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Opdateret: 30. sept. 2020

We provide you with an overview, giving you a chance to become a millionaire or win huge cash prizes through jackpots. What is the current level of jackpots in online casinos and online gambling? Check out the online casino below. Seize the opportunity and use the interesting welcome bonus to bring you new fun!

If you win, what should you absolutely continue to do?

Rest awhile

Anyone who has won a major award can agree that the moment you win, you will end up in an emotional roller coaster. Then it is important to find some peace and quiet. Then you can make a plan with your partner or family. Renovate, move or eventually start your own business. What could be better than at least a vacation where you always wanted to go?

Continue working

As we said before, don't stop the old habits. Don't stop working immediately, sitting at home will not improve anyone. However, you may be able to change jobs earlier and easier, and create your own company faster. But it is not recommended to sit at home without goals. Not suitable for yourself, nor for your relationship.

Think twice

In other words, don't live in that beautiful residential area right away. Great, but if you were born and raised in Laakkwartier in The Hague, you will never feel at home in Aerdenhout. No matter who you are, a profit of one million euros will not change anything at all. You can consider major renovations to the house, and finally a skylight or a new kitchen. Even so, you can create the feeling of living in a new house again.

European lottery with jackpot.

In Dutch, you can of course play games online, you can also buy lottery tickets from magazine publishers, lottery tickets and national lottery tickets. Do you really just want to win a huge prize of 90 million euros? Then play with the European jackpot or European millionaire. You can play these European lotteries online and distribute huge jackpot prizes. Learn more about this on the Euromillions or Eurojackpot page.

You can find a reliable casino overview at the bottom, where you have a chance to win big prizes.

Oranje Casino is the most popular online casino in the Netherlands. You can play popular gambling games such as roulette, blackjack and poker. Slot machines regularly forgive jackpots. The grandstand jackpot this month will be no less than 350,000 euros.

Primeslots is an online casino specializing in slot machines and Flash games. The biggest jackpot you can win is €1,000,000. You can play in Primeslots to entertain or make money. More information about registering with Primeslots.

European Online Lottery

Lottorijen remains a popular game of chance among Dutch gamblers. The lottery is still exciting. You never know which ball will fall. In the case of jackpots, we have developed various lotteries in Europe, which contain information about jackpots, lotteries and lottery purchases (through our partners).

Karamba is one of the largest providers of scratch cards, slot machines and jackpots. Karamba offers players the opportunity to win the 1,000,000 Euro jackpot. The jackpot has not fallen, so there is a chance to win this major prize and become a millionaire.

Vera and John Jackpot Casino

There are various jackpot slot machines in Vera and John Online Casino. Do you want to try it? Then go to the Villa John Casino, register and enter the jackpot tab. There are now more than 40 slots with different jackpot positions. The highest places now are Mega Moolah, Mega Fortune Dreams and the Temples. The highest is 11 million euros. The lowest of the three is 2.8 million euros.

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