Online Blackjack: Never be over 21! Concentrate on getting rich

Along with slot machines and poker, blackjack is one of the most popular casino games. This means that many people have made a lot of money there, why not? With the help of multiple variations of online games such as Blackjack Switch or Royale Match, beginners can quickly give up.

Do not worry ! This guide is responsible for teaching you the best techniques so that no dealer can stand with you. You can make a lot of money right away without leaving home.

Why play blackjack online?

With the advancement of technology and the democratization of the Internet, now you can turn your home into a personal casino. By equipping yourself with a computer or smartphone, you can make yourself comfortable in the living room or even on the bed.

You can play at your own rhythm. In addition, compared with traditional casinos, there is a greater chance of making more profits.

Starting today, we will create an unparalleled blackjack player for you. To fully master this game, it is important that you take the following strategic steps:

Table of Contents

1.Why play blackjack online?

2. Advantages of playing blackjack

2.1 Use comfort to improve at home

2.2 How much to earn

2.3 Serious and safe places

2.4 Live Black Jack, why not?

3. point blackjack rule

3.1 Game objectives

3.2 Possible bets

3.3 Game progress

4. strategies to implement after the first card is distributed

4.1 Make a split

4.2 Double the bet

4.3 Participate in insurance

5. Blackjack variants

6. blackjack competition

7. History of Blackjack

8. summary

9. frequently asked questions about blackjack

Advantages of playing blackjack

The fact that you can play remotely anytime, anywhere has become a major advantage of online blackjack. In addition, you can also take advantage of deposit bonuses while ensuring that you deal with professional and secure websites.

Playability improved from home

Whether it is late night or early morning, you can start the game in the bedroom or kitchen with just a few clicks. Time is no longer an issue. You no longer need to wait to place a bet because the online platform is always available and loads quickly.

Say goodbye to those long casino tours and only 15 minutes of games.

As a beginner, you will definitely spend time looking for bearings. When online, you can practice using the blackjack board as needed. This is not necessarily the case with traditional blackjack.

When you play games at home, because you are still inexperienced, no one will judge you at the casino. This way you can proceed calmly at your own pace.

Earn more and spend less

Online casinos usually offer bonuses that are not normally awarded in real casino rooms. Most of the time, they are obtained by saving money. They can let you bet with more money than the base. Therefore, you can deposit a relatively low amount while still having the opportunity to place big bets.

In addition to bonuses, online blackjack is more flexible in terms of betting restrictions. As a result, it is suitable for any type of player.

Seriously safe website

Contrary to what one might think, the Blackjack website is subject to strict scrutiny. They ensure that each player's money and personal information are completely safe. Therefore, there is no problem with depositing and withdrawing funds. Under no circumstances will your bank details be disclosed.

To ensure you have a pleasant experience, we recommend that you take a quick look at our top 10 virtual casinos.

BlackJack live broadcast, why not?

If you don't like feeling alone when playing games on the Internet, then you will like the choice of live dealers. As the name suggests, this feature allows you to have a real video distributor in front of yourself. Since there are many camera angles available, your broadcast on the screen is very smooth. This will give you the impression that you are playing a real game of blackjack.

Blackjack rule

They are very easy to understand, but you have to be careful because the basics are very important for this game. The game has a dispute between the host (the person who manages the bank) and the player (you).

So you will understand the goals of blackjack, possible bets and game flow.

The purpose of the game

You receive 2 cards and draw other cards to make it as close to the value of 21 as possible. The sum of your cards is greater than that of your opponent (the dealer), and if it does not exceed 21, you win.

If the dealer's total bet is greater than 21, you also win.

Possible bet

Usually communicate at each table so you can know the maximum and minimum bets in advance. For example, if it shows EUR 1-EUR 80, it should be understood that you must bet at least EUR 1 and up to EUR 80. Game progress

Before talking about it, it is very important to understand the value of each card used:

1. The value of Ace depends entirely on the player. So it can be 1 or 11.

2. Cards 2 to 10 have their own value.

3. Jack, Queen and King get 10 points.

4. If your two cards are composed of 10 cards or A cards with one face, you will automatically get 21 cards in total. This combination is called blackjack. At this point, the money you receive will be multiplied by your principal multiplied by 1.5.

