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Opdateret: 19. juli 2020

Are you looking for the best online casino in Denmark? Then, you have entered the correct page! We can recommend you the best online casino in Denmark, all of which are approved by the Danish Game Authority, which is your guarantee for playing online games safely and 100% tax-free bonuses. In addition to the fact that we make it easy for you to see many online casinos in Denmark, we also negotiated the best casino bonuses for you! Therefore, please click the link here and you will get the extra fun of free spins and extra money.

Liberalization blamed on several online casinos in Denmark

In January 2012, the Danish game monopoly was broken, which means that Danske Spil is no longer the only online casino game. This means that from the already well-known sea of ​​casinos in advertising, there is a chance to enter the Danish market completely "legally". In Denmark, many foreign casinos and gaming companies have become prominent, which is one of the reasons why the monopoly has been broken in order to gain more control over the gaming market.

Of course, all the largest casinos have applied for game licenses, and most of them still have Danish game licenses approved by the game authorities.

Update January 1, 2020: Yes. January 1, 2020 is a further regulation and rule change of the current Danish gaming law. There are some new laws that have been developed by ia, which means that online casinos and bookmakers must not provide unlimited kronor for welcome bonuses, and Danish casinos must play their biggest role in marketing-all of which are to offset the growing trend of Danish gambling Number of addicts.

For you as a casino player, this does not mean anything, it is mainly related to casinos and guide sites like ours, however, some online casinos offer less bonuses than you have seen so far , But in return, their wide range of free game requirements are far superior to 2019, because the customs clearance requirement must not exceed 10 times the welcome bonus you receive, as do receiving bonus spins or game crowns.

New Danish online casino

Not only are large reputable casinos entering the Danish gaming market, it also provides opportunities for a large number of smaller online casinos to choose to apply for licenses. Some new casinos that have obtained a Danish license include:, Dansk777, LeoVegas, Mr Green, Casumo Casino, etc.

After liberalization, these new Danish online casinos have performed well, some of which are gaining increasing market share every year.

Their success may be attributed to their marketing methods in Denmark, but also to the many excellent casino activities they conducted in Publish free spin games on your own slot machine, play extra money through deposits, etc. Similarly, they are very skilled at making some beautiful graphic websites and games, and these websites are indeed able to provide players with some interesting gaming experiences.

Danish casino games

Regarding the fact that there are so many new online casinos in Denmark, the cool thing must be many new casino games that are influenced by Denmark.

The Danish online casino knows that our Danes love tradition, so they also work hard to make games related to the Danish culture we know and love.

For example, Danske Spil's slot machine "Clown" was inspired and produced from series and movies of the same name. Similarly, Tivoli Casino's "Tivoli Bonanza" coin-operated gaming machine has also achieved great success. The gaming machine is graphically reminiscent of Copenhagen's amusement park, including slides, carousels and so on. Danish casinos usually provide new slot machines related to what we like in Denmark, and usually have good bonuses on hats like these. In the Bonanza game-you only need to create an account to get 25 free spins.

Why play in an online casino in Denmark?

Approved online casinos have many good reasons why you should play in Danish online casinos-but the biggest ones are undoubtedly safety and tax freedom.

Many foreign casinos are still trying to attract Danish players through alternative marketing, but this is a direct violation of Danish law, and the Danish Gaming Authority is doing all it can to exclude foreign suppliers who do not have Danes. license. However, despite their hard work to maintain a competitive advantage, there are still some people entering the Danish market-which is why you should pay attention to the fact that online casinos bear the Danish Game Authority logo, which proves that they have a Danish license.

Below we list some good reasons to play in DK casino

-The winning prize is 100% tax-free

-Your funds will be safely deposited in the casino account-for example bankruptcy, they will be paid

-Credit card recharge and encryption are safe

-These games are in Danish and are unique-making it more interesting

-Support Danish

We will play casinos online more than before We Danes love gambling, which is no secret-the latest data from the Danish Game Authority (the person who controls the Danish online casino) also confirms this. Since the liberalization in 2012, according to the latest data from the Danish Gaming Authority, the number of people in the Danish gaming industry has increased significantly, and this number has also increased significantly at the end of 2019. But which casino games do we choose to invest a few cents in? We have carefully studied this point below:

These are the most popular games on Danish online casinos:

1- Slot machine (70% of total turnover)

2-Online poker (9% of total revenue)

3- Roulette game (6% of total transaction value)

4- online blackjack (6% of total revenue) Therefore, we must declare that the Danes just like to join the one-armed gangsters-there is nothing to say, because there are indeed many cool themed games on the online slot machines, and there are even many uniquely developed Danish casino pages.

Good luck on CasinoSlots !

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