New roulette casinos - which are the best sites and games for 2020?

In Germany, fans of roulette can hardly play the exciting table game in a real casino or casino online . So if you want to bet on numbers, colors and combinations, you should look for a suitable online casino that offers a good selection of the kettle game as software and live stream. New online casinos are particularly helpful. We have summarized on this page why the new game sites are suitable, what you have to pay attention to when choosing the roulette game library on the Internet and what disadvantages they can offer. Deposits, free roulette games, betting alongside bets and EU game licenses are also topics.

In the following article we explain everything you need to know about the advantages of a recently founded website and give you a lot of useful information about our top 3 list. Aside from the fact that these three new casinos offer the largest selection of roulette games, great bonuses and perks, they are also absolutely reputable and safe. Read on or just choose your favorite in the table above.

Playing in new online casinos - advantages and disadvantages

The classic versions of roulette - American, European and so on - are really exciting, but online casinos give the whole concept a completely new look depending on the number of games and the developer used. Side bets, additional features or playing with multiple kettles; to a certain extent, everything is possible. New game sites that only started in 2018 are convincing with the latest software, currently popular developers, exclusive titles, live casino streams, fair bonus models and much more. Of course, brand new providers can also have teething problems and some disadvantages. However, the specimens recommended here on the page do not have any.

Take advantage of new providers

The basic structure of the casino and its user interface is the so-called software platform. Once this is set up and the registered players use the site continuously, it is difficult to implement new platforms. Therefore, established casino game sites have been out of date for years and will not change that quickly. So if you want the best operation, the best design on mobile devices and the most modern or fastest implementation of games, you should trust one of the new providers for iGambling. These usually also offer larger bonuses and other customer loyalty programs - for example free games, loyalty points and competitions. With regard to the bonus, one can expect fairer conditions than is the case with old game sites. There, you often have to wager the bonus several times before the profits made with it are paid out. In the new online casinos with roulette, blackjack, slots and other games from several providers, there are also security mechanisms that are designed to prevent bonus fraud on the part of users, but they are much more consumer-friendly. And therefore more new customers can also afford the bonus.

Negative pages of the best game sites

The newest gaming sites for gambling, roulette and card games are less likely to experience bugs, i.e. game failures or the site's crash. Most of them are tested so well in advance that everything goes well as a rule. However, because new providers do not have super-large reserves, there are not too many uses for roulette and other table games. The limits are still low in the early months. Support for customers is often not that well developed either. With the new roulette online casinos that we recommend to you on this page, there are no such hurdles. We also identified pages with negative experience for users in the test, but do not name them here.

Roulette games on brand new German casino sites

Worldwide and in Germany as well, you can always choose between new providers for roulette, slot machines, blackjack, poker and Co. on the Internet. There are always wonderful surprises in the respective design of the roulette tables as well as the redesign or adaptation of the game concept. From betting in addition to the actual use to several kettles in one game or franchise roulette with the integration of famous series, films, video games, bands and the like, a lot is possible. This increases the fun in addition to choosing the three main types of roulette: American Roulette, European Roulette and French Roulette. Sometimes there are adjustments, such as reducing the numbers in the boiler, so that there is a significantly higher chance of winning.

When choosing a new roulette casino, you should of course always make sure that good odds are awarded and that a serious offer has been certified by license and by independent security companies. However, in addition to using real money and winning real money from reputable game sites, there is always the possibility to play roulette for free, play slots and take advantage of card games. At least the table games and slot machines offered as software can be gambled without money, free of charge and with virtual credits. You should note that the winnings are of course only digital and fictional.

Mobile apps for real money roulette

There are two main ways to play roulette mobile via mobile phone / smartphone or tablet. On the one hand, new online casinos with roulette tables, live table games and slots offer their own apps for download. These are installed on the device and offer gaming fun everywhere and the chance to win real money. The same also applies to so-called web apps. A web app is an online casino that is displayed on a website adapted for mobile devices. The games can be played directly in the web browser and without downloading any software. Both software games and live roulette streams with real dealers are possible with both variants.

Live roulette streams in HD and with real money

Germany is, among other things, the land of poets and thinkers. And many think that they cannot trust the random number generator that is behind the software games in online casinos. Online casinos are strictly controlled and must have a flawless RNG (Random Number Generator), i.e. a functioning random generator, for their gaming license - but we also understand if you have doubts about its function. Therefore, we would like to recommend the live roulette streams in the new internet game stores to you. These always cost money, but you also get a real table with a real dealer presented. You can actively participate in the live game, place bets, dust off winnings and even chat with the person in front of the camera

And if you could hardly find anything other than European Roulette so far, nowadays there are some of the most interesting variations at the new Live Roulette casinos and new ones are added regularly. Some casinos even go one step further and use the game hits of several software providers.

Payment of budget, payment of profits

The payment methods of game sites for iGambling on the Internet can differ greatly depending on the provider. Mostly you will find business cards such as MasterCard and Visa as well as bank transfer and instant transfer as standard methods. Good casinos also offer PayPal and sometimes even Bitcoin as a form of payment. However, accepting and withdrawing cryptocurrencies is not yet a standard for the roulette game; So it shouldn't be a main criterion when looking for the right provider. But what you should note is that there are minimum and maximum for deposits and withdrawals. In addition, individual methods could be subject to (small) fees

Security and fairness on old and new pages

Regardless of whether you choose a new or an old casino site for playing for money, you should always pay attention to some security criteria. If you look at the recommendations for the pages we tested, you will see all the criteria met. But if you go outside of this advisory and comparison page, look that the following can be found at a new roulette casino for Germans as players: European gaming license (mostly from Malta or Gibraltar) with current validity Verification of the provider by eCOGRA, TST or another verification service for online casinos Overview of the payout rates for the casino and the individual game categories (slots, roulette, poker, blackjack, scratch cards, dice, etc.) SSL encryption for the transmission of personal information and payment data Cooperation with an organization that deals with player protection, gambling addiction or similar

New customer bonus - reward for joining a new site

After all, the bonus is a good tool to get new players and build a regular customer base. Therefore, you can often expect other such measures such as competitions, tournaments with prize money, coupons for free games, temporary discounts and more from the new competitors on the market. Sometimes there is also a VIP program that assures certain regular customers of certain advantages. This is, so to speak, the bonus for those roulette players who are no longer new but are good for it.

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