Millionaire because of poker

Do you want to have some dreams in times of riots and social anger? The dream of becoming a millionaire seems naive. Others will say they don't want to be an ambition. The donkey you lured with carrots at the end of the stick is ambitious or not very smart? Everyone will choose the answer. For poker, except that the points are dollars, a player's winning amount is like a football ranking. We are interested in this article by anonymous individuals who have become rich by playing online poker. Obviously, there are WSOP stars regularly reaching the final table in the world's largest poker tournament. The idea is that through games popularized by the Internet, ordinary players manage to make more money than they did correctly. It's not that you get rich by playing poker, but you can get rich by playing poker. Is this the same thing? Absolutely not. The intention is different. Just like in the prior art between one-off products and legendary bands, the starting spark is not the same. The person we are going to tell you becomes rich almost accidentally. For them, playing poker is a passion. When they click the button to throw the first card, they don't know they are embarking on a long journey.

The ordinary starting point of a poker millionaire

Millionaire poker players start their own businesses like everyone else. The players who reach the top are self-taught. Don't seek training! Everyone is in the same boat. Obviously, there are breeding grounds that allow players to grow quickly with natural qualities. Easy to concentrate, easy to master numbers, quick mind, tailor-made psychology, but they have work and passion in common. You won’t find anyone who will tell you they play poker and become millionaires. It is said that appetite is related to eating. The same is true for online poker. After that, we should not deceive ourselves. Can achieve feats and "one shot success" in small tournaments and win thousands of euros. To win millions of euros and spend millions of euros requires consistency. It should now be noted that we are talking about real millionaire players. You will often see poker players, just as you will find sports bettors only talking about winning.

From Lambda player to professional player

We often talk about Semi-pro and pro. Semi-pros cannot make a living from poker. This is the way he went, but he still needs work. Nothing notorious. Rarely get up in the morning and throw everything in the air to call yourself a professional poker player. When a professional poker player is qualified in this way by others, he becomes a professional player. The development of online poker has allowed online poker rooms to create teams. To integrate them, you must be different in online tournaments to distinguish the millionaire online poker players in the online poker room. Not all poker players who decide to make a living at the table want to play for a few hours in a tournament. The time rate of return and return on investment are too low, especially at the beginning. The more people in the online tournament, the higher the level. Remember, once a player decides to make a living from poker, it means he must win repeatedly. Cash game tables and turbo tournaments are popular places to win daily bread. Today, you can play 10 cards at the same time using the multi-table option. Please note that this is a very high level and requires the ability to manage ten tables at the same time.

Who is the millionaire in poker?

Lonely wolves, those living far away from the official team, and far away from France, where poker bonuses are not taxed. Most of them gritted their teeth at the online poker table. These are players from more or less official circles of foreign casinos. It must be said that in France, gambling policy limits bets and bonuses. Today, most circles are closed in the capital, and the new law does not seem to encourage the opening of new gambling circles. In foreign casinos, poker stakes can be high. When you put 10,000 euros on a small chip on the table, you are in another world. In Macau, this type of player reserves the gaming table. Cao Rui won 1.5 million US dollars at a table in a Macau casino. The bid rose to $200,000. Cao Rui is a good example, because he won in online poker but never missed in real poker. If the gains are substantial, the losses can be huge. Professional players can publish millions of content in one year and lose a lot in the second year. Players in unsponsored tournaments have a lot of extra costs: travel, accommodation, and tournament entry prices are getting higher. Among them, we know that Rui Cao, Sébastien Sabic, Alexandre Luneau, Sarah Herzali, Niklas Heinecker ), Kyle Hendon, Ben Tollerene or Alex Millar are all players who have won millions of dollars in prizes online.

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