More than 400 years of blackjack

Opdateret: 30. sept. 2020

Blackjack (also known as 21) is the oldest gaming machine and one of the most popular card games. The goal of the first story of the game is not to exceed 21 points, and the trump card number is 1 or 11. It can be traced back to the beginning of the 17th century, and the story is told by Spanish writer Miguel de Cervantes.

However, the name Blackjack comes from the United States. When the game was first launched in American casinos, it launched a campaign to attract players. If one person gets spades and one of the two black jacks gets; save or paw (a black jack), you bet ten times again. The offer was later withdrawn, but the name Blackjack has been around since then, and today is sufficient for any two cards containing a trump card and a card worth 10.

Nowadays, blackjack is one of the most widely offered cash games ever, and you can play in any casino no matter where you are. But please note that there are differences between casinos. In some games, the dealer must use a soft 17 (A in 17 means 11), while in Danish casinos, for example, there are rules that require the dealer to be on 17, regardless of the composition of the hand. It can also change the possibilities of playing several sets of cards, just as the range of possibilities for side games is wide.

Play blackjack online at CasinoSlots Casino

Just as brick-and-mortar casinos have achieved great success in terms of blackjack, games have largely gained a foothold on the Internet, and roulette has also become a mandatory feature of online casinos. In CasinoSlots Casino, you can play different variants of blackjack, and each bet has a bet-from one krona to a few kilos.

When playing games online at CasinoSlots Casino, you have complete control over the rhythm. There is no dealer who wants you to make a decision, and there are no impatient players who want to turn. If Aunt Oda calls during the game, or the postman arrives after you have multiplied two eights, you can easily leave the computer and resume the game when everything is calm.

If you are looking for a more realistic gaming experience for other players and dealers at the table, you can also do it on CasinoSlots. In our live casino, you can sit down at the blackjack table with the Danish dealer, and the game runs exactly as you know from the physical casino. But remember, you cannot go to the bathroom with one hand, so you will not have the opportunity to draw more cards, split or double.

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