will have to meet both minimum requirements.

Maximum table

The maximum limit for internal bets varies between $25.00 and $1,000.00, depending on the casino. In some places, this limit can be set as follows-"Maximum internal bet: in any way to the number of $ 150.00". what does that mean? Players can divide the direct bet of $150.00 by the price of $300.00, for example, the corner bet is $600.00, and all three bets can display the same number. If he/she has placed all three bets and a specific number proves to be a winner, the total payment is $15,150.00. The result is based on a simple calculation: ($150 x 35 + $300 x 17 + $600 x 8).

The maximum limit for external bets is between $1,000.00 and $10,000.00, depending on the casino and the minimum number of tables. This restriction is valid for each individual external bet. Alternatively, the player can bet on the highest bet with a specific color while betting another bet on the third hit.

Maximum payment

Recently, there has been a convention in smaller casinos to establish the maximum payout for internal betting. In their bet limit signs, these payments are indicated as "maximum internal bet limits". The maximum payment amount represents a total limit, and in some casinos, as CasinoSlots, it can be set to $1,750.00. Alternatively, players can bet a total of up to $50.00 on a number ($50.00 x 35 = $1,750.00). Any amount greater than this amount will not be paid.

The highest payout is usually an issue of interest to large players (players who make big bets

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