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You are from Quebec. Are you looking for a French-speaking online casino to bet and win money? There are indeed French-French online casinos that Quebec people can use. This is a small selection of the 11 best French online casinos, and some tips to help you choose the best French online casino.

The Casino Rewards group: sites in French

Casino Rewards is a platform for gathering 29 online casinos in the same location: by registering in one of the group ’s casinos, players can join the entire Casino Rewards network, so they can play in the casino of their choice. This is the best French website we selected from the Casino Rewards network.

CasinoSlots casino Canada French

CasinoSlots Casino is a website in the province of Quebec that offers a variety of games, but also offers a very attractive welcome bonus, allocated to the first 5 deposits made: $ 20 for the first deposit and 100% for the second , Which must be between CAD 20 and CAD 100, 50% of the third deposit, up to CAD 80, then the final 50% of the fourth deposit and the fifth deposit, up to CAD 150. You understand this, thanks to this bonus, the site is rated by many sites as the best online casino of the moment, and we know why!

To benefit from it, simply download the Zodiac casino app. In addition to the welcome bonus, CasinoSlots Casino also allows you to get a chance to win a grand prize with a minimum deposit of $ 80.

Golden Star Mondial French Casino

Golden Ster Casino gives you access to more than 550 online casino games, including the latest games and live dealer games. This online casino not only offers you the opportunity of 150 euros to win the jackpot by depositing 10 euros, but also allows you to double the second deposit up to 250 euros.

Playamo French casino

Playamo Online Casino was launched in 2000. Its welcome bonus gives you a 100 chance to become a millionaire at the first deposit of a minimum of 7.30 Canadian dollars, and then add an additional nearly 700 Canadian dollars in the following 4 deposits: 100% up to 145 Canadian dollars. Second deposit, 3rd The maximum 50% of the deposit is CAD 220, and then the maximum 25% of the fourth deposit is CAD 180. It also provides weekly and monthly promotional activities so that you can earn VIP points.

CLeopatra French casino

Luxury Casino is one of the newest casinos in the Casino Rewards group. This is the ideal place for big bets! The welcome bonus allows you to earn up to 1000 Euros in the first 5 deposits: 100% first deposit, maximum 220 CAD; second deposit 50% maximum, CAD 300; third deposit 25%, maximum 430 Canadian dollars; 50% of the 4th deposit, the highest is CAD 300; 100% of the 5th deposit reaches 220 CAD.

Yukon Gold French Casino

Yukon Gold Casino (Yukon Gold Casino) was established in 2004, with the nostalgic style of Las Vegas Golden Age as the theme of Americans. After registration, Yukon Gold Casino offers you 125 chances of winning, with a minimum bet amount of 10 Euros. For the second deposit, you will receive a 100% bonus, up to a maximum of CAD 220.

French Golden Tiger Casino

Golden Tiger Casino is available to Canadian players of all skill levels: for this reason, it already has nearly 10 million players. In about 550 games, it also offers a welcome bonus totaling $ 2,000.

Nostalgia Casino in French

The Nostalgia Casino takes up the theme of the Roaring Twenties (1920s and 1930s), for an original gaming experience. It was launched in 2000, making it one of the oldest online casinos in the Casino Rewards group. Its welcome bonus is very interesting: you can benefit from 2000% on your first deposit of only CAD 1.50, up to CAD 30. Then, you will receive up to 700 CAD additional bonus on your next 4 deposits: 100% up to 115 CAD on the 2nd deposit, 50% up to 145 CAD on the 3rd deposit, and 50% up to 220 CAD on the 4th and 5th deposits.

French casino without deposit, free bonus: how to choose?

It is difficult to choose among all the online casinos we provide to you, as they all offer very attractive welcome bonuses! In order to make a choice, you must pay attention to the betting conditions. Indeed, some online casinos only allow you to withdraw money after placing a certain amount on your website. For example, this is the case with "All Slots", which allows you to only post 40 times your bet Only withdraw the welcome bonus. Deposit real money, that is, if you want to receive a maximum bonus of $ 1,450, it is $ 58,000.

Therefore, before choosing an online casino, you should check the conditions of the welcome bonus, especially the following:

Minimum deposit

Realistically gain amount

Time to gain or delay to withdraw

Free casino game in French

If you are new to gambling, or want to practice before investing in paid online casinos, you will bet a lot of money here, then you can go to free online casinos, such as Français, Net Bet, Betclic and other online casinos. In fact, there are indeed many free casino games in French where you can practice slot machines, poker, blackjack and other casino games. You will also learn how to manage your budget and familiarize yourself with the features of online casinos: bonuses, promotions, bets, remittances, withdrawals ... However, these are games of chance, and no training can provide profits or protect yourself from losses.

French online casino: which is better?

To choose the best online casino, you must consider various factors, not just the diversity of games or welcome bonuses.

