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Opdateret: 9. juli 2020

Casino players like to experience the excitement of trying new gambling and slot machine casinos and portals displayed in Spanish, partly due to juicy promotions and popular offers, they usually provide this information to increase the user database; It is normal for multiple gambling establishments to register to take advantage of these casino bonuses. In this sense, as always, we recommend to our CasinoSlots readers to read the terms and conditions of these offers and the importance of withdrawal requirements.

Best new online casinos

Casino Bonus

1 Bethard Casino 100 € 100% bonus

2 Spin Up Up to € 1,000 + 100 spins

3 LeoVegas Up to € 2,000 welcome

4 Casino Star € 100 bonus to play

5 Merkurmagic Up to € 500 + 100 free spins

6 StarVegas € 300 + € 30 free and 30 spins

7 Betsson € 1,000 with + € 2M in boats

8 Codere Up to € 350 with live roulette


The latest technology

In terms of completely safe and reliable payment methods (PayPal, Skrill, Neteller or credit card are only the most notable payment methods), the huge development of technology has enabled the new casino to operate better due to a better user experience. Customer service on the portal and real-time interaction with dealers, which usually gives online casinos a live and live experience.

Page load speed and HTML5

Due to the emergence of a new Web programming language, the online casino has been gradually optimized to provide a fast browsing experience, mainly because the average user waits no more than 1 or 2 seconds on the desktop for any mobile device or website to interact with the website equipment. This also allows casino operators to provide games with higher quality graphics on all their platforms. New online casino in CasinoSlots

Innovative function

From sports betting to sweepstakes and live tournaments, these new gaming platforms are designed for a variety of online experiences, providing dynamic experiences, challenging and exciting games, which are often news.

Big promotions

Compared to existing casino licenses, new online casinos usually offer more generous promotional activities because it attempts to transfer players to increase their user registration and increase their loyalty.

Last games

In order to stay up to date on gaming, online casinos keep pace with the best software developers, many of whom provide 3D and HD development with high-quality graphics, so that they can realistically simulate real casinos and blood.

VIP programs

They are designed for new and old casino players and in many cases offer substantial advantages, such as special promotions based on funds deposited or wagered, and even participation in sports events in major Spanish cities; that’s why every time When encouraging or presenting these types of programs, there is always good news.

Mobile apps

Most new casinos have launched their own iOS and Android mobile apps on the market, allowing you to play all online games with just one click.

Lower refund limits

Some new casinos offer withdrawal limits that may not be as good as those already merged.

They usually don’t accept all kinds of coins at the beginning

When players joining CasinoSlots want to bet on the Euro, other players (such as Latinos from Central and South America) want to bet in their national currency, and some of these casinos may not be prepared.

Very few software providers

If you are looking for a complete collection of games, the new online casinos may not meet all your expectations, mainly because, in principle, they usually provide a catalog of games compared to operators who already have more online travel time More limited.

As of March 2018, there are 63 territories in Europe, 54 of which have at least one casino. According to the European Casino Association (ECA), nearly 100 million people visited casinos in 27 countries under surveillance in 2017; more than half of these players have been to France or the United Kingdom.

For online casinos, 2017 is particularly interesting. Competition in online casinos has grown significantly: more than 50 new casinos and new brands have appeared on the market, and innovative games have been launched. Players benefit from this special market situation because competition has resulted in huge welcome bonuses and free spins in the casino. Through the continuous improvement of the gamification process, the overall quality of the gaming and casino experience has been improved.

What are the advantages of the new online casino?

In order to quickly gain popularity, the new casinos do their best to carry out promotional activities to attract as many players as possible, which is usually the key to building a community of loyal players, because these players promote the so-called "mouths and ears" of the casinos in the casinos.

Casino table

Online casinos need to provide excellent customer service 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to ensure the loyalty and satisfaction of their players, because as long as players can trust the online casino, he will continue to return to the casino in more ways Or less repeated.

The safety and fairness of the new free casino

Playing in a safe, legal and fair casino is very important for all players, so at we only provide you with the best and most reliable casino. In any case, when choosing a new online casino to play, it is important to know what to avoid or what to look for:

Betting requirements: 40 times the bonus betting requirements are already very high, while 50 times is very high. You can find platforms with lower betting requirements; find them and try. Operator license: Make sure that the casino you choose is audited and has a Spanish DGOJ license, which will provide you with a sense of overall security and trust. In addition, it is also important to use SSL security certificates to encrypt online communications in the casino. Casino contact information: Determine the online casino data and contact information. If you can't find this information on your website, then we recommend that you give up the game in that casino.

Customer reviews: View other customer reviews on various forums or websites. If many of them make negative comments about the theater, it is best to avoid doing so.

Play roulette for free

Check our list of new casinos in CasinoSlots and make your choice. Create an account wherever you are, you can have fun through the web and casino mobile apps.

In order to get the most out of the game on the new platform, it is worth focusing on finding a new casino with no minimum deposit. When you receive a no deposit bonus, you will have the opportunity to try the casino for free. No deposit bonus depends on the operator; usually, the new casino will strive to provide such promotions to expand its registered user database. They may or may not provide you with money orders without deposits, cash bonuses without deposits or other means. New casinos that do not allow deposits in CasinoSlots always want to leave their players with good reasons to live with the operator. But as always, please review the terms and conditions of these bonuses because the term "free" can sometimes be misunderstood.

The free bonus is an opportunity for the casino to display its website, game selection and its added value. Of course, this is an expensive method to attract players, but operators hope to win users from many competitors in the long run.

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