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European countries' attitudes towards online gambling vary from country to country. Although some of them completely ban all gambling activities and block international online casinos, others allow their citizens to place bets wherever they want.

Belgium retains the golden medium, creating an open and regulated environment for players and online casinos in Belgium. Players can gambling online on many casino sites licensed in Belgium that offer various types of casino games. For the convenience of our players, we have organized some of the best online casinos for Belgian players, and then provided detailed reports and useful information about the legislation and gambling history of Belgian online casinos. The following is a list of online gambling sites available in each location. You can choose one and play real money games in the reliable online casino Belgium. To add more content, you can play games on SlotsUp and then try your luck at the best online casino in Belgium.

Online casino sites in Belgium

Although Belgium allows online gambling in international and Belgian online casinos, this does not mean that you can play in any EUR online casinos encountered on the Internet. Nowadays, there are many internet casinos in Belgium. It is not easy to find the best casino, but it is much easier to find an ordinary casino-but this is not what you need, is it? Playing games in unreliable casinos can lead to fraud or, at best, a bad gaming experience in the worst case. This is why we never allow this to happen here. After a long and serious study, the CasinoSlots team chose the best Belgian online casino and added it to our own list of friendly Belgian online casinos as shown below. These top Belgian online casinos provide the best gaming services for people who are looking for quality online casinos in Belgium and are reviewed and approved by our experienced team members. We ensure that only the best Belgian online casinos that meet our high standards and meet other requirements are listed here: CasinoSlots - Safety. Player safety is a top priority, so when we choose a casino for Belgium’s top ten online casinos, the license information is the first thing we check. Only casinos with valid licenses issued by Belgian or international gaming agencies can access this page, so when you play online casino games in Belgian online casinos on our list, you can ensure the safety of your money and personal data. -You can also check the license of the Belgian casino online. Usually in the footer of the website, it contains the license number and the name of the issuing authority.

Diversity. When you come to the best online casino in Belgium, you will expect a wide variety of games. It's always cool to put all the games you need in one place without switching between casinos, depending on whether you own these games. Playing online slot machines in Belgium still wants to play a deck of cards. The top 10 online casinos in Belgium are characterized by a large number of games, from world-renowned providers such as Thunderkick, Quickspin, Play'N GO or Microgaming, as well as smaller companies that still produce excellent products. You can choose the right game according to your needs, whether it is a classic old-fashioned 3-axis fruit tray game machine or a state-of-the-art video poker with live dealers streaming from the onshore casino. Convenience. If it is not convenient to use the casino, even if you do not provide the options you need, the one million games in the Belgian online casino are fine. This is why the next key factor in choosing an online casino in Belgium is player convenience and the diversity of interfaces and banking options.

First, all Belgian online casinos on the list are available in different languages ​​from English to Swedish so that they can serve a wider audience. Second, you can choose the currency you want to use to deposit or withdraw bonuses from the best Belgian online casinos. Euro is usually specified by default, but you can also pay in US dollars or local currency.

Finally, you can choose the most convenient banking method for gambling transactions. These can be credit or debit cards, Skrill, PayPal, etc. Therefore, you can adjust the settings of the best Belgian online casinos according to your preferences and play Belgian online casinos with the best results. And, if you want to make gambling more convenient and mobile, you can view mobile casinos in Belgium from any smartphone or tablet. Because the country allows online gambling, there is no shortage of online casinos accepted in Belgium. With the help of the list, you can only play for Belgians in the best Belgian casinos and get all the gambling winners in the most exciting way.

