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Opdateret: 24. juni 2020

Did you know that Brazilians have online casinos? Yes, there are several international platforms that provide services here On this page, we will provide the best options for those who wish to register for an online casino in Brazil. Discover and follow casinos with the best welcome bonuses and promotions. Nothing left the house legally.

How to play online casino in Brazil

Playing Brazilian casinos is safe and practical. If you have never visited one of these sites, we guarantee that you will not encounter any difficulties. In just a few steps, you can register and test the functionality provided by the platform. Always remember that it is important to choose a website that is reliable and has an operating license. To register, the first step is to choose a betting site. On this portal, you can find reviews of most platforms that accept Brazilian players. In the comments, we always provide you with additional coupons, so that you can start to play more advantages. Click the coupon of the selected website, register and enter CasinoSlots After depositing, you can start betting and win real money!

Follow the steps below to start playing today: Choose one of our recommended casinos;

Register on the selected site. Some platforms require you to provide personal data and send documents to prove your identity;

After registering, please deposit to start the game. Some websites offer the possibility to play games for free in entertainment mode, in which you can test the game for free (but in this case there is no gain);

After confirming your account balance, you will receive a welcome bonus;

Bet money in games such as roulette, blackjack or slot machines;

If you win the bonus, you can apply for cashing after checking your account.

Benefits of registering in an online casino

Need a reason to convince you that playing a game online is a good idea? Soon, we will focus on the main benefits of playing through the Internet without going out.

Bet anytime, anywhere

You don't have to go to Las Vegas to feel the atmosphere of the Brazilian casino. You can place bets on slot machines, blackjack, roulette, baccarat, bingo, poker and other games directly from your computer or mobile phone! Just access the Internet and be 18 or older to register in one of Brazil’s many online casino platforms.

Markets and Games

Anyone who thinks the gaming platform only offers slot machines is wrong. Most sites have several markets, including sports and casino games. In sports, football is usually a highlight. Users can bet on the results of several matches, national and international championships. In addition, if you prefer other sports, the various available sports will attract attention. There are currently popular sports, but many sites offer very specific ways, sometimes unknown to the public. This gives bettors more possibilities when betting. .In Brazil’s CasinoSlots, the game goes beyond slot machines. You can also find real-time versions of playing cards, roulette and table games. Of course, each of these categories has countless options and themes. Many platforms even offer specific promotions to let you understand specific games and increase your chances of winning. It's hard to get tired of so many choices


To operate, bookmakers must comply with the requirements of the regulatory agencies in their country. This means that security, data protection, and guarantees that the elements of any game are not manipulated are the goals of the authorities. The authorities only issue operating licenses for the platform if they meet several requirements. The betting site was reviewed, so the results proved to be randomly generated by the program, thus ensuring the luck of all games. Neither the casino nor the players can cheat. These reviews also prove that the dealer has adopted a fair gambling policy, in which the user is not at risk of fraud. Another detail is that the operation is performed in a protected environment using modern protocols, firewalls and encryption. Most online gaming platforms have the same security structure as banks, in which users enter their financial data, and all data is encrypted before processing. In this way, even the team working on the betting site cannot access your information.

Betting online is reliable

Anyone who wants to access a gaming site may be left behind before registering. After all, when it comes to money, we are always afraid of some theft, especially online, everything seems so easy. However, online betting is reliable, yes! Of course, for you, it is important to check the comments about a certain dealer to find out the opinions of experts (such as the analysis of CasinoSlots) However, if you choose a website that has an operating license, you are less likely to be scammed. You can trust!

Various means of payment

In live casinos, the only way to bet is to increase cash. On the Internet, users can use credit cards, bank transfers, transfers, digital wallets, prepaid cards, and even bitcoin. In Brazil, the most commonly used methods are boleto, credit card and transfer. The user must analyze the processing time of each method, because each method has its own characteristics. In addition, it is important to pay attention to each operation. Generally, the website does not charge a deposit, but withdrawals may be charged

Bonuses and promotions

Have you considered getting extra points to play? Most online casinos in Brazil offer welcome rewards to registrants. This is a way to achieve free balance from the right foot. In addition, some game sites also offer bonuses without having to deposit or free spin for specific games, thus giving users additional incentives to try novelty. It is important to note that each bookmaker has specific rules for each bonus it provides. Normally, in order to get a bonus, the bettor must complete a certain rollover, which is the number of times the bet amount is required. You can easily find this information in the terms and conditions of each offer, and we recommend that you always read the instructions carefully. Those who are still active on the platform have other types of offers, such as recharge promotions, cash back (free returns), free spins, free spins and cash rewards. In CasinoSlots, you will find a complete area to talk about the best bonuses for Brazilian online casinos. Check our list to master everything!

How Brazilian betting law works

A growing number of foreign brand gaming sites are expanding their services to Brazilian players. Usually, they are companies with an international reputation, and these companies realize the great potential of Brazil because there are no national companies like live casinos or bingo halls. At that time, bettors can still use operators from other countries. Since there were only English websites in the past, many people stopped playing games on the Internet. Over the years, with the natural development of the platform, Brazilians began to understand this type of website and access them organically. At that time, the dealer realized that the Brazilian public, which is still expanding today, deserves special attention: website translation, exclusive bonuses, the real currency as a payment currency and our language support. In addition, with a little research on the Internet, you can find hundreds of user stories that can be truly profitable by simply betting.


Current legislation prohibits gaming venues and online casino games in Brazil. However, this practice is completely legal when it occurs on international sites, because the gaming ban only applies to companies in that country. Companies established abroad only comply with the laws of the country where they are located. Therefore, any gaming site outside of Brazil can normally serve the Brazilian public. Thanks to the virtual world, the number of Brazilians playing games in online casinos has exploded in recent years. More than 8.7 million Brazilians bet on the Internet. Currently, Brazil has a bill in the Senate No. 186/2014 that authorizes the mining of Jogo do Bicho, casinos, bingo games and bets on the entire national territory. The proposal proposes to supervise and supervise gaming games to allow licensed companies to carry out their work.

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