Live Roulette for Brazilian players

Opdateret: 20. maj 2020

Did you know that in addition to playing roulette, you can play roulette live? Playing virtual roulette has been a hand in the wheel for true game lovers here in Brazil, as it allows the Brazilian player to place bets and have fun from the comfort of their home. But, have you ever imagined being able to play online and have the same experience as a real casino? In order to provide the best experience for online players, the casino industry created the live roulette. What do you think

The great news is that it can be done in a very simple way. Currently, several online casinos offer live games. Just having an internet connection you are ready to enter the game. In fact, live roulette is a new way of playing roulette that is here to stay. You have an overview of the roulette table through the various cameras installed in the casino. Therefore, you can play and watch the game with all players. The casinos that show the games live, not only roulette but also blackjack, make use of the most modern devices to provide an excellent quality in the transmission of the games. The cool thing is that this new way of playing online creates a more interactive atmosphere between the different players inside a live roulette table. What does not happen in the online game. Many may think that maybe playing live is complicated to do or even inaccessible financially. However, the truth is that everything is very simple and the minimum values ​​to enter a table can range from R $ 1 real to very high values. Then, the value of the chosen table is at the discretion of the player.

How to play live roulette First of all choose a safe online casino that has good recommendations and ratings from other players. Here on our website we recommend some that we trust. Always pay attention to the website URL, which is nothing more than the website address. Any type of website that you are going to visit, especially those where you share personal information, must, for your security, contain the acronym https at the beginning of the address. Therefore, all your personal information will be safe. Including credit card and bank account details. Once the casino, the operator, is chosen, you need to register. This is usually very simple and quick. You create a login and password, enter personal data such as phone number and address and move on to the deposit. The deposit is not mandatory to create your account on the website, but while you are participating in a live roulette table and placing bets, you will need a balance in your account. The casino tends to facilitate this deposit. Always with a reasonably low minimum deposit amount, as well as different forms of payment. This is up to each individual. Last steps to play it Account created and deposit made you select on the website the option “live casino” and then “live roulette”. Within the live roulette option you, you enter the "lobby" with the different options of tables to enter. Each with the specified minimum bet amount. You can also just log in and watch the game for a while without betting. As soon as you select the roulette table a message will appear saying “you must choose a nickname before entering a table”. Nickname in this case is a random number that will represent you. There is an option for the site itself to generate a number for you. Which is usually above 6 digits. Likewise, some houses give you the option of creating a nickname, a username at the table. See below how the live roulette game can appear to you on your computer screen.

Game rules - live roulette All the rules of the game that apply to live roulette are the same as those that apply to a normal roulette game. The variant of the most played roulette game in live casinos, globally speaking, is European roulette. On the European wheel there is only one house with the number 0. Consequently, your chance of winning increases in that case. With that in mind, take into account the valid rules for which type of table you choose. The game is under the dealer's command and all payments are made automatically by the casino server. You can even ask the dealer questions using the chat function present at all live tables. In addition, you can even communicate with other players through this chat. Currently almost all online casinos offer live games, but the most popular is and has always been live roulette.

Real-time croupier Casinos have a very diverse group of dealers, they can be men or women. In the entrance lobby for the live roulette tables you can see the different dealers that appear. On top of the screen there is always the name of each one. Below is an example of what the lobby might look like. Live croupier is the croupier who controls the game in real time.

Anyway, one of the great advantages of playing live is having a dealer in person running the game, as you can see in the image above. This makes the game more personal and real. It creates an environment more like the real casino, however you will be inside your home with all the comfort. Although the online gambling industry in Brazil has been growing steeply in recent years, it is still difficult to find online casinos with the option of a dealer who speaks Portuguese. Most of them, of course, speak English. However, there are always subtitles clarifying what is happening at stake.

Advantages of live roulette The odds of winning or winning in live games are the same as in real games or simply online. The game being fair and reliable depends on which online bookmaker you choose to play. If the house is safe, the game will be safe. The biggest advantage is undoubtedly being able to play the game in real time. Gamblers place their bets just as they would in a real roulette game. Bets placed automatically go to a monitor that displays what each player is doing, so the dealer keeps track of everything while tossing the wheel on the wheel and announcing the numbers drawn. For lovers of gambling in Brazil, there are not many options: either they play online, or travel. The live game gives the Brazilian player a real feeling of who is playing in the real casino. There is a whole atmosphere created around this with the dealer in real time, with the table and the roulette wheel, with the cameras that film the game from all possible angles. It is very exciting to be able to play live roulette in real time from the comfort of your home. You have fun, you get distracted, you spend time and at the same time you can still profit from it. Everything is very practical and easy to access, which makes the game even more attractive. Something also very attractive in the live casino is the interaction between players and the dealer. Being able to communicate in real time both with other players at your table, and with the dealer is a great differentiator and makes everything more fun.

Big players join the live casino Many players who bet large amounts and conduct their betting with their own systems frequently, increasingly migrate to the live casino. It is not for nothing that real casinos around the world openly make statements that the flow of gamblers within the casinos has slowed. There are some options for live games within the online bookmakers. however live roulette remains the most popular. The betting limits on live roulette tables are very high, which makes many gamblers profit more by playing.

Live roulette on your Smartphone smartphone roulette After being intrigued by everything that this live game can provide you, have you ever imagined being able to do it directly from your cell phone? With all the modernity of our century, people increasingly seek the practicality that a Smartphone allows. Live games are no different. The existing software that makes this possible is extremely modern and efficient, as a result the games are fast and high resolution. Even directly from your cell phone. Many players prefer to play on mobile phones, for all practicality. You don't have to sit in front of the computer, you can simply from your bed or sofa with the small device in hand make bets at any time and in real time. Many casinos have great high quality apps where you can play live roulette.

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