The list is regularly updated with new Belgian online casinos. Therefore, if you are tired of the gambling plan and want to try new things, you must make it the highest paid online casino in Belgium on this page. If you’re not sure, try Belgian free slot machines first to make sure you’re ready to play real money games

Laws and regulations for online gambling in Belgium Casino Online

You may already know that European gambling laws are different. The European Union may use the same currency, but its attitude towards online gambling ranges from an absolute "no" to an absolute "yes, you're welcome". In order to find more information about legislative changes, we collected frequently asked questions on the subject and posted expert answers on the spot. Therefore, today we talk about Belgium’s online gambling laws and how to legally enjoy safe online gambling in Belgium. Is online gambling allowed in Belgium? In these articles, we do not say this sentence often, but yes, according to the Belgian online gambling law, as long as you play in a licensed Belgian online casino, all types of online gambling are legal in Belgium. However, even if you decide to place your bet in a casino that does not have an online gambling license issued by the Belgian government, you only need to worry about whether the Euro casino is safe and reliable.

Players will not be accused of gambling in unlicensed venues, but illegal Belgian casinos will face serious charges.

What are the peculiarities of legal online casinos in Belgium.

According to the Belgian law on online gambling, operators must have an official land-based casino in the country to legally work and operate online casinos in Belgium with real money. Even the best online gambling sites in Belgium without real competitors have been blocked.

Fortunately, this does not mean that online gambling in Belgium is bad and boring, because there is no legal online casino available for Belgian players. The Belgian Online Gambling Authority is very generous in licensing and promoting the Belgian online gambling industry, so Belgians have enough reputable online casinos to choose from in Belgium.

Who is responsible for online gambling in Belgium?

All Belgian online gambling laws are issued by the Belgian Gambling Commission, which is also responsible for issuing licenses to safe Belgian casinos and resolving other gambling-related issues.

What is the legal online gambling age in Belgium? In order to place bets in an online casino in Belgium, players must be at least 21 years old. Sports betting and national lottery have been allowed for 18 years, but it is now being discussed whether the minimum age for these activities should also be raised

History of gambling in Belgium

The history of the Belgian game market can be traced back to a period much earlier than expected. The first game of chance (clearly a card game) appeared in Belgium in 1300 and became the first known game of chance in Europe. One hundred years later, in 1400, the Belgians began to hold the first lottery tickets. Over time, their interest in gambling has diminished. There are now many Belgian online casinos and land-based EUR casinos across the country. Despite its long history, Belgium’s gambling was not regulated until the first game and gaming laws were approved by the government in 1999 and a gaming committee was established. The law regulates land-based gambling activities such as offline casinos, slot machines and lotteries, while online gambling is not regulated. This situation changed in 2010, when the "Gambling and Gaming Law" changed with the new rules for Belgian casinos accepted by Belgian players, and the licensing process rules for online casinos authorized in Belgium were established. Since then, the country’s gambling rules have not fundamentally changed, and CasinoSlots, Belgium’s best online casino, can operate freely and legally with a license. At the same time, Belgium continued to blacklist the top unlicensed online casinos of Belgian players, which led to dissatisfaction with the blocked Internet casino operators, but no changes were made.

Predictions about the future of online gambling in Belgium

For many years, Belgium has been one of the few European countries that welcomes online gambling and issues gaming licenses to international online casinos. Thanks to current legislation, hundreds of players in Belgium have the opportunity to enjoy various types of online casino games and bet on real money in the best online casinos of Belgian players that have been checked, approved and licensed. This attitude has been positively evaluated by players and earned a lot of taxes. Belgium has little chance to adopt the model of neighboring countries and stop licensing to the Belgian online casino website. The only change we can expect is the increased number of licenses, which increases the number of new online casinos for players in Belgium. Even if there are enough places to play today, and the 10 best online casinos in Belgium are open to the public, it is always a good thing to have more choices.

As new Belgian online casinos appear in 2017, we will continue to follow Belgian casinos to update this page so that we can personally comment on them and show them to readers first. Currently, you can choose the best online casino EUR from our list of Belgian online casinos and win the first prize. Don't forget to check Belgium's online casino ratings and the best casino deals we have collected on one page. Those interested in mobile slot machines in Belgium can access this page from any mobile device. The casino list is sorted with the Belgian mobile casinos above. Fans of free games have the opportunity to improve their skills before CasinoSlots play the game normally. We provide the largest number of online casino games, without registration, download and store to have fun.

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