Best bonus

Among the French online casinos we choose, the Zodiac Casino is the casino that offers the best welcome rewards. Indeed, when you register on the website, you will not only receive a bonus of $ 20 for the first deposit, but also make it possible for you to make 0.25 bets in 550 available games, which allows you to play 80 times in the game you choose ; But in addition, you will also receive the following 4 deposit bonuses, up to 480 Canadian dollars, the distribution method is as follows

2nd deposit: 100% bonus up to CAD 100

3rd deposit: 50% bonus up to CAD 80

4th deposit: 50% bonus up to CAD 150

5th deposit: 50% bonus up to CAD 150

The only conditions to benefit from these bonuses are as follows:

Make a first deposit of minimum 1 CAD

Download the Zodiac Casino app

Conditions which are therefore not very restrictive compared to other online casinos!

Better support

Support is also an important criterion for choosing your online casino. Zodiac Casino is the casino that provides the best customer service because customer service is provided 24/7. The support consists of experts in the field of online gaming and can answer all your questions, regardless of the theme: payment methods, registration, games, bonuses and promotions ...

There are 3 ways to contact support: phone, email, instant chat. You can also choose French and English to communicate with them.

In addition, you will find the "Assist" section on the online casino website: most of the time, you don't even need to contact the support team, because in this section you can find the answers to your questions!

Best games

Zodiac Casino is also one of the best online gaming casinos. Because it is part of the Casino Rewards group, it offers nearly 550 casino games: themed slot machines, roulette, poker, blackjack (no matter which version you like, you will definitely find it at Zodiac Casino!) ... Even if you do n’t know Zodiac Casino knows three quarters of the game, it provides tips on how to play, as well as tips and tricks to maximize your chances of winning. This way you can touch everything and find your favorite game!

Best supplier: Microgaming

Microgaming is known as one of the best developers of casino games. For good reasons, the Microgaming game has been carefully designed, refined to the smallest detail, and benefited from well thought-out bonuses, so it has won great success! The online casinos provided by Microgaming are generally very easy to use: just go to the "Games" section, where you can find all available casino games, categorized as "Slot Machine", "Blackjack", "Real Dealer" And other categories. Therefore, the experience of this online casino game provider is very pleasant.

Best Group: Casino Reward

There is no doubt that casino rewards are the best online casino group for Quebec players. Indeed, it gathers 29 themed online casinos in the same place, allowing you to register at one of the casinos and visit more casinos. In addition, it also provides a very attractive membership program, once you complete the registration in a casino of the group, it will automatically register with you. The membership plan provides VIP member points for each bet (10 betting points = 1 VIP points). After accumulating 1,000 VIP points, you will receive 10 Euros of free points, which can be used for the game of your choice.

The Incentive Partner Program also allows you to make money when introducing friends: sponsored friends can get up to 1,000 euros, and sponsored friends can get up to 100 euros. You can also participate in the prize draw for the rich, allowing you to win the first prize of 250,000 euros to 1 million euros! In short, the Casino Rewards group provides you with many advantages that will maximize your chances of success and improve your user experience!

Are these French-speaking online casinos reliable?

The French online casinos we chose are all licensed by the Kahnawake Gaming Commission, which was established in 1998 and currently oversees hundreds of online casinos in Canada. This label can prove that access to games of chance is limited to certain people (especially under age conditions), all games are fair to all players, the personal data of players is well protected and protected, and finally, all winning players will receive bonuses .

According to records, the name Kahnawake comes from the Kahnawake reserve located in the Mohawk community near the US border, which has an online casino.

The requirements of players who speak French and Quebec

French games

Quebec players speak French and therefore differ from the audience represented by Canadian players. Therefore, they will first look for a game of chance in French, or a French-speaking casino or a casino offering French and English versions.

Explanations and rules in French

For these players, the interpretation and rules of the different games should also be important in French: in fact, if Canadian players are satisfied with English-speaking online casinos, then Quebec online casino players will choose French sites entirely. Especially because of the 400 to 550 online casino games, there must be some rules that we do n’t know the rules: therefore, the importance of using a website whose game rules are in French!

French language interface and navigation

The interface and navigation must also be in French to ensure that the use of online casinos is as smooth as possible and that players will not play wrong games. This will give the world a chance to win!

The mobile application and the site available in French

Quebec players are also waiting for the online casino mobile app to use French so that they can navigate smoothly and have no access to their computers while on the go.

Customer service agents who speak French fluently

Finally, for Quebec players, it is important that the support staff should be able to speak French fluently, on the one hand to understand the questions raised in French, but also to answer these questions clearly in order to provide real help to the players who ask him .

Microgaming casino accepting French: only Canadians and Quebecers are accepted

You certainly know that the casino provided by Microgaming no longer accepts French because of quotas. However, this does not mean that they no longer accept French speakers! Therefore, Canadian and Quebec players who want to register in the Microgaming online casino still have the opportunity to do . CasinoSlots

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