5. In rare cases, you and the dealer have blackjack, and you will not win or lose.

After solving all of these, let's continue the development of the game.

Before starting the game, you must place a bet.

Distribute cards after the game: the assistant host is responsible for placing your cards side up. At the same time, he gave himself a hidden face. Then, he gives you another face-up card.

Now it's time to start playing. The dealer will ask you what action you will take next. If there are multiple players, he will first walk to the farthest position to his left.

Therefore, you must choose whether to draw cards. As long as your total points do not exceed 21 points, you can claim any number of points. Once satisfied, you must confirm this to him, stating that you will leave it there.

After the round, if the dealer scores less than 17 points, the dealer will add more to his hand. As a reminder, if the score exceeds 21, all players present will win.

Strategies to be implemented after the first card is distributed

Now it can be said that you are very familiar with the basics of blackjack. Find out other options you can take early in the game.

- Split

If your first two cards are a pair, you have the opportunity to split them into two other hands. This technique is called "split". The amount you previously bet will be awarded for each hand. If both succeed, then you will get double the shares.

However, the split may be against you: if only one of the cards wins, your profit will be zero. To make matters worse, if both hands lose, you will lose twice the first bet.

Before considering using this method, it is therefore important to carefully weigh the possible risks and benefits.

- Double bet

Here, instead of using both hands, you choose to multiply the bet amount by 2. Of course, this technique brings risks: after obtaining the initial card, you can only draw one. In this way, the chance of being over 21 years old or under the total amount of the trader is greater.

- Take insurance

The fact that dealers can put out blackjack is not to be underestimated. Faced with this situation, you will lose the game immediately, which may make you less want to play more games. You can avoid this situation by choosing "Insurance". Specifically, you pay half of the shares to the bank. Therefore, even if the dealer does bid blackjack, you will only lose the original bet.

However, if you are not used to blackjack card counting, please do not choose insurance because the odds are usually on the casino side.

- Blackjack variant

Considering the popularity of blackjack in casinos, it is not surprising to see several changes. These rules are different and can easily confuse you. To keep you up to date, we have prepared a list of the most popular versions online.

Pay attention to the tips of each change. In this way, you will increase your income in record time.

- Blackjack 6: 5

The more cards in the blackjack game, the more advantageous the casino involved. 6:5 Blackjack has only one deck, which is 52 cards.

When you consider the small number of cards, the player seems to have an advantage. However, this is not necessarily the case. This is because the expenditure ratio is 6:5, while the standard blackjack is 2:3. For example, if you bet $30 in a classic game, you can get $45 back. With this variant, you only have a profit of 36 euros for the same bet.

On the surface, this version seems to provide players with more opportunities to win, but in the long run, this is far from the case. However, as long as there are few games, it can still be used as a training ground.

- Blackjack and over / under 13

The playback method is roughly the same as the original, "Blackjack/Under 13" is becoming more and more popular in Las Vegas. Its specificity? You can bet whether the sum of your first two cards is less than or greater than 13. As for the value of the card, A can only win 1 point. If the dealer rolls 13, he immediately wins.

With a reasonable payout ratio, it is recommended for any players who want more challenges and an excellent adrenaline surge.

- Blackjack red/black

Also known as blackjack red/black, this variation can easily attract roulette players. Very similar to the latter, it involves betting on the first card of the dealer. Therefore, you must guess whether it is a red card or a black card, hence the name of this version.

For a little more fun, if the deal is 2, the dealer will win the battle. Fun in nature, red/black blackjack gives you more chances to win. If you lose the original game but still can choose the correct color, this can also compensate. This game is largely based on luck, which is what makes it so fascinating.

- Blackjack switch

Much like a split, the blackjack switch invites players to use both hands at the same time. But that's not all, he can exchange any of the second cards as needed. Just like the traditional blackjack, it may split or even double here.

