Australian online casino legal status 2020

Opdateret: 3. juli 2020

As you know, CasinoSlots was originally known for reviewing online casino bonuses for customers in Australia and New Zealand. For us, sadly, this era is over because Australia’s increasingly stringent legislation means that trusted operators of the world’s most popular casino slot machines and software will not be able to provide services in the region. Rewards Giantahora only provides rewards to players in New Zealand and around the world, we no longer promote Australia. Sorry

For players, this means two things:

Your favorite slot machines from providers such as NetEnt, Microgaming and WMS will not be available online on CasinoSlots (a bit like Aristocrat's case). You will have the opportunity to bet elsewhere, and be less regulated and protected.

What can Australian casino fans do now?

To be honest, we believe you should wait and see. The government may relax some and allow some form of licensing to operate. We believe that despite the high taxes and the difficulty of enforcing legislation, the situation in the UK is working well. We encourage UK operators to provide players with greater security (including keeping player funds separate from general company funds in the event of casino bankruptcy-you will be reimbursed! We all know that the game may cause harm, but all of us We all know that the unregulated gambling industry is more likely to cause trouble for players!

Be careful when playing in online casinos!

You may think of the following:

Use a proxy server to register in the casino and pretend that you are not in Australia! This may be your worst choice. The casino will not know that you are an Australian and will go through an identity check before they come to pay the bonus. What do you think will happen then? That's don't need to pay!

Play in an unlicensed casino that accepts Australian players.

Okay, this is a minefield. As an Australian citizen, you seem to have the right to do this, but the operator will provide services illegally. Although there are many online casinos that use Rival and RTG software to provide slot games to players around the world (including the United States), the quality varies greatly. You are taking a lot of risk here. If something goes wrong, you will get little or no reward.

Play in the Bitcoin casino.

Bitcoin casinos are really just casinos that offer Bitcoin payment options. Slots and customer service provided can do the best. Since bitcoin is a virtual, almost anonymous payment method, it can operate through a proxy and withdraw payment without encountering the usual problems. CasinoSlot machine

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