Given all these possibilities, it is clear that players have many advantages. In order to better balance things, online casinos still take some measures. For example, if your combination is less than 21 and the dealer's hand exceeds that number, it is a tie.

If the player manages to have blackjack, he immediately wins. However, in the case of two blackjack, it is still the winner, this is the dealer's.

If you are a sneaky person, then this change is perfect for you. At first glance, this may seem difficult, but the ability to freely trade cards is still a good way to give the game an advantage.

- Royal Blackjack

Do you remember the particularity of red/blackjack? Yes, you must bet on the dealer's cards. To participate in the Royal Blackjack Tournament this time, you must try to guess which of your cards can win a big victory.

You do not have to bet on the suit of the first card, but to be like the original suit, you must bet. If you are right, you will receive 60 euros in a bet of 20 euros.

The magic of this variant goes far beyond this: by having cards made up of the same hand of the queen and king, you will have the so-called royal game. This rare combination can provide you with an initial betting bonus of 200 Euros. As you know, the ratio in this case is 10:1, which is huge.

Although the chances of participating in the Royal game are very low, it is very common to have a pair of the same color. Therefore, you can win bets and online blackjack at the same time, thereby doubling the prize money.

Double exposure blackjack If every online blackjack game fan wants to do one thing in the game, it is to know all the dealer's cards. When playing Double Exposure Blackjack, this wish became a reality.

From the beginning of the game, two cards of the dealer will be displayed, leaving a big gap for the player. However, the house has implemented some blackjack rules to keep the bets relevant:

-If it is a tie, unless you have a blackjack combination, the dealer will win the bet.

-If this happens, you will only get the initial bet instead of double the traditional blackjack.

Like any other blackjack version, the risk of loss is always there, but because of the knowledge of the dealer in advance, the risk of loss is quite low. This alone, double exposure blackjack is worth seeing. Who knows, maybe this is the best change for your game style? Try at all costs.

- Spanish blackjack

Are you tired of the classic blackjack? The rules and the Spanish 21 release may interest you.

Very popular online game, you can play without ten cards, which puts you at a disadvantage. Indeed, without it, blackjack is even more difficult.

Please rest assured, despite the huge punishment, you can still enjoy some privileges:

-Regardless of the card number, you have the right to change to a new card and copy it. In addition, the split of ace is also possible. Once you split a hand, it is up to you to decide whether to give up.

-If you roll 21, you will win the game immediately even if the dealer has the same amount

-If you have 3 identical 7-to-7s in the same hand, then you will receive 1,000 Euros.

-Other combinations (such as 6-7-8 of spades) bring you huge bonuses.

Spanish blackjack is a variant that proves that online real money blackjack does not necessarily require 10 cards to be exciting. Using the specific rules it provides, you will be taken to use a brand new blackjack strategy to maximize your profits.

- Classic blackjack

Despite its wide variety, the original blackjack continues to attract customers to online casinos. Its profitability is certainly good. Indeed, the classic ratio is 2:1, even in the event of failure, it will not hurt yourself too much.

There is no problem finding them online, because any good virtual casino should have several tables. To accompany you, the real co-host can play with you. Whether you like to bet big or prefer to use it sparingly, the betting limit is very suitable for your play style.

- Blackjack Surrender

We continue to list the types of online blackjack in "Surrender". Do you think playing real money blackjack online is particularly difficult? If the answer is "yes", then this other form of the game will change your mind.

Here, if you feel at a loss, you have all the rights to let go. The main purpose of this is to minimize the loss you will suffer. Therefore, instead of losing all of the shares, it is better to cut off some of them.

In certain specific situations, it is necessary to give up your hand, for example, when the dealer gets a 10 or an ace and your total score is 16 or 17. If you can manage to have a natural blackjack, then you will be the lucky winner of this battle.

Blackjack Surrender is especially for newcomers. With their flexibility, they avoid losing large sums of money, which encourages them to practice more before dealing with classic blackjack.

However, this does not mean that players with a lot of experience will not be able to enjoy it. The smartest people will know how to use the specific feature of surrender to win big prizes.

- Progressive blackjack

Are you familiar with slot machines? Otherwise, most of them will have a fund, and it will grow whenever people invest money. At some point, the total amount obtained can exceed one million euros. What can happen with progressive blackjack is roughly the same.

The principle is very likely: before you receive your card, you must announce your optional bet. After completion, the game can start.

Your victory largely depends on the combination you get. For example, for A in hand, the ratio is 5:1, which means you win 5 times the initial bet. How to get the prize? You must have 4 identical A cards.

The really interesting thing about this game is that your combined winnings are not really affected by the game results. This means that even if the dealer beats you, if you are lucky, you can still win a lot of money. If not, remember that the blackjack ratio is always 3:2.

Progressive blackjack is one of the few variants where you can really get rich quickly. Although the prize is included, it is still recommended to keep a cool head while playing the game. Indeed, having the right cards that produce high odds often happens in very little time. Therefore, please be careful and patient when playing this version.

- Golden blackjack

If you want to stay motivated in the learning process, start with simple things. With blackjack gold medals, practicing your favorite card game has never been easier. The biggest difference from classic blackjack is that it only uses a 52-card shoe. Therefore, betting is much easier because you can roughly guess which cards are lost.

In addition to "surrender", golden blackjack allows you to play at your own pace so that you can understand and explore the various techniques of blackjack. In addition, you have more advantages than a house, which means very little money to lose.

Experts will be able to count blackjack easily, making things easier.

- Black Jack Triple 7;s

We usually say that the number 7 brings good luck. Triple 7's Black Jack has never been like this. You might suspect that the bonus will be obtained from a hand with 7 cards. For example, if you have two 7s of the same suit, you will win 50 times the bet amount at the beginning of the game. That part.

When blackjack is obtained, the ratio is 3:1. In order to balance power, it consists of 5 decks of cards. Somehow, this is the same blackjack as you know, but this time there is a better chance to rank.

However, it is important to know that this variant is especially beneficial to you when the pot exceeds 100,000€. Below this amount, the odds are usually on the housing side.

- Blackjack Vegas Tour

As the name suggests, this version is very famous in Las Vegas. Here, you will play 208 solitaires, or 4 decks, each with 52 cards.

Like traditional blackjack, you have the right to take out insurance to protect yourself from dealer blackjack. The value of the insurance must be the same as the initial principal. Don't worry, if the dealer fails, you only need to get your shares back. In addition, if he scores 17 points in total, he cannot take any more cards.

Regarding the similarities with classic blackjack, if you beat the dealer's card without exceeding 21, the victory is yours. The blackjack ratio is standard, which is 3:2.

Since the number of cards played with "Vegas Trip" blackjack is small, luck smiles more to you than to the dealer. Do you know what this means? Yes, the prospects are promising. So don't wait any longer to test this huge change.

- Perfect for blackjack

Are you looking for the perfect combination of blackjack and betting strategy? Nothing more, because this is what Perfect Pairs Blackjack offers. In order to win big money, you must bet on the two cards dealt at the beginning of the game. If they use the same color or grade, a huge bonus will be waiting for you.

The advantage of this game is that you don't have to beat the dealer to win a lot of money. I highly recommend Perfect Peers Blackjack to all enthusiasts seeking excitement and great victory.

- Chinese blackjack

Known as "Bang Nagar" among the Chinese, this form of blackjack requires a completely different approach by completely changing the basic rules. It only needs two pairs or even a pair of 52 cards.

The value of Ace will change according to the number of cards in your hand:

-The 4 cards in the hand are only worth 1 point

-For 3 cards, it can be 10 or 1 point

-For 2 cards, according to the player's decision, it represents 11 or 10 points

All other cards keep their same value (including King, Queen and Jack.)

With this variant, there is no shortage of bonuses:

-If you have 2 A, then you will have a so-called "ban". Therefore, the payout ratio will be 3:1 -If your Ace is 10, you will get "Ban-Luck" this time. Therefore, you will get double the shares.

-If your hand consists of 3 7s, multiply your profit by 21. In addition, if the dealer's hand is equal to 21 points, no bonus will be awarded. Remember, if the dealer gets an embargo or even a ban, he will win the game.

If you feel that you are not really making money through classic blackjack, then try the good luck of Chinese blackjack. The bonuses there are not only incredible, but the risk of loss is much lower. Nevertheless, please don't underestimate this interesting change, and take the time to fully understand the problems it brings.

- Atlantic City Blackjack

Named after the famous city of New Jersey, Atlantic City Blackjack is just as interesting as other versions of Blackjack. You can double on any hand with two cards. Therefore, the same operation can be performed on the two initial cards. However, you must absolutely abide by the dealer’s regulations for distributing new cards.

The ratio of blackjack is similar to that of classic blackjack, which is 3:2. You can also choose to buy insurance.

Although Atlantic City Blackjack is not much different from the original version, it is still fun to have a lot of hands. If you want to bet in this game, we recommend that you have enough cash.

Atlantic City Blackjack is more suitable for veterans. As an apprentice, before trying, you must first master the basics of traditional blackjack.

- Black Jack Super 21

As mentioned earlier, the fewer cards in the game, the easier it is for you to win. Super 21 is usually played with 52 cards. This cousin is different from the classic blackjack, it has its own characteristics:

-After splitting, you can still double

-If there is a deadlock, you can choose to give up. If you choose this option, you can get half of the first bet

-Can be split 3 times in the game Fair and fun, Super 21 is likely to become your favorite variant. If you know how to calculate blackjack cards, you can make a lot of money using this game.

- Pontoon

Almost all online casinos have at least one pontoon table. This is due to the fact that game players appreciate this blackjack very much. Its rules, like its name, are very different from traditional blackjack. In order for you to see some abstracts, when your total number of cards is less than or equal to 14, you need to grab a card.

Since the ratio provided by the pontoon is quite low, if you are still a novice, please don't go there. On the other hand, if you think you have enough experience, it will definitely be interesting.

Blackjack tournament

After dozens or even hundreds of hours of gaming, you may be ready to compete with the big boys and enter the competitive arena.

Although it is planned to rhyme with strong opponents, it also plans big prizes and a lot of money. Even if you lose, you will gain a lot of experience, which will help you improve your blackjack style and strategy.

During the tournament, you should do your best to rank yourself at the top of the leaderboard, because that is where the biggest victory lies. The value of these events is affected by the number of participants and the type of competition. Indeed, competitions with entry fees provide much more revenue than free competitions.

If you want to test your level or even practice, we strongly recommend that you start with a free online tournament. They are regularly organized by a group of enthusiastic players.

The history of blackjack

If we don’t know who invented blackjack, we know that it was created between the 13th and 14th centuries. The most famous at the time was "31", the first rule of which was written in Italy.

In the middle of the 19th century, it began to become more and more successful in North America, especially in Las Vegas. Realizing this popularity, the casino will not hesitate to integrate several blackjack tables with various bonuses. The purpose is to attract some customers mainly composed of Europeans.

Nowadays, the Internet is almost everywhere in the world, so you can play blackjack online without being at home. Some casinos go further without hesitation by providing virtual reality tables. The purpose of this is to increase the immersion of the player.


There is no doubt that blackjack is a game of chance, with extremely rich variations, skills and winning opportunities. Therefore, it provides a good time for entertainment, but also allows to win considerable money through the correct blackjack strategy.

There is no doubt that blackjack is a game of chance, with extremely rich variations, skills and winning opportunities. Therefore, it provides a good time for entertainment, but also allows to win considerable money through the correct blackjack strategy.

Frequently asked questions about blackjack

How to play Black Jack?

To play the game, you can go to a land-based casino, or you can simply connect to the Internet and access a virtual casino. We strongly recommend that you choose the second method because it is more comfortable and cost-effective.

How to win at Black Jack?

You must have a better combination than the dealer, and the total must not exceed 21 points. If you have blackjack, which is an Ace plus 10 or a face, you will automatically